10 Best Android Weather Apps You Should Try in 2022

    Now that climate change is having an impact on our globe, you need the best weather widget, available for your Android or iPhone. With the help of a reliable weather app, you’ll be ready for whatever the day and the next week may offer, whether it be hurricanes, severe temperatures, or lots of UV rays.  The software also has excellent Wear OS compatibility and useful extras like weather radar.

    Top 10 Best Android Weather Apps


    1Weather, developed by OneLouder Applications, is one of the earliest and best ad-free weather apps for android. It has millions of downloads and remains fairly popular. A daily and hourly forecast are only two examples of the usual features that may be available to you. A few weather widgets are also included. In terms of aesthetics, we’re talking about something modern and minimalist. It supports Android Wear, can monitor the climate in up to 12 cities simultaneously, and is available in 25 tongues. Even if advertisements are included in the free edition, you get the full experience.


    The Accuweather app, developed by, is widely regarded as the best weather widget. There are many different kinds of predictions, some of which are more prevalent than others. The software also has excellent Wear OS compatibility and useful extras like radar. Another software accessible to users is MinuteCast. The minute-by-minute updates to the rain forecast really help out in making plans. However, despite the app’s makeover in the middle of the year 2020, a number of issues remain unresolved. While there are still problems, these should be addressed over the course of the next year and the situation should improve.

    Appy Weather

    Appy Weather is the best weather widget on android. There are more features beyond the norm for weather apps. Its hyperlocal weather, stylish UI, and personalized feed set it apart from other apps in its category. At now, just the Dark Sky API is available, but more will be made available shortly.

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    MyRadar is a free weather app that provides a basic radar display. One of its numerous features is the capacity to play animations that indicate whether rain is approaching or departing. While the primary capabilities of the software are straightforward, additional, more complex features may be unlocked through in-app purchases. Modernized radar and a hurricane tracker are the only two new additions. It has one of the greatest radars we’ve ever seen, and it’s the only one that can compete with Dark Sky. However, it is recommended that you use it in tandem with another weather program in order to get the full range of features.


    The NOAA and the National Weather Service provide the bulk of the information used in the NOAA Weather Uno’cial app. The most recent hourly predictions, conditions, radar, and other weather-related data are all available in this best free weather app for android. Several different weather widgets let you monitor several places simultaneously. The main drawback is that you can’t use the app to check for timely weather updates. This kind of verification is exclusive to the app. There is a freemium model as well as a premium one. Use the no-cost option first.


    Overdrop is the latest of the weather apps and yet one of the best free weather apps for android. It looks modern, with a design that is basic yet nevertheless stylish. Included are a seven-day forecast, severe weather warnings, six unique designs, a number of widgets, and constant data updates. You may also use services like AccuWeather, WeatherBit, and Dark Sky until the API is shut off. It’s not the best, but it’s up there with the best.

    Storm Rader

    When compared to other methods of weather prediction, Storm Radar takes a very distinct approach. A comparable effect is produced. While this android weather app do include some general weather-related topics, it focuses mostly on hurricanes and other types of natural disasters. The radar’s twenty layers of weather information provide for excellent personalization. Extensive predictions, current temperature readings, and other statistics are included. Funny enough, we prefer this to The Weather Channel’s official app, despite the fact that it was created by the same company. Everyone is invited to look around since it’s totally free and all you have to do is go through some commercials.

    Today Weather

    Today weather app is probably one of the best weather apps for android. It loads quickly, has a user-friendly interface, and has every function you could want. Included in the app are tools for predicting the weather, measuring humidity, and contrasting the current temperature with the predicted one. Data includes the air quality index, moon phases, sunrise and sunset timings, storm warnings, and widgets for tracking the weather. This radar has some of the greatest design aesthetics we’ve ever seen. While the app itself is free to use, there are paid enhancements available.


    In terms of weather apps, WeatherBug has stood the test of time. You won’t find a better weather app than this one. Weatherbug weather app android includes forecasts, temperatures, radar, and weather warnings. It has 18 weather maps, a lightning alert system, and traffic data. In order to get your hands on the weather widgets, you’ll need to download them separately. It’s a trustworthy weather app that has everything the vast majority of users could want. The developers performed an adequate job of ensuring that the user interface (UI) remained at least somewhat up-to-date. The free version is sufficient for the vast majority of users.

    Weather Channel

    When it comes to weather applications, The Weather Channel is among the best free weather apps for android. There are no fundamentals that are left out, which is great. This is information on the weather in general, such as the current temperature, forecasts, severe weather warnings, radar, and so on. It notifies you of the latest news, as well as weather and pollen conditions. In addition to the main interface, there are several widgets, including one optimized for tablets. No details are overlooked or omitted. The Weather Channel app has a lot of bells and whistles, making it one of the more complex alternatives on the list and not a good fit for minimalists. Apart from that, it succeeds magnificently in what it sets out to do.

    The Final Verdict

    When we explore more about the best weather apps, we must look into the features that go above and beyond what the default apps on any device offer. These features may include extended forecasts, radar, location tracking, alerts, and other obtained weather data.

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