WhatsApp New Features Which You Should Never Miss

    Until 2018, WhatsApp gained upgrades such as end-to-end encryption, stickers, group calling, and UPI payments. In addition to the new WhatsApp web, which debuted in 2015. In addition, in August 2021, the firm launched the “View Once” function, which made conversations vanish once they were seen. Users may exchange photographs without worrying about too much space on their smartphones. Furthermore, user privacy has improved. Some of these WhatsApp new features are discussed below:

    WhatsApp New Features You Should Use

    1. Improved Calling 

    When voice messaging was introduced in 2013, people who preferred not to compose a message could do it fast and effortlessly. Because it seems simple, the function is ideal for quiet, contemplative chats in the form of a voice note. According to a March 30, 2022 blog post by WhatsApp and WhatsApp web, its users transmit and receive an average of 7 billion voice messages daily, all of which are completely encrypted for protection and privacy.

    This WhatsApp new update to implement new capabilities in March 2022 would enhance the audio quality of voice talks. You may read or respond to messages on your phone while playing back a voice message placed outside the chat window. If you need to contemplate or collect your thoughts, you may stop the voice message recording and return to it later.

    • The voicemail displays a sound wave image to indicate that it is recording.
    • You may listen to voicemails before forwarding them to loved ones, friends, or colleagues. This WhatsApp new feature today allows you to resume a voice message or chat where you left.
    • You may listen to voicemails and other forwarded messages twice as fast if you choose 1.5x or 2x playing speed.
    • How to Deactivate Your WhatsApp Account Without Causing a Commotion
    • Before the end of August 2022, WhatsApp will allow you to quit a group without informing the other members. Except for the administration, no one will know. 
    • When you leave the group, there will be no drama or discomfort, and no one will ask you why in a private message. Like the author, you’ll appreciate this feature if you like to go to a party quietly.

    2. You Can Control Who Can See When You’re Online On WhatsApp

    Initially, WhatsApp informed your contacts when you were online. Then it allows you to conceal your internet activities from others. Only your references and previous chat participants would be able to see you online at that point. You may now choose which of your WhatsApp contacts will be able to view your availability status. These Whatsapp New features are useful and beneficial too. Screenshot security.

    The View Once the function, sometimes known as “vanishing photographs,” is famous for various reasons, not the least of which is that it prevents irate ex-lovers from using your private photos against you in vengeance. 

    As an added security safeguard, WhatsApp and the new WhatsApp web will soon ban taking screenshots of View Once messages. We’re now putting this expertise to the test. According to WhatsApp, it is uncertain when it will be accessible to all users.

    3. Community New Features 

    Communities will provide group leaders with more excellent options, such as the ability to send announcement-style messages to all members. Added more features before the Communities interface came into existence by the end of 2022. This WhatsApp new update is putting in a lot of work this year to create Communities to assist its regular users, but no timetable has been set.

    After the upgrade, voice calls, a one-tap function that allows up to 32 individuals to join the ring, and Admin Erase, which allows group administrators to erase messages disturbing everyone, will be accessible.

    What Do The New WhatsApp Privacy Settings Signify?

    • The three new WhatsApp privacy features will improve everyone’s security and privacy.
    • Using the “Leave group without informing” option may prevent this.
    • If you choose the “Visibility control option,” you may sleep soundly without worrying about disturbing anybody.
    • If you’re concerned about the security of sharing sensitive information online, “Screenshot Blocking” will come in handy.


    WhatsApp intends to update the app with new features and updates in 2022. Although the specific date is uncertain, it will likely occur this year. New emojis in WhatsApp, as well as WhatsApp group and user alerts, will be available to iOS app users. This capability is currently under beta testing and will be accessible to everyone shortly.

    WhatsApp intends to update its user interface so that you can see who you are now messaging. Users will be able to transmit large files to several recipients at the same time. Added new emojis in WhatsApp, videos, and GIFs to conversations and status updates.

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