The 5 Best Razer Keyboards of 2022 to Buy

    Razer keyboards are a great investment for anyone, for their quality and comfort. However, this type of product is more intended for gamers, who need more powerful peripherals. From simple commands to advanced shortcuts, a Razer keyboard is packed with functions that can supercharge your gaming experience.

    However, finding the Razer keyboard that meets your specific needs and goals can be a bit of a challenge, you know? The fact is that there are certain types of models for the most varied usage profiles. Therefore, in this article, you will be able to better understand how the brand keyboard’s ratings and their highlights are!

    Why buy a Razer keyboard?

    Why buy a Razer keyboard

    It is common for the Razer brand to be associated with the gamer audience. After all, their products are really meant to please that niche. A Razer mechanical keyboard is designed for users who want a more enhanced and complete gaming experience. In addition, according to the manufacturer, its peripherals are much more durable than common keyboards.

    But don’t get caught up in the gaming community. Precisely because these keyboards have so many features, they can please anyone. This is visible from its variety of configurable commands and buttons to its LED lighting. The brand’s models are able to serve well for different audiences.

    Even so, it is worth mentioning that the investment corresponds to its differentials. Therefore, it is important to know the models better to hit the right choice for your profile. But do not worry. In this article, we’ll help you choose the right Razer gaming keyboard for you!

    1. Razer Huntsman Tournament Optical Keyboard

    Razer Huntsman Tournament Optical Keyboard

    Starting our list, we suggest the Razer Huntsman Tournament Optical Keyboard. This model is highlighted by the manufacturer for its speed, is equipped with the fastest switches in the brand. With instant activations, these peripheral appeals to the most competitive players, who seek to improve their efficiency through speed.

    In addition, the model has a durability of 100 million touches. The keys will hardly be erased since their molding is in double injection. It is compact and can be taken anywhere with ease, due to the absence of numeric keys. It also has a detachable USB-C cable and built-in memory with up to five profile settings.

    2. Razer Gamer Ornata Chroma Keyboard

    Razer Gamer Ornata Chroma Keyboard - Mobbitech

    Our next Razer gaming keyboard suggestion is the Ornata Chroma gaming model. This peripheral features the brand’s unprecedented technology: the mecha-membrane, designed to combine the soft touch of a membrane keyboard with the clearer, more tactile click of a mechanical switch.

    The model keys are also equipped with a half-height casing. This makes the registration time for each touch shortened. In other words, it guarantees more speed and freedom during use. In the aesthetic sense, the peripheral features Razer Chroma lighting, which allows for 16.8 million customizable colors.

    3. Razer Huntsman Mini-Click Purple Switch Mercury Keyboard

    Razer Huntsman Mini-Click Purple Switch Mercury Keyboard

    Our next Razer keyboard suggestion is a bit out of the ordinary. The Razer Huntsman Mini is a model that doesn’t have a row of functions, navigation keys, or even a numeric keypad. That is, it is a model that brings about 60% of the size of a standard keyboard. Ideal for minimalist setups, it’s a compact product that can fit anywhere.

    To make transport even easier, this peripheral has a detachable USB-C cable connection. In addition, it features an aluminum structure for greater durability and Chroma RGB lighting for more style while gaming. Despite its unusual structure, it is still a functional Razer keyboard and very suitable for gaming.

    Its optical switches have instant activation and its keys are coated with a premium texture that prevents wear and tear. And of course, this keyboard has all the functions of a common model. On the side of each key, you can find a print referring to its secondary functions, which are activated by specific shortcuts.

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    4. Razer Gamer Tartarus Pro Mercury Keyboard

    Razer Gamer Tartarus Pro Mercury Keyboard

    But if the subject is an unusual Razer Gamer keyboard, the Tartarus Pro Mercury takes first place. Its structure is completely non-standard, being a one-handed peripheral. And, clearly, even its functioning is different.

    Most Razer wireless keyboard has a unique command for each key, but not this model. Its optical switches can register distinct commands regarding the force applied to the key. That is, a light press can activate a function, but pressing the key more intensely can generate a completely different command.

    The advantage of this Razer keyboard is the dual function of the keys. The user configures the pressure and commands activated by a partial touch or a full touch. This makes it easier to switch controls quickly or trigger combos more efficiently. In addition, the peripheral has an Analog for the thumb, intended for navigation or new commands.

    In total it is possible to program 32 commands and keep them, literally, in the palm of your hand. This Razer keyboard also has a space key near the thumb and LED lighting. In addition, it has an ergonomic wrist rest, so that your hand is comfortable throughout the game.

    5. Razer Optical-Mechanical Gamer Huntsman Elite Keyboard

    Razer Optical-Mechanical Gamer Huntsman Elite Keyboard

    Continuing with the list, the Razer Optical-Mechanical Gamer Huntsman Elite keyboard is another model that bets on speed. Its main highlight is its switches. They have instant activation by the optical sensor, which works at the speed of light. In addition, they have technologies that guarantee stability and durability, for greater user freedom.

    The model has multifunctional media buttons. It is possible to change the volume, lighting, and other media specifications from the keyboard itself. It also has a wrist rest, for more comfort, and built-in memory with up to five configurable profiles. Finally, the peripheral features Razer Chroma lighting, for more style, and an aluminum finish, for more durability.


    Razer has a great selection of gaming keyboards, as well as some solid ones for office use. Their keyboards are well-made and come with a variety of switches, although they can be expensive. You can probably locate the right Razer keyboard depending on what you’re looking for and how you intend to use it.

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