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    We have to deal with numerous documents in our daily life. Most of these documents are shared and saved in PDF (Portable Document Format). This format has seen extensive use in recent years because of its flexibility, compatibility, data safety, and ease of sharing. You will see most official documents saved in PDF format for the reasons mentioned above. However, while there are some perks of using PDF, there are also a few downsides.

    You can’t edit or modify the content saved in the form of a PDF directly. Instead, you must convert the file into a format compatible with text processors like Microsoft Word. Sometimes, you may need to add or modify a document saved in PDF immediately, but you can’t do it because you don’t know the right tool for this purpose. Most people don’t know how to convert files from PDF to Word.

    The good news is you can do it using your Android smartphone. All you need to do is install PDF Converter – PDF to Word app by Content Arcade on your Android smartphone. We have reviewed this app in detail to help you understand how helpful it can be for you. Further details are given below:

    How Does PDF Converter APP Work?

    The working of this helpful PDF file converter app is quite simple. All you need to do is import files from the storage space of your Android device, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Once you have imported the file, you can convert it into the desired format. In addition to PDF files, this PDF to Word converter also allows you to import files in other formats such as JPG, Word, TXT, PPT, Excel, and Zip files. You simply need to upload the file; the app itself will do the rest process. 

    How Does PDF Converter APP Work

    Why Do You Need to Use this PDF File Converter App?

    Here we will discuss some amazing features offered by this app that make it unique from the rest of the apps available in the category. Read on to know more about these valuable features and options.

    An Easy-to-Use Interface

    A worth mentioning feature of this PDF to Word converter app is its convenient UI (User Interface). All necessary conversions are listed at the top as soon as you open the app. Moreover, this app will show you multiple conversion types according to the file format. This easy classification of multiple conversions makes it easy for average users. This app also provides its users multiple PDF tools in a separate tab. Using these tools, you can do multiple things like PDF compression, PDF rotation, and adding header and footer to the PDF files.

    Numerous Conversions

    While this app is mainly known for PDF to Word conversions, it can also do multiple other types of conversions. This app allows users to convert files from PDF to Word, Excel, JPG, HTML, BMP, PNG, and ZIP easily. Similarly, this app can convert files encoded in PPT, Excel, Word, JPG, BMP, TXT, and HTML formats to PDF. Additionally, you can convert multiple file formats to zip files using this converter app. You can also convert from JPG to PNG file format and vice versa with the help of this app. It allows you to convert GIF image files into JPG or PNG easily. HTML to Word conversion is not a problem for this app as well.

    Free PDF Tools

    Another feature of this app is the multiple PDF tools that come with this PDF to Word conversion app for free. These tools can compress, merge, and split PDF files. Additionally, you will find tools to lock and unlock PDF files in the app for added security of content encoded in the PDF file. You can also add or delete pages from PDF files using the tools offered by this app. There are tools to watermark and rotate PDF files as well. Finally, there are options to add links, table of contents, header, and footer to the PDF files.

    Allows You to View PDF Files

    The best thing about this app is using it as a PDF viewer. So you don’t need to have a separate application installed on your smartphone to view and read PDF files when you have this all-in-one app installed. This app is, in fact, a one-stop shop for you when it comes to dealing with documents encoded in PDF.

    End Note!

    Converting PDF to Word and Word to PDF on your mobile can be a tricky task if you don’t know the right tool for this purpose. We have reviewed a PDF to Word converter app for Android smartphones to help you in this regard. This very app packs powerful features that can help you deal with all the matters related to PDF files in one place. The only downside of this app is it is not available for iOS smartphones yet. Otherwise, this app is a complete package regarding PDF conversions and other things related to PDF. Hopefully, you will find this review helpful.

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