How To Drop A PIN In Apple Maps On iPhone And iPad?

    If you want to select a specific location to get directions to it, save it to your Favorites list, or share it with someone, simply put a pin on that location in Apple Maps on your iPhone. Moreover, we’ll show you how to drop a pin in Apple Maps on iPhone and iPad.

    Pin Location To Apple Maps On iPhone

    • Once you find the location, tap and hold that location on the map.
    • Maps will immediately drop a pin at that location, as you can see below.
    • If the location of the dropped pin is not very accurate, it can be changed by selecting ‘Edit Location‘ from the menu.
    • Modify “Specific Location”.
    • You will see a satellite view of the map. Here, you need to drag the pin to the exact point where you need it. Then, in the top-left corner, you need to click on “Done”.
    • Your PIN now represents the location you want. If you want to get directions to this location, from the “Selected locations” section, select “Directions”.
    • To save your pinned location to your favorites, pull down the ‘Selected location’ menu and select ‘Favorites’. Similarly, to share the location of a PIN with a user, click on “Participate” in the expression list.
    • You can delete a removed PIN by selecting Delete.

    And this is how you locate locations by dropping a PIN on your iPhone. enjoy!

    How To Drop A Pin In Apple Maps On iPad?

    You can utilize Pinned Locations on Maps on iPhone and iPad. You can drop a pin at any point in the Maps app, except when you’re using Guided Directions. It’s more natural to see this effect when you’re already focused on the map, so it’s even easier to make sure you drop a pin in the right place!

    • Launch the Maps app from your Home screen
    • Press and hold where you want the pin to drop.

    You have dropped a PIN, which will give you some location information. You can perceive how far it is from you by driving or walking, contingent on the fact that it is near your current location. If you drop another PIN, it will replace the old PIN you added earlier.

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    How To Delete A PIN In Maps On iPhone And iPad?

    When you are about to drop a pin, it will hang around until you remove it.

    • Launch Maps from your home screen.
    • Tap the cedar you want to remove.
    • Swipe up on the lower panel.
    • Tap the Remove icon.
    • View Favorite Places in Maps on iPhone.

    How To Name And Save Places With Maps On iPhone And iPad?

    Whether you need your iPhone to remember your closest partner’s home or your nearest sports center, adding and naming places is simple with the Maps app for iPhone and iPad. Here’s how you can use pinned places on Maps, how to view recent searches in Maps, pin a pin, remove a pin, and view favorite places in Maps on iPhone and iPad!

    How To Add Your Current Location To Contacts?

    You can quickly add your current location to any contact on your iPhone or iPad. It’s an incredible way to collect or update the addresses of places you visit or companions you meet.

    • You need to launch Maps from the Home screen on your iPhone or iPad.
    • You need to tap the Current Location button.
    • After that, you need to tap on the blue dot, which represents your current location.
    • You need to swipe up on the lower panel.
    • You need to tap on add to Existing Contacts.
    • After that, you need to tap on a Contact you want to use.
    • Type in your contact full address information. It should autofill but of course, everything is correct.
    • Lastly, you need to tap on Update in the top right corner.

    Once an address is in the Contacts app, you need to tap it at any time to bring up the location again in Maps.

    How To View Recent Searches In Maps?

    You can see recent searches on the map. On the off chance that you are taking a trip to a similar place regularly, you can undoubtedly pull up a rundown of places you have visited as of late.

    • Go to Maps from your Home Screen.
    • You need to tap on the search bar at the bottom of the screen
    • Select the Previous location in the list.
    • View recent searches in Maps

    How To Add Favorite Places In Maps On iPhone And iPad?

    Liking a place gives you the option to bookmark it, so it’s super quick when searching. The shorter the time mapping goes, the faster the flight means the speed to your destination is increasing. You can favorite any place. So whether you type in an address, leave a PIN, or simply select a business, the means are generally the same.

    • Go to Maps from your Home Screen
    • The search location you want to favorite, You can do this in a few different ways.
    • Typing the address in the search bar.
    • Drop a pin.
    • Moreover, tapping on a location already on the map. 
    • Swipe up on the lower panel.
    • Tap on Add Favorites. However, you may have to scroll down to see it.

    The Final Wrap Up

    That’s all about the necessary steps you need to know about how to drop a pin in Apple Maps on iPhone and iPad. Moreover, if you have any difficulties in dropping a pin, just drop your queries in the comments section.

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