6 Top Elden Ring Best Dagger Builds That Are Powerful

    Elden Ring has some of the finest daggers I have ever seen. Due to how awesome weapon art is and how well they are, poorer than they were in the previous Fromsoft games. Daggers are interesting weapons players can get within Elden Ring. Daggers are extremely close-range and are not suitable for head-to-head combat.

    The players should take a more intelligent approach and attempt to land vital hits on enemies to maximize their effectiveness. Therefore, there’s no doubt that daggers are among the most difficult-to-use weapons in the game.

    In any case, Elden Ring offers quite numerous options in daggers available for players to utilize. In this article, we will provide you with the best Elden Ring dagger build that any player who plans to use this weapon must carry in their inventory.

    List of Best Elden Ring Dagger Build


    Misericorde Elden Ring Dagger

    Misericorde is one of the top among all the Elden Ring dual dagger build. It is arguably an extended range of the other daggers in its class.

    This weapon is also loaded with Ashes of War, implying that the versatility of this weapon could be increased. In addition, it has 140 critical damage. It is one of the highest of all weapons available in the game.

    Black Knife

    Black Knife Elden Ring Dagger

    The most recognizable weapon of the legendary Black Knife Assassin adversaries, The Black Knife is an excellent example of the variety of daggers found in the dagger build Elden Ring with its high level of faith and unique weapon skills.

    The most efficient Dagger build for the Elden Ring is focused on performance and mobility. It should be focused on improving your attack speed and damage output while increasing your mobility.

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    To achieve this, you need to be looking for gear that offers bonuses to these stats, such as increased attack speed or damage, a higher critical chance, and more incredible speed of movement. Also, it would help if you search for equipment that has bonuses for defense, health, and endurance.

    Scorpion’s Stinger Build

    Scorpion's Stinger Build Elder Ring

    The Scorpion’s Stringer, a dagger that can deal with Scarlet Rot, sounds overpowered. However, it’s less powerful than the other daggers on this list. The Scorpion’s Stinger has the same power as Rogier’s Rapier and the repeating thrust. It can also rot bosses. It is possible to pair this weapon with Dragon Communion Seal and the Rotten Breath Incantation.


    reduvia dagger builds

    Reduvia is yet another best Elden Ring dagger build that effectively deals damage with Bleed to foes. It is frequently regarded as among the best early-to-mid-game weapons available by the player’s base.

    The Weapon artwork Reduvia Blood Blade shoots projectiles like Black Knife and causes Bleed to be sprayed quickly. The only problem is the range could be more impressive. Additionally, although Reduvia is a bit shaky toward the end of the game, players can still use it as an option for pocket picks.

    Daggers with Blood Staining

    Daggers with Blood Staining

    It’s a fact at the moment that Bleed’s status effect is destroyed with the Elden Ring. So, any weapon Bleed is passive can be used within the game. It is the case with Bloodstained Dagger as well.

    However, the weapon provides something more than that. The weapon is rated on strength, which is shocking because it only requires nine of the above stat to be used. In any case, the strength scaling and the Bleed effect permit many different builds with this weapon.

    Blade of Calling Build

    Blade of Calling Build

    Blade of Calling is a build that is designed for the game online Path of Exile. It’s a physical-based, two-handed melee build focused on survivability, damage, and speed. It uses Blade Flurry, a Blade Flurry skill, to generate piles of Frenzy charges, and then utilizes Blade Vortex skill to use them to quickly cause massive quantities of physical harm. It’s an excellent choice for solo or group play and can clear every single item in the game.


    It is amazing how powerful these Best Elden Ring dagger build can be! The dagger is a weapon that a player uses in various ways, and there are many different types of daggers in the game. Some daggers are used as weapons, while others can be used as tools. We have compiled a list of some of the top Elden Ring dual dagger build.

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