How to Play Multiplayer in Elden Ring: Best Guide

    Elden Ring is not a one-player adventure. It can be enjoyed as a solo adventure with the assistance of a summon to help you get through boss fights. It can be played almost entirely online, which transforms the game. You can also make it more fun, funny, and intense when you have other human players. So here is the best guide on how you can play Elden Ring in multiplayer mode.

    While Elden Ring Cooperative is easier than other souls games, it can still be difficult. The Lands between doesn’t seem quite as dangerous if you have a friend listening on Discord. Sharing aggro is caring when it comes to splitting it. Multiplayer at Elden Ring is more than just white messages like “hidden wall ahead” and “Try finger but hole.” Yeah, we get it.

    How to Work Multiplayer in Elden Ring?

    How to Work Multiplayer in Elden Ring

    Elden Ring’s multiplayer works through interaction with the golden signs found on the floor throughout The Lands Between. Furlcalling Finger Remedy can be made with 2 Erdleaf Flowers. It allows you to interact with these golden signs. These signs are also available sporadically in your adventure, most notably when you defeat invading NPCs.

    Furlcalling Finger Remedy allows players to see the signs of other players and invite them into your game. You can invite anyone of the same level as you, but not everyone will be as skilled as the meta’s naked warrior. You will need the Crafting Kit purchased from the Church at Elleh for 300 Runes to be able to craft Furlcalling Finger Remedy. 

    Redleaf Flowers can be found all over the globe, and it is a popular item. You should keep a good supply of them. Consider buying waist-high green plants with golden yellow flowers if you don’t have any. Also, it allows you to start multiplayer with random players. But if you only want to play with your friends, you will need to do one more thing.

    How Can You play Elden Ring Multiplayer With Friends in Effective Manner?

    Elden Ring Game

    Players will need to clear a few hurdles before playing Elden Ring multiplayer online with their friends. Also, it has its limitations and needs to set up properly. Moreover, Elden Ring online multiplayer allows one player to act as the host of fingers. Also, everyone else joins their world as a phantom player, assisting them with whatever they are doing.

    1. You will need to play with your friends online.
    2. After doing this, both of you will need to open the game menu. Scroll down to “Multiplayer”
    3. After you’re there, click “Settings” to enter a Multiplayer Password. You can enter anything you like, as long as it matches the password and is correctly entered by both of your friends. These passwords make sure you can see your friends. 
    4. Once this is complete, anyone not the host should use the Small Golden Effigy. Everyone should do this except for the person who needs help with a boss fight. Additionally, it will trigger a message saying, “Sending Co-op sign for summoning pool”.
    5. If you don’t have the Small Golden Effigy yet, go back to the first area outside the Stranded Graveyard and look down at the Tree Sentinel. It will be leaning against the Martyr Effigy in the area. 
    6. The host needs to locate a Martyr Effigy in the area where they are looking for help. These statues are usually small and common, with arms extended. Therefore, they can find the entrances of dungeons and outside boss arenas.
    7. It will open the summoning pool by interacting with it. This symbol will allow you to summon friends who have used Small Golden Effigys with matching passwords.

    EldenRing Multiplayer Cop & Online Features 

    • 1 to 4 players
    • Cooperative PvE
    • PvP
    • Fextralife’s group password for Fextralife is FEXTRA. Please add this to your group passwords under settings to make Fextralife signs more easily visible to you. We won’t tell you anything. It would give us conniptions!
    • Summon Range Calculator
    • Check out the Recommended Levels by Location
    • For Summoning Pool List, see Effigies for the Martyr.
    • For more information on trading online, see Player Trade.

    Multiplayer Items in Elden Ring 

    • Blue Cipher Ring
    • White Cipher Ring
    • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
    • Finger Severer
    • Tarnished’s Furled Finger 
    • Duelist’s Furled Finger
    • Bloody Finger
    • Tarnished’s Wizened Finger
    • Taunter’s Tongue
    • Small Golden Effigy
    • Recusant Finger
    • Small Red Effigy
    • Mohg’s Great Rune
    • Festering Bloody Finger
    • Phantom Great Rune

    How Does the Elden Ring Multiplayer Differ From Other Games?

    How Does the Elden Ring Multiplayer Differ From Other Games

    Multiplayer in Elden Ring revolves around summoning other players to your game world or joining theirs and taking on the Lands Between. You can use an object to place your “summoning” sign on the ground. It will be visible to other players. It can interact with other players and help them get into their game. You’ll stay there until you either die or defeat the boss. These are the limitations to keep in mind

    • You cannot summon the boss in an area you have already defeated.
    • Also, you can’t play co-op in the open world with your spectral steed.
    • You can’t load into a new area once you have found the entrance to the dungeon that you wish to explore.
    • Below are more details about multiplayer items. It’s easy to understand once you get past the confusing names.

    Elden Ring cooperative: How to Disable or Enable Online Play

    Your online status can be changed by going to the Network tab under the Systems tab. However, you will need to restart Elden Ring for the changes to take effect. You will be playing online by default, but you can still choose multiplayer.

    Additionally, if multiplayer is not your thing, I recommend playing online. You can see the messages of other players and their blood splatters. Also, it gives you an idea of what happened to them. This information can be very useful and adds to the enjoyment of FromSoftware’s games, even if the messages are silly.

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