Top 31 Free Offline Games To Play Without WiFi For Android

    In this article, you will learn about the top 31 games that users can play offline on the Android operating system. Also, if you are looking for offline games for Android under the categories of action, racing, adventure, or many other categories of games, then you are at the right place. 

    Here, we will suggest the different free offline games that you can play offline. If you have no internet connection, then you can also enjoy the games. Some people think they do not have rich phones like an apple. So, you don’t worry, We are here for you. We will show you the best games you can play on your android phone. 

    Before further discussion, let us know about the video games history in just two or three lines. 

    History of Video Game or First Video Game

    The first video game was created by the Physicist William Higinbotham in October 1958. 

    Knowing more about the Higinbotham. He worked at the laboratory and wanted to create an interactive experience for visitors. Williams is the person who created the big innovation in the technology field. 

    Additionally, we want to tell you we divide the games into categories according to their specialisation or niche. You can easily find out your favourite category, and you can choose according to your choice. 

    Category of Games

    We mention some categories below, and every category has some great games that you can see in the latter portion of this article. 

    1. Action Games
    2. Adventures Games
    3. Racing Games
    4. Cricket Games
    5. Puzzle Games
    6. Strategy Games

    There are the overview categories, and all categories contain N number of games. But we select the top games from every category and come for you. 

    1. Action Games

    Action games are very popular games. Due to game graphics, games are in high demand. Action game means that where the player is in control, and we can say player at the centre of the action. 

    1. Max Payne

    Max Payne is in the first position of the best offline action games that you can play without internet connectivity. It involves a third-person video shooter. Moreover, this action game is based on the New York Police detective. Where the drug dealers murdered the family, and he turned vigilante. Max Payne is the best offline game for Android, and it is available on the Google play store.

    2. Critical Ops

    It is another top game in the niche of offline action games. Critical Ops also deserved the first position in this list. But, we can not put two games in the same position. You can easily find this game at the Google Play Store. Moreover, If we talk about the game functionality, this is a first-person shooter that tests your tactical skills with fast-paced FPS. This game is available in 2 modes where one mode is the Defuse Mode, and another is the Deathmatch mode. Additionally, In Defuse Mode target terrorist plants a bomb. On the other hand, Deathmatch mode targets maximum kills in a time frame. 

    3. Into The Dead 2

    Into the dead 2 is also the top choice of gamers. It smoothly works on the Android operating system. At the same time, It shows the throne in the Zombie zone, and you need to protect yourself by surviving the zombie attacks. It is very interesting while playing the game. You have to run when you see the dead start rising. You can easily download it from Google Play Store. Moreover, it is available free of cost to download. 

    4. Blood Warrior

    Blood Warrior is an underrated action game, but it has great features. This game comes with realistic graphics. Blood Warrior games have various locations in the game. Additionally, if players clear the stage, the chance to get a reward like magic pants, wooden shoes, and many other items; moreover, these items help you become stronger. It is available for Android, and also you can download it from Google Play Store. 

    5. SoulCraft

    SoulCraft is a less popular game as compared to other games. But, it is an RPG-style game. In this game, you can purchase armour and ammunition; Moreover, if we talk about the Graphics, that is normal. Many users play this game with the help of a joystick or buttons. At the same time, demons decided to destroy the universe. They do not have extraordinary features. But If you do not have any internet connection and a rich phone. Then, you can play this game with just a normal Android mobile. You can easily download this game from Google Play Store.  

    2. Adventures Games

    Adventure games are very popular because they work on high graphics. In this section, we will mention the five best offline adventure games for Android that users can play without an internet connection. 

    1. OPUS: Rocket of Whispers

    If you are searching for the best offline adventure game with an emotional storyline. Then, you can go with OPUS: Rocket of Whispers. Additionally, this game has a beautiful interface as well as graphic design. 

    2. The Wolf Among Us

    This game is the best choice for offline mode. Also, it is quite a unique game due to its graphics like a comic. When you play this game, you feel like you are a reader of a beautiful comic book.

    3. Castle of Illusion

    Castle of Illusion game

    This game is best for Android as well as free offline games. In this game, you can play as Mickey Mouse and embark on an adventure in the magical world of Disney. Additionally, it is the most downloaded game in a limited time. 

    4. Oceanhorn

    Oceanhorn is an offline adventure game that smoothly works on the android operating system. This game has very interesting graphics as well as gameplay and storyline. It is most likely in teenagers. 

    5. Death City: Zombie Invasion

    Sometimes, people feel bored and alone. Then, you can go for this game. It is also an offline mode game that can operate on the android operating system.    

    3. Racing Games

    The racing game is the most favourite game of all people. It has many graphics and looks so attractive. In this section, we will tell you the best six offline racing games for the android operating system.  

    1. CSR Racing 2 (Offline)

    CSR Racing 2 is the most beautiful racing game on this list. It is smoothly working in offline mode and is visually stunning. In this game, you can feel like a real racing game. Additionally, users can buy cars, add more upgrades and play plenty of races. This is available in 3D that works on high-definition graphics. 

    2. Clash For Speed- Xtreme Combat Car Racing Game

    Clash of speed is also the best game for racing games. Because it is available for the android version, users can play this game offline. Additionally, It is the most trusted racing game based on user reviews. Moreover, this game is available in the 3D dame, giving the users a better experience. 

    3. Asphalt 8: Airborne

    Asphalt 8 is very old and popular. This game set the trend of racing games. After that, many games came on the market for a short time. But this game sustains the popularity of gamers and always provides the smooth and best experience to the users. Additionally, it is available as a free offline racing game that smoothly works on the android operating system.

    4. Best Rally Racing Game: Asphalt Xtreme

    Witt is also a great game for offline users, and they have an android operating system. This game has excellent graphics, online PvP actions, solid mechanics, and many more options. It has many roots to drive and the available attractive location for racing. Additionally, customised options are available, and this game works on 3D technology that helps in a better experience. 

    5. Nitro Fuelled Racing Game: Drag Racing

    Drag Racing games have millions of fans around the world. Users can drive this game on the Android version without internet connectivity. It is the ultimate game where users can customise the cars to achieve the race goal. This game downloads in millions. Additionally, the drag Racing game also belongs to the CSR Racing series. 

    6. Racing Fever

    Racing Fever is always at the next level. Many people want to drive and play games all the time on this planet. Racing is not just a game as well as it is a passion. Gamers can play this game in offline mode and give a better experience at the android version. Moreover, it provides options to hosts playing in slow motion for easy and better game movements. 

    4. Cricket Games

    Cricket is the most loving game in the universe. Everyone follows cricket whether he plays or not. At the same time, many cricket games are available on the internet. But, when we talk about offline games, then we need to think because few games are working properly in offline mode. Here, we will mention the top 5 offline cricket games that users can play offline on their android phones. 

    1. World Cricket Championship 2

    World Cricket Championship 2 is one of the best cricket games that users can play offline. It is the most popular game that is available for android versions. As a user, you can easily download this game from Google Play Store. The game has millions of downloads, and you can check the 4.6 rating at Google Play Store. Additionally, It provides many different kinds of tournaments, including world three major tournaments such as Quick Play, Test Cricket & Tournament Match.

    2. Real Cricket 20

    Real cricket is my favourite game that you can play without internet connectivity. Moreover, it gives a much better experience on the android versions. In this game, you can feel real cricket. This game also provides the IPL auction where you can buy the players and make your team. 

    This game comes with 3D animation that gives a better experience. Many other options are available that users can adjust according to their choice.  

    3. Cricket WorldCup Fever

    This game is also very popular, and it is based on the world cup pattern. It is available for android users and non-internet connectivity users in this game. Cricket world cup fever comes with realistic 3D graphics, making it more attractive and interesting to play. In this game, you can find 14 teams, six stadiums, and three kinds of normal, medium, and difficult levels. You can choose according to your choice. Apart from this, you’ll get several features in the game that provide Replay Mode, Full User Control, TV Broadcast Style Cameras, Ball-By-Ball Analysis, etc.

    4. World Cricket Championship Lt

    It is the most beautiful game that is specially designed for die-hard Cricket lovers. It has many different tournaments and multiple features in the game.

    These games show realistic commentary, toss, batting, fielding, player selection, etc. Moreover, you can get many options that make the game a little bit unique. Additionally, these are all the features available for the offline mode, and Android operating is the perfect operating system for this game. 

    5. Smash Cricket

    Smash Cricket

    If you are a lover of cricket and like the batting side, you can try this Offline Cricket Game. Because this game is available for both modes, such as offline and online mode. It has different options to play and six unique game modes, including Challenge Mode, Limit Overs, Friendly Mode, World Cup, Chase Down & Online War.

    5. Puzzle Games

    In this section, we will tell you about the top 5 Puzzle games. All these games users can play without internet connectivity. These are free offline games that smoothly work on the Android operating system. 

    1. Unblock Me FREE

    Unblock Me is the best game, and it plays like moving blocks out of the way of the red block as you move it off the board. It is very simple, and it is very interesting to play. The player can set the level of playing like easy, medium, and hard mode. 

    2. Tetris

    This game is a very popular game for Android version players. It brings all the familiar fun and tasks back that you can expect and keeps the playability solid despite being on a touch-screen device. In starting, it can be not easy, but it is good to play after some time. 

    3. Escape Game: 50 rooms in 1

    It is a very challenging game for beginners. In this game, players are placed in a specific room and charged with finding hidden clues to escape. Many options and instructions are available to play this game. This game is also available for Android with offline mode. 

    4. Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

    This is a game where you play as a character from the dating franchise. To solve the game, players need to solve puzzles to slaughter unsuspecting campers. Puzzle games are not very popular. But, sometimes, users want to play these types of games. 

    5. X Construction Lite

    This game has two modes. First, X Construction has some advanced features. On the other hand, X Construction Lite is the number of bridges that players can build and your ability to save your game’s process. The full version of this game is paid. That is why it is the last on the list. 

    6. Strategy Games

    Here, we will mention the top strategy games users can play without the internet. Additionally, these games are properly working on the Android operating system. 

    1. Civilization Revolution 2

    Civilization Revolution 2 is the best offline strategy game for Android. In this game, users can build an Empire and armies and increase their production. Finally, players can win this game by defeating their enemies through your strategies.

    2. The Battle for Polytopia

    The Battle for Polytopia is that game where tribes control battling. In this game, you need the maximum number of cities you get to control. By this win, you got the start that helped acquire several other technologies.

    3. XCOM: Enemy Within

    XCOM is the best strategy game for offline mode. In this game, the task is to stop the invasion of aliens on Earth. You need to handle the enemies through the best strategy. Finally, you will get the award for new abilities, weapons, and upgrades. 

    4. Kingdom Rush

    Basically, it is a tower defense game that is available for Android, and users play in offline mode. This game plan is to protect your kingdom. While playing the game, you need to fight in the mountains, wastelands, and forests with the help of the troops and a strategic approach. 

    5. Mushroom Wars 2

    It is the last game on the list that users can play offline and is available for Android. This game shows the situation where you will be facing enemies with an army of mushrooms. And, it gives you the option to control mushroom soldier armies in both contests offline and online.


    In this article, we have explained the top 31 free offline games and that users play in offline mode. Moreover, every game discussed earlier is available for the Android operating system. Additionally, we divide the games into categories and then summaries them in specific niches. It is very helpful to users that can easily find the games according to the category specialization.

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