LG IMS Keeps Stopping How To Fix: Quick Help Guide

    There are still many people who adore and use LG phones, despite the company’s retirement from the smartphone industry in 2021. Towards the conclusion of the weekend, LG devices on T-Mobile might have encountered a significant hiccup. In the event that the error message “LG IMS keeps pausing” pops up, it could be disastrous. A pop-up may have appeared if you use an LG or Android phone. The issue is known to LG, which is developing a solution. The LG IMS in LG’s products performs a variety of specialized functions. Although there may or may not be a fault with the framework, LG IMS causes some problems for the users.

    IMS is an architectural framework built on standards that enables the delivery of audio, video, and text messaging services over IP networks. The functioning of the network changes when the network operator does. An app that is preinstalled on Android phones stops the device from being connected to the service provider continuously.

    Why LG IMS keeps Stopping?

    The LG IMS keeps crashing; why is that? The IP multimedia and voice service protocol, or LG IMS, manages calls and data connections. It appears that only LG owner using this carrier are experiencing the glitch, as IMS services were being poorly integrated on the network of just T-Mobile customers. Several LG phones on T-Mobile are affecting by the problem, as The T-Mo Report discovered on Reddit.

    Actually, this is perfectly fine and suggests that your LG smartphone will not be harmed. T-Mobile has since released a remedy for the problem, which is the good news at this time. T-Mobile previously acknowledged the issue and stated that it was “actively working with LG” to find a solution.

    Cause Of IMS Service Stop

    This error message appears on Android smartphones for a number of reasons. In 2022, LG IMS keeps failing. Here, we talk about a few of them.

    1.  Outdated software: If you are using any software that have not updating and is not compatible with your most recent version of Android, this error may be caused.
    1.  Corrupted cache: Corrupted cache storage can result in a number of problems with apps, particularly messaging apps.
    1. Default messaging app: Sometimes, your phone’s configuration setting can interfere with a few elements because of your location and network provider. So the messaging app can behave improperly and hence show you the error message. 
    1. Due to third-party applications: Many times, third-party applications can be the culprit and cause problems in the messaging service app.

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    Ways To Fix LG IMS keep Stopping

    For some of the LG phone owners who are experiencing the issue, a Reddit user has developed a patch that seems to be working. You should take the following actions:

    Enabling Airplane Mode 

    Pull down the notification shade and touch on the plane icon to put the impacted LG phone in airplane mode.

    Put the phone in airplane mode in order to stop the IMS error notice from appearing in step two.

    Open the settings on your phone and select Apps and Notifications, then App Info.

    Select Show System from the menu that appears when you click on the three dots in the top-right corner of the App Info page.

    On the following page, look for and press “com.lge.ims.rcsprovider.” A comprehensive overview of the pre-installed IMS provider app will appear if you do this.

    Step 6: Once there, select the options for clearing cache, clearing storage, and forcing a stop.

    It’s possible that your LG phone will still keep showing you the error message even when you’re in airplane mode, so be prepared to move fast. Make sure you get through all the actions in step 5 in one go, without having to dismiss the error message while you’re at it. If the error still occurs, try the steps one more time. 

    By Using The Hidden Menu To Change The IP Version

    The current IP version that runs on your device can also prompt the LG IMS error. To eliminate this as the cause of the pop-up, change the IP version using the hidden menu by following the procedure below:

    • Dial 277634#*#
    • Locate and tap ‘IP version’
    • Switch from ‘IPV6V4’ to ‘IPV4V6’

    If the process is interrupting, turn on flight mode, change IP settings, and turn off the mode once done.


    Although “LG” in LG IMS stands for the LG firm, this does not imply that the provision is only applicable to LG devices. Many gadgets encounter this problem. The problem was brought on by a modification T-Mobile made to its systems that had an impact on the LG devices linked to the carrier. By the end of the weekend, LG devices on T-Mobile may have encountered a significant glitch. A persistent error was showing on LG devices as a result of a backend modification. If your problem is still not resolve, you can connect with their customer care here.

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