How To Remove Password From PDF In Android, iOS, Google Chrome?

    Every one of us has, at some point in our life, faced the difficulty of viewing a PDF document protected by a password, whether a bank statement or a bill. This idea, meant to protect private and vital information, has the unexpected effect of making our lives much more complex, leading to a significant rise in daily difficulties. The secrecy of sensitive and private information was a consideration when this concept was created.

    Instead of entering the password each time a PDF file is opened, other methods may be used. A password manager may be used to do this. These are some possible answers to the issue. If you want to learn more about how to get the level of comfort you want, keep reading this paragraph to know how to remove password from PDF.

    How to remove password from PDF files in Google’s Chrome web browser?

    You may use a simple workaround to remove the password from pdf online if you are accessing the PDF on Google Chrome (or even other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and more). The associated password for a PDF file may be removed from any computer by following these simple steps, regardless of the machine’s operating system.

    • Enter the login details for your Gmail, Drive, or any other service provided by a third party to access the PDF file in Google Chrome.
    • Once the initial setup is complete, you will need to provide a password before you may use it for the first time.
    • You should now go ahead and print the PDF document after unlocking it. Select “Print” from the file menu or, depending on the operating system you’re using, use “CTRL+P” or “Command+P” on your keyboard to do this.
    • By choosing “Store as PDF” as the Destination before saving the file, you may now save the document on the device as a PDF file. The file will be held in PDF format as a result. Following these instructions will help you guarantee that the data you store on the device will remain in the same format as when it was initially saved. If you follow these instructions, you will only need to enter the password once to see the PDF file rather than frequently.
    • You must already be sufficiently acquainted with the password, which implies that it has been successfully entered at least once before for these exploits to function. If you don’t already know the password for the account in question, you won’t be able to apply these tricks and suggestions. Since someone with malicious intent cannot view the document, it is reasonable to argue that it is secure. You must first make sure that you have the password, since you must have it before continuing with the remainder of the steps.

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    How to remove password from PDF in Mac devices?

    Unlock PDF on MAC

    You may quickly remove the password from a PDF file that is saved on a Mac by following these steps:

    • If you wish to, you may keep the document in PDF format.
    • Once you’ve located the file, you should open it in the Finder to inspect it.
    • The place where you will type in your password is here.
    • The file in question will only be saved in PDF format by opening it and choosing “Export as PDF” from the “File” menu. This step will directly result in the PDF format preservation of the document. This time, the device you use to access the file won’t store any login information needed to open it.

    How To Remove Password From PDF Files In Google Android & Apple iOS?

    Remove Password From PDF Files In Google Android & Apple iOS

    You may download an app from the Google Play Store or the App Store to your Android or iOS device and use it to store PDF files. You may find the apps you need at these companies.

    If you want to maximize the potential of your Android smartphone, look into PDF Utilities. Once the PDF file has been downloaded, you must open it inside the program before entering the password to continue reading the document without a password. The file may then be opened from the location where you saved it after this. The file cannot be opened on your computer if these steps are skipped.

    To do this, you will need to use the PDF Expert software, which can be downloaded for free on any Apple device. It is crucial to remember that a subscription to the service is required to complete the work before using the program. Since the service is being offered to you as a free trial, you won’t need a password to read or download any PDF files during this time. If you forgot the pdf password, take advantage of the opportunity to maximize your efforts.

    How to remove password from PDF in Adobe Reader?

    Purchase a subscription to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC if you wish to utilize Adobe Acrobat to give the transaction additional authority. You will need to complete this. You will be able to approach the procedure more traditionally due to this. The program will cost you Rs. 1,691 a month if you pay for it every month, but if you pay for it annually, the price drops to Rs. 1,041.

    Once you have it, all you have to do to get the permission information is open the PDF file, enter the password, lock the screen, access the Security Settings, and then choose the “Permission information” option.

    After completing the actions above, you should select the Security menu option, make any required modifications to the Security Method selection, and then save the file. You won’t need to input the password as much in the future when accessing the file. A backup will be performed automatically.

    You may easily unprotect a PDF file by visiting the “Smallpdf” website and following the steps there. The PDF file’s password will be deleted using this method. Select the “Unlock PDF” option from the menu that appears when the PDF file is opened.

    Please save it to your desktop or laptop computer once it has been encrypted so you may access it whenever you want without having to first enter a password. You’ll be able to utilize it wherever as a result.

    Wrap up

    It’s important to protect your PDF file with a strong password to keep your data safe. You can easily remove a password from a pdf without using a signature, and we have discussed lots of ways to do so. Please do not forget to share this post with your friends and relatives.

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