Top 12 Best Mobile Web Browser: Android And iOS in 2023

    The list of best mobile web browsers is here. Whether you’re using Android or iOS, these are available on both. We always have issues with online tracking and automated data collection. We stick to the browser that we got with our new mobile. While using a thing we use in our day-to-day life, we should have some privacy. But now you’re done with using this old browser. Why don’t you download one from our list? We have shown you the best mobile web browser to give you a private space and work faster than you think.

    Browsers are not ranked. You can see all 12 browsers and choose the one you want. Let’s take a look at the best web browser apps here.

    Best Mobile Browser

    Google Chrome

    Do you know? As per 2021 records, 3.2 billion internet users are using Google Chrome for daily research. It is one of the well-known and secure browsers available on Android and iOS. Its overwhelming features make it the best of all. It ranks at the top when we think of browsing.


    • Safe browsing and Data saver features
    • Compatible with Voice search
    • Allow Incognito mode to browse with saving history
    • Translate entire web pages
    • Secure data by giving a popup message while any unusual action.

    Download Google Chrome on Android

    Download Google Chrome on iOS


    The fastest browser for Android and iOS is “Puffin.” Due to the shifting browsing workload to cloud servers, it loads pages faster than others. However, it has a low market share, and you must pay for pro features.

    It works on iOS only with the pro version but frees on Android with the below features.


    • Immune from viruses
    • Allows Incognito mode and various color themes
    • 90% bandwidth saving
    • Fast and secure browsing

    Download Puffin Browser on Android

    Download Puffin Browser on iOS

    Dolphin Browser

    Dolphin is a fast and best mobile browser 2023. It is a free browser that syncs with other browsers and has an interesting sidebar design to highlight the extra features of the Dolphin. It allows a simple browsing system with built-in ad blocks.


    • Allow Voice searches
    • It has an HTML5 video player
    • Across other platforms, it sync bookmark, history, and passwords.
    • Blocks ads and web-trackers

    Download Dolphin Browser on Android

    Download Dolphin Browser on iOS

    Microsoft Edge

    Microsoft Edge is a Chromium-based browser. Yet another best mobile web browser transfers the browsing session to a PC. It works with the Edge app while used on Windows 10. With the “Continue on PC” feature, you can browse between Desktop and mobile, whether on Android or iOS.


    • Voice searching feature with Cortana
    • QR code reader
    • Private mode option for browsing privately
    • Includes a Reading view that makes reading content easier.
    • Allows fast browsing process

    Download Microsoft Edge on Android

    Download Microsoft Edge on iOS

    Firefox Focus

    Firefox Focus is one of the best web browsers for iOS and Android 2023. It makes so due to its fast and secure browsing features. Firefox Focus is a lightweight (5MB) mobile browser stripped-down version of Firefox.


    • Mainly Focuses on privacy
    • Due to built-in ad blocks, the page loads faster
    • Erases browsing history
    • Tracking protection and content blocking

    Download Firefox Focus on Android

    Download Firefox Focus on iOS

    DuckDuck Go Browser

    You’ve probably heard of the DuckDuck search engine. But it also has a full web browser. This browser is available for both Android and iOS. It offers good visibility but is lightweight.


    • Cookie eraser by default
    • Provides good security
    • Have features like tabs, bookmarks, and dark mode too.
    • Stop trackers from commercializing your data
    • Allows history deletion in one click

    Download DuckDuck Go Browser on Android

    Download DuckDuck Go Browser on iOS


    Adblock is another Chromium code-based browser that comes with multiple good features. We added it to the best mobile web browser list in 2023 due to its various features shown below.


    • Built-in pop-up ads, video ads as well as other ads blocker
    • Has Incognito mode and privacy mode
    • Reduce excessive data consumption
    • Fast and secure browser

    Download Adblock on Android

    Download Adblock on iOS


    The eighth one on the list is “Brave.” Without denying, Brave is a fast, secure as well as self-proclaimed web browser. It is the first decentralized HTTPS alternative IPFS supporter.

    We still have hesitation in recommending this. Because Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich created it, he left this position in 2014 due to some controversy.


    • Cryptocurrency wallet to pay websites
    • By default, ad blocks and tracker blocks
    • Reduce data consumption
    • Fast web page loading

    Download Brave Browser on Android

    Download Brave Browser on iOS


    Avast secure browser is a browser from the Czech cyber-security firm Avast Software SRO. It is the best mobile web browser on Android 2023. It incorporates a free VPN to protect your data.

    Due to its extraordinary security feature, we can call it the best privacy browser.


    • Private search engine, PIN lock, and more
    • Blocks ads and web-trackers
    • Featured with Data encryption
    • Bookmarks syncing, dark mode, video downloader, etc.

    Download Avast Browser on Android

    Download Avast Browser on iOS


    Ghostery is a Privacy web browser based on Firefox for Android. With the code hosted on Github, the browser is completely open-source.

    It’s a private browsing system called Ghost mode.


    • Support ad-blocking and web-trackers blocking
    • Add-on integration to see who is tracking your data
    • Fast browsing process
    • Other functionality: Tabbed browsing, bookmarks, etc.

    Download Ghostery on Android

    Download Ghostery on iOS


    Opera is another best web browser for streaming video and is more than a web page browser. For faster page loading, it blocks ads and compresses images.


    • Allow saving data mode, which loads pages in a slow network
    • It has private browsing tabs
    • Built-in news feed to enjoy your favorite contents

    Download Opera on Android

    Download Opera on iOS


    The one in the list of best and fastest mobile web browsers for Android and iOS 2023 is “Aloha.” Aloha is a full-fledged, fast and secure browser. Millions of users mostly love it due to its amazing features and clean interface.


    • Provides secure downloading facilities
    • It’s easy to use
    • Built-in ad blocks
    • Provide Media player with VR
    • Faster browsing with an Optimized rendering engine

    Download Aloha Browser on Android

    Download Aloha Browser on iOS


    Above, we have only compiled the best and fast web browsers available on Android and iOS. But there are some more browsers that either work on Android or works on iOS. For example, “Samsung Internet” is only on Android devices, whereas “Safari” is compatible with iOS only. So, these were the top 12 best Mobile Web Browsers for Android and iOS in 2023. What are you waiting for? Open your play store or App store and download your favorite browsing app now.

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