‘Why Won’t My iPhone Charge?’- Fix Common iPhone Charging Problems

    The most common and scariest problem we face with our iPhone is we plug the iPhone to get charged, but that won’t. What to do now? So Here are the common iPhone Charging problems fix and answer to question ‘Why won’t my iPhone charge?’

    Don’t worry! There may be some common issues that you can resolve on your own.

    iPhone Charging Symbol When It’s Dead

    First, you should check to see if your iPhone is charging. So, charge your phone the way you normally would. Then, if you see the lightning symbol in the upper right corner, it means it’s charging. If you don’t see that, it means your iPhone isn’t charging.

    However, in order to solve even this minor issue, you must first identify the issue. The issue could be with your cable or adapter, or it could be the fault of an uncertified charger.

    Let us look at some common issues that can happen with your iPhone. Maybe these minor issues can get solved in a minute.

    Common Reasons Behind Your iPhone Not Charging?

    Common Reasons behind your iPhone not charging

    Here are some common issues that can happen with your iPhone. Check them out and try to figure out your problem.

    #Reason 1- Maybe the problem is with your Charger. So, Check another iPhone from the same Charger; in the result that too doesn’t charge, you got it.

    #Reason 2- Sometimes, the phone case resists the charging port or may support wireless charging.

    #Reason 3- Above all, maybe the power adapter is damaged. That’s why your iPhone is not charging.

    Now we will try every possible solution to charge your phone.

    How to Fix iPhone the Common Charging problem

    How to Fix the Common problem Won't iPhone Charge

    Clean the charging port

    Sometimes, your charging port is filled up with dirt, leading to the issue of the iPhone not charging when plugged in. So, first, you should try to clean the charging port.

    Yet, to clean the iPhone charging port, you first have to shut down the iPhone. After that, clean it with the help of a normal toothpick. Do it gently because you must replace the charging port if the pin gets damaged.

    Check the Charger and adapter / Cable.

    The iPhone only allows you to use the Charger (Designed for iPhone / iOS), which is MFI certified. Many chargers are not verified by MFI and are flooded in the market. But how will you recognize the MFI charger? Connecting your iPhone with an uncertified charger will receive a message such as “Accessory May, not certified.” Now replace your Charger and then try to charge your iPhone. However, If your Charger is verified and the iPhone is still not charging. Then check your adapter and cable; if it is damaged, replace it.

    Check that is your iPhone supports wireless charging?

    Suppose you use a wireless charger to charge the iPhone 8 or higher. Like if your iPhone 11 won’t charge when plugged in, you should check the case.

    Most iPhone cases do not support Qi wireless charging, so try charging your iPhone by removing the phone case. You can go with a case that doesn’t have a heavy case or a metal ring on the back. This will not allow you to remove the case while inserting the Wireless Charger.

    Hard Reset (Force Restart) your iPhone

    Even after trying the above, your iPhone is still not charging. Further, go with giving it a hard reset. Moreover, it will fix the common issues of the iPhone. Look how you can put your phone on Force restart.

    Force Restart on iPhone 8 or above models:

    Firstly, You have to press the key used for volume up, then press the key for volume down. Secondly, press and hold the switch-on button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

    iPhone 7 or 7 plus force restart:

    To do this, press then holds the volume key down and the side(switch) button simultaneously until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

    Hard Reset on iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s:

    Thumb press the top or side button along with the home button until you see the Apple logo on the iPhone screen.

    Your iPhone is not charging after dropping into the water

    Your iPhone is not charging

    Is your iPhone 12 not charging when plugged in, or is any waterproof iPhone model isn’t charging? Maybe you’ve dropped your iPhone in water and kept it for drying, but it isn’t dried completely. Even if your charging port contains a single drop of water, it can lead to a lack of connection and even a big problem.

    If you’ve done so, then keep your phone aside for some time until it dries completely. Don’t use your iPhone, even if it’s very important, because if it’s unable to dry, you can even lose your iPhone data.

    Why is the iPhone not charging above 80%?

    If your iPhone stops charging at 80%, Don’t Worry. It isn’t an issue. Apple is known for its security feature; therefore, it uses the Optimized Batteries life feature to increase the lifespan of its device batteries. If you have iOS 13 and above software, your iPhone uses this feature.

    When your phone gets too hot while charging, result iPhone stops charging after 80%. It is a feature of the iPhone. This feature uses machine learning and temperature sensors to detect heat. In short, it is a security feature of Apple.

    But if you want to disable this feature, follow the steps, and as a result, your iPhone starts charging.

    Steps:- Go to Setting app > Battery > Battery health. Turn off the features of optimized battery life.

    Final Talk

    Hopefully, you have checked the cable, adapter, and Charger; above all, you have tried every single way to make your iPhone charge. What if it’s still not charging? Therefore, it needs professional hands now.

    However, it could be an internal hardware problem. In short, now you should contact Apple Support to tackle the situation. If these Solutions have helped you, we are happy that your iPhone is now charging up.

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