The Best Free Video Editing Software For Your PC And Mac In 2022

    The usage and demand for video editing software have increased with time. If you’re earning by creating content on Social Media, then you absolutely need video editing software. Regular video creation needs editing too and for that people often search for free video editing software no watermark. There are many advantages of using free video editing software, some of them are :

    • Create professional-looking videos or footage for your Social Media
    • Involves no-cost policy
    • Workable on both Mac and PC
    • Videos of both longer and short duration can be edited
    • No hassle of watermarks

    Read further to know about a few of the best online video editing software.

    DaVinci Resolve

    DaVinci Resolve

    If you want your video to look utmost professional then you can opt for DaVinci Resolve as it is regarded as one of the most popular free video editing software for Windows 7 64-bit. Comprised of advanced features like colour grading and correction, video stabilisation, audio tools which helps to produce non-amateur videos. Apart from short videos and content videos, one can also edit and make a whole movie using this software. If you’re pro at making and editing videos then you’re good to go. This software includes tools for Linux, Windows, iOS and Android.

    Hitfilm Express

    Hitfilm Express comes second on the list. Especially, this can be a great choice for producing feature films which involve 3D effects. Here, You’ll find astonishing features which are included in the costly packages of video editing software free download. One of its special features is 360-degree editing. This feature you can find mostly in the paid software but here you can use this for free. It’s not that complicated to get familiar with this editing software if you’re new at using this.

    Apple iMovie

    Apple iMovie

    If you have Mac and want to edit something sophisticated looking then you’re on the right track, choose Apple iMovie. In most iPhones and Macs iMovie is already installed, you just have to know how to use it. Using it is quite easy than any other software. You can make simple edits here but still it’ll give a professional look. A plus point of using it is you can export your 4K video upto 60fps. It is also useful to cut down the background noise of any video and also stabilise it.


    This is the perfect editing software for beginners with a low-powered PC. VSDC free video editor supports a wide range of file formats without hanging or crashing the PC system. This is one of the main reasons why many beginners choose this particular software. One of its key features is that it has a built-in DVD burner, which is really very helpful. It adds special effects, texts, lines, etc to the presentation and contains everything that a Pro Version has.

    Lightworks Free

    Lightworks Free vedio editing software

    Lightworks video editing software provides quite the same operation as its premium version. People like to use this for editing because many of its tools are time-saving as well as easy to use. By using this software you can produce professional videos without wasting time on complex methods. Multi-tracking editing and easy project collaborations are its extraordinary features. If you want to edit your videography work without much time consumption, then, you’ve found the right software!

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    Shotcut video editor for pc free download offers you a very user-friendly interface without much difficulty. Its newest add-on is the VoiceOver feature, which allows you to record a voice-over or some other score for your video. It’s packed with numerous features like markers, time remapping, etc which makes it useful software for its user.

    Adobe Premiere Rush

    Adobe Premiere Rush

    Want to edit a short video for your social media content? Then Adobe Premiere Rush is the best online video editing software. The most interesting fact about this software is that you can start your work on any device like a mobile phone and can continue it on your PC or Mac. Flexibility is the prime factor of this video editor.


    Blender is basically an open source program which has no limitations as a free video editing software online. You can perform any basic or complex task through this software. Live preview, chroma vectorscope, audio mixing, syncing, adjustment layers, etc are some of its best features. If your project involves a 3D animation then this editor is a cherry on top.


    openshot video editor

    In terms of accessibility, OpenShot is a top choice. It is quite similar to Mac’s iMovie because of its drag-and-drop interface. It consists of both an easy interface and advanced tools and is very simple to use, even if you’re a beginner. Compositions, unlimited layers, clip resizing and scaling, 3D titles, etc are its point of attraction.

     Movie Maker Online

    This is a web-based video editor which you can use on your PC or Mac browser. This is a key point because it allows you to use the best tools and doesn’t need a lot of hard drive space. You can find any free music here and some stock photos which you can add to your project. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a program to edit a short film. You can also put the transitions between the clips using its special feature for transition.


    You can finally end your search for the best online video editing software and sit for your editing work. Nowadays, the free video editors are hassle-free as they don’t put an irritating watermark at the bottom of the videos. All the software which are mentioned above doesn’t provide a watermark, which is also one of the prime needs of a creator. You can now choose any one of these according to your preference and can avoid costly video editing programs. All of these offer you the best outcome which looks premium and doesn’t burn a hole into your pocket.

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