How To Fix A PS4 Controller Not Charging: Quick Guide

    Because the Controller is such an important part of the PlayStation, its design has changed significantly over the years. The PS4 Controller may be used in two different ways: wirelessly and by plugging it into a computer. Even PS4 Controller can connect with iPhone to Play Games. There are times when PS4 controller not charging, which can be annoying. There may be more than one reason why it isn’t charging. Read on to discover these issues and how to fix them.

    What To Do When PS4 Controller Not Charging?

    Here is a list of possible solutions to your problem that has been suggested.

    Switch Out The Cable For Charging

    It could be that the cable itself is broken. Try charging the Controller with a different cable, or use the same cable to charge more than one Controller. Also, look for signs of wear and tear, like a frayed cable or a plug full of dirt when PS4 controller not charging.

    Check The Port That Connects To The Charger

    If dust or dirt accumulates, the power flow may be blocked, and your PS4 controller not charging. Start by blowing the dust away with compressed air, and then use a microfiber cloth to clean the area. A soft brush or wooden toothpick might also work.

    Once you’ve tried to clean the port and found that it’s a problem, the only other thing you can do is replace it. Here are the instructions:

    • Take the Controller apart into its separate parts.
    • The charging port board may be removed by unscrewing it.
    • Take your device apart and reconnect the cable from the motherboard to the charging port board.
    • Prepare the newly-added connection.
    • The process could be broken down into steps that are easier to handle. Ensure the charging port is fixed, so you save time and money.
    • Change the charge polarity on the Controller in the opposite direction.

    Even if you think this idea is strange when PS4 controller not charging, it might be worth a try. You can try to charge the Controller by flipping it while holding it. Thanks to this method, the charging port will be free of debris. If the issue is a connection inside the cable, flipping it over may help.

    Reset The Controller

    On rare occasions, a random error could damage the connection between the console and the Controller. Start by turning off everything and seeing if that helps.

    • Stop playing and put the PS4 on standby.
    • Take the Controller for the PS4 away from the console.
    • Behind the “L2” label on the back of your Controller, you’ll find the “reset” button.
    • To press the button inside, you need a pin or something similar, and you have to keep your finger on the button for at least five seconds.
    • You must use the USB cable to get the Controller and the system to talk to each other again.
    • Plug the PS4 into an outlet and then press the PS button.

    Follow These Steps To Determine Whether The Controller Can Be Fixed

    • Choose “Settings” from your device’s main menu to get to the “Devices” menu when PS4 controller not charging.
    • From the menu, choose “Turn off devices.”
    • Set the video game machine to “standby.”
    • To do a factory reset, use a pin to press and hold the reset button on the Controller for at least five seconds.
    • Once the system is on, connect the Controller via USB.
    • If you hit the PS button on the Controller, try charging again.

    Initiate A New Update And Reset

    • Start the PS4 system up (PS4). To get to your connected devices, choose “Devices” from the “Settings” menu.
    • From the menu, choose “Turn off the device.” Here, you can turn off “All” devices or just one at a time.
    • Select “All” from the list.
    • When you press the power button, your system will turn off. You must unplug the console for at least one minute, and the power button must hold down for at least thirty seconds.
    • Use a pin to hit the reset button on the Controller to force a restart.
    • Connect the Controller to the system using the included USB cord.
    • Start the PS4 system up (PS4). To update the system software, go to the “Settings” menu and choose “System Software Update.”
    • Select “Update Now” if that option is available.
    • Click “Next” to move on once the update has finished downloading.
    • Let the console finish the update in any way it thinks is best.

    It would help if you tried charging the Controller when PS4 controller, not charging again when the update is complete.


    Because the controller is vital in gaming, it’s no surprise that PlayStation controllers have evolved significantly throughout the years. Many trustable gaming companies provide a staple gaming device in recent years. The popularity of the PlayStation 4 is a major factor in this transition. You can connect the PlayStation 4 controller through Bluetooth or a USB connection. After reading this article, you can fix the problem when PS4 controller not charging

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