9 Best Gaming Keyboards For Gamers to Buy Now in 2022

    A gaming keyboard is a must-have tool for PC gamers. When used with a good gaming mouse, the keyboard will make you a winner. You must get a top-quality gaming keyboard. We will discuss the best gaming keyword 2022 in the next section. 

    SteelSeries Apex 5

    You can find keyboards that are cheaper than the SteelSeries Apex 5. There are also cheaper mechanical and best gaming keyboard 2022. However, the quality and price of the SteelSeries Apex 5 make it the most affordable option. SteelSeries’ hybrid switches are a cost-saving option that offers the same tactile experience as mechanical switches but the smoothness and ease of use of membrane switches. These keys are protected by a strong aluminum frame built for durability.

    SteelSeries can offer great value by keeping the prices of its switches low. All this is contained in an aluminum frame that’s built for durability. This unique keyboard offers so much at less than $100.

    Razer Ornata V2

    Razer Ornata V2 offers an excellent option for budget gamers. Its membrane-mechanical hybrid switches keep costs down. This combo switch combination the best of both mechanical and membrane. Every keyboard feels precise and smooth, just like an average keyboard, but with the quick feedback of a mechanical switch.

    You’ll find a variety of media controls onboard, including a volume knob. Once you get used to it, it is quite handy to access them quickly. It’s also a Razer keyboard, so it has plenty of RGB LEDs to make it shine. This is per-key RGB lighting that you can customize at an acceptable level. 

    Logitech G915

    The Logitech G915 wireless best gaming keyboard 2022 and its very impressive. The keyboard’s Lightspeed wireless connectivity by Logitech should be as responsive as its wired counterparts. You need to plug in the wireless dongle at 2.4GHz, and you can start playing. Multi-host Bluetooth is also included to allow you to play a little bit of gaming on your tablet or phone. Logitech’s wireless peripheral has a remarkable battery life of up to 30 hours, full brightness, and approximately 135 days when all lights are off.

    The GX switches are low-profile and offer a satisfying click or tactile bump and smooth linear action, despite being short in height. You can do more with the keyboard than just the basics. It also has dedicated media controls, volume rollers, and macro keys. The Logitech G915 was launched at $250.

    Corsair K63 Wireless

    The Corsair K63 Wireless with a tenkeyless keyboard is as reliable as the wired version. It also has almost no compromises in terms of removing its tether. The compact keyboard can be carried around in your bag or purse. Bluetooth support allows you to connect to your tablet or phone via Bluetooth to play mobile gaming.

    The Corsair K63 Wireless is as tiny as any tenkeyless keyboard can get. It still has full media controls and a powerful battery that will last up to 25 hours of gaming with the blue backlight or 75 hours with the lighting off. Corsair also made a lapboard specifically for the K63 Wireless, which turns it into best gaming keyboard for couch gaming.

    Roccat Magma

    The Roccat Magma has been a major player in the budget-keyboard sector. The membrane key switches, which are quiet and responsive, keep the price down. The light shines through the keycaps to illuminate the board. This keyboard is named Magma to give you an idea of the potential effects. It will look Magma if you turn it red or orange.

    Roccat Magma does not have dedicated multimedia keys or macro keys. However, Roccat has added some control to your gaming experience. The easy-Shift button allows you to map multiple secondary inputs to various keys in the WASD region, where your hand will work most comfortably while gaming. A palm rest is included for maximum comfort during marathon gaming sessions. This is an excellent deal for $60.

    Razer Huntsman V2

    While mechanical keyboards are great, the Razer keyboard Huntsman V2 allows you to go further with optical switches. It also has an 8,000Hz polling rate and optical switches. Razer uses optical key switches to avoid one of the significant problems that slow down traditional mechanical keyboards. In competitive games, every millisecond matters. 

    The Razer Huntsman V2 has more than just great switches. Each key can be assigned custom RGB lighting. A plush, soft wrist rest is also included. It attaches using magnets so that you can add or take it out as needed. You can store up to five profiles on the board, and there’s enough memory onboard to allow you to adjust your audio using dedicated media controls quickly.

    HyperX Alloy Origins

    The HyperX Alloy Originals is a compact gaming keyboard built to last. It is comfortable and premium, from the keys to its frame and bright RGB lighting. This keyboard’s red switches will make you feel at ease if you are familiar with linear switches. The clickier version has HyperX aqua switches. 

    Gaming keyboards can be purchased for over $100 and include more features such as media buttons, a USB pass-through port, media control buttons, advanced software, and a USB pass-through port. The Alloy Origins offers a lot, and it does so well.

    Patriot Memory Viper V765

    Patriot Memory is more known for its RAM, storage, and peripherals than for its peripherals. However, the Viper V765 offers a unique key feel in an affordable package. Although it’s been quite some time, the Patriot Viper V765 remains a great budget option with plenty of functionality. These switches actuate quicker than regular Blue and Green switches due to their slightly shorter travel. They are highly responsive and produce one of the best clicks sounds anywhere.

    The Viper V765’s Kailh Box White switches alone are not enough to convince you that it is worth purchasing. You don’t need to download the software to use the vibrant RGB keys. You will also find media keys on the keyboard, often on more expensive boards.

    The Viper V765 is currently on sale for $90. Although we wish the V765 had higher flip-out feet and a better app, it is still our favorite budget-friendly gaming keyboard.

    Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB

    RSI can make PC gaming difficult on your hands. You might feel tired or in pain when gaming, so take a break. The keyboard is split in two to naturally allow your hands to rest at an angle rather than parallel. You can also purchase an optional $25 lift kit to raise the keyboard at five, ten, and fifteen-degree angles.

    The Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB’s ergonomics aside, it is still a gaming keyboard that offers full functionality. You can also store profiles on the board. This keyboard shines with RGB lighting per key.

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