How To Leave A Private Story On Snapchat: Best Guide

    Snapchat is a hugely popular social network which a large percentage of children and large proportions of adults use to remain in constant contact with their nearest and beloved ones. Snapchat was first introduced in September 2011, and the Stories feature launched two years later in 2013.

    It is a popular application that lets users send stories containing a particular moment they took with their camera and wish to share with others. Stories can be shared privately and only with the people the user has chosen to share them with. While this feature is popular with most users, some aren’t keen on participating in someone’s personal life and might want to get out of it. How do you end the private Snapchat story Snapchat?

    Can you Leave a Private Story on Snapchat?

    Yes, you can. If you’re bored with seeing the same Snaps repeatedly, There is an option to get out of your frustration. You can leave the private account of a person. When you delete a person’s private story, you will no longer be able to read their personal stories and won’t be aware if they’ve published an unpublished story.

    Private Story on Snapchat

    What can you tell if you are part of somebody’s Private Story?

    It is recommended to verify if you’re in someone’s private account before determining how to leave an account on Snapchat. It’s easy to determine if your friend has added you to their private list of friends on Snapchat.

    1. Start Snapchat, then navigate to the Stories section.

    2. You’ll be able to look through the stories your friends have shared. The stories you’re part of will display the lock symbol on the cover. This is a sign of an exclusive story.

    3. Another way to spot this is to determine the story’s name. Snapchat provides an option that allows users to identify the stories they have privately. This isn’t possible with normal, public stories. Thus, a story named will indicate that it’s an exclusive story, and you are on your friend’s list of private stories.

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    How do you create a private Snapchat story?

    Create Privdate Story on Snapchat
    1. Launch Snapchat app.
    2. Tap the profile icon in the screen’s top left corner.
    3. To create a new private story, click on the New Story button in the My Stories section.
    4. Click New Private Story in the pop-up menu.
    5. Create your own private story by pressing the button on the right, then select one or more people to share your private story with.
    6. Tap Create Story.
    7. Click on the private story to add to it.

    How To Leave A Private Story On Snapchat?

    You must follow a simple process if you don’t want to be part of someone’s private life.

    Steps to Leave a Private story

    • Start your Snapchat application on your phone and sign in if you aren’t already logged in.
    • You should now be in front of the screen, which is where the camera is on. This is where you will snap a photo or record a video.
    • You’ll see the search icon, a magnifying glass on display.
    • Click on it, and you can begin writing.
    • Input the name of the person whose private life story you are part of.
    • Choose the name of the person and visit their profile.
    • Once you’re there, scroll to the bottom and select the option that says Group stories.
    • Tap Group stories, then click on the story of the person that you are in.
    • Hold your story till the screen that has the option appears.
    • The screen will ask you if you would like to end the story.
    • If yes, tap the option that says Leave story.
    Out from Private Story on Snapchat


    Can I be able to post the Private Story?

    In certain instances, you may have followed all the required steps. However, you might have yet to have the opportunity to write a personal account. This may be due to the slowness of updates to the application software. It is recommended to visit the Play Store and see if all updates related to Snapchat are up-to-date.

    Is It Possible to Share Multiple Stories with a Private account?

    Yes, you can. Snapchat allows you to have up to 3 private stories. Having friends who share several of your private stories is also possible. When the Private story is published, it will only show under the user’s name and not under the title of the Private story.
    You can determine the Private tale you’re currently on by the story’s title in the snap’s upper left corner. Different Private stories by the same person will likely have distinct names.

    Method to Check When You have left a Private Story on Snapchat?

    If you’d like to see whether the steps you took before were successful, close Snapchat and re-open it. Since this is a private message, you were allowed to view it, but now that you’ve left Snapchat, you are taken out of the pool of people who can view the story.
    Look for the user who posted the story and then click on their story to see if they’ve been removed. You’ll be able to view the stories that are regularly shared. However, you will only be able to see the private ones if you’ve already deleted them.

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