Moon Knight’: Scarlet Scarab, Explained

    Scarlet Scarab originally appeared in Invaders #23 in 1977, set during World War II. Abdul Faoul is an Egyptian soldier better known as Scarlet Scarab. Roy Thomas and Frank Robbins created this character. Layla’s father, Doctor Abdallah El-Faouly, has the same name as Abdul Faoul, although he is not the archaeologist in this series. In comic books, he, like Captain America, is a symbol of national defense.

    By the time we first encounter the Scarlet Scarab in the comics, he has already joined forces with the evil Axis Powers. Abdul doesn’t like how much control England has over Egypt. Therefore he believed Egypt would be better off joining forces with England’s adversaries. However, after meeting The Invaders, Marvel’s World War II heroes, Abdul realizes that the Nazis are evil and turns against them. Nonetheless, he has little faith in the Allies and would not join the Invaders if given the opportunity.

    What Distinguishes The Scarlet Scarab From Other Insects?

    They claim they are connected to ancient Egyptian royalty and a valuable item known as the Ruby Scarab. The Sons of the Scarab are a military force, and Abdul is in charge of commanding them. In a manner reminiscent of a sequence from one of the Indiana Jones movies, usage of the Ruby Scarab bestows upon its wielder superhuman abilities. With this mystical weapon, an ordinary man like Abdul Faoul may turn into the powerful layla scarlet scarab.

    Because of the Ruby Scarab, Abdul can lift the same weight as Spider-Man effortlessly. In addition, it imbues his body with magical energy, which he may either channel into offensive activity (in the form of bolts that shoot out of his hands) or defensive training (in the form of a potent forcefield), depending on the circumstances. It seems natural that the Ruby Scarab possesses flight considering that it was designed after the Scarlet Scarab, which is also a flying insect and can weaken an opponent by touching them.

    Which Marvel Comics Should One Read To Learn More About The Scarlet Scarab?

    We first see Abdul as he is about to pass away (there isn’t much of a backstory for old Abdul), just before he tells his son Mehemet the secret of the Ruby Scarab (a character created by Doug Moench and Alan Kupperberg). As Mehemet inherits his father’s skills, he becomes the second Scarlet Scarab and leads an attack on a museum that is storing Egyptian antiquities that have been stolen.

    After Thor successfully defends himself from Mehemet’s assault, the two mythologically mighty warriors are ultimately able to come to an uneasy peace. Following the conclusion of the battle between Thor and the second scarlet scarab marvel, Mehemet will go back to Egypt carrying the Eye of Horus as well as the other mysterious old artifacts he has unearthed. The two individuals split apart, and we can no longer view Mehemet.

    After then, they saw a marvel scarlet scarab become far more complex. James Robinson and Steve Pugh’s All-New Invaders #4 is the only time the figure shows up. This takes place during another encounter with the Invaders. Since most of this story is set in the past, the Scarlet Scarab has assumed the name of Abdul Faoul and is collaborating with the Nazi “Super-Axis” organization. Since then, nobody has seen either Abdul or his Ruby Scarab.

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    Scarlet Scarab In Marvel Comics Universe 

    As was said before, the upcoming Scarlet Scarab movie that is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has almost nothing to do with the obscure comic book character that the film is based on. It’s similar to how the main antagonist from the comic book series Moon Knight, Arthur Harrow, was completely rewritten for the television adaptation. Layla El-Faouly, a.k.a. the Scarlet Scarab, is the “temporary” Avatar of the goddess Taweret in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She is also known as the Scarlet Scarab. Her union with Marc Spector came to an end recently.

    Layla scarlet scarab purchases a robe emblazoned with the phrase “Isis Wings.” It would seem that Layla receives a significant boost to her power from this clothing and protection against Harrow’s magical attacks.

    The quest of Scarlet Scarab does not come to a close in the sixth episode of Moon Knight. As a result, it is difficult to predict how long she and Taweret will work together. She was instrumental in Marc/Steven/Moon Knight’s apparent escape from Khonshu’s service, and subsequent victory against Harrow.


    Despite this, we believe that Layla El-Faouly will be back for the second season of Moon Knight if the series gets picked up for a second run (her superhero identity is already a fan favorite). Also, Taweret’s statement that Layla’s father, who is now in the Egyptian afterlife, would be proud of her may imply an unforeseen relationship between Layla’s family and her newly discovered position as a superhero.

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