How To Turn Off The Flashlight On iPhone 11, 12 & 13 Series?

    Since the iPhone 4 (Apple’s initial model), every iPhone model has included a rear-facing flash, allowing you to take high-quality pictures even when there is little natural light available. This function debuted for the first time on the iPhone 4. The two-tone flash used in most recent Apple iPhone models produces more realistic colors when photographing people with different skin tones. But in addition to being able to shoot better-quality pictures and videos with your smartphone, if you turn on the flash on the back of your iPhone, you can also use it as a turn-on flashlight.

    How To Quickly Turn Off The Flashlight On iPhone 11, 12, And 13 series?

    How To Quickly Turn Off The Flashlight On iPhone 11, 12, And 13 series

    You can easily access the flashlight on iPhone function quickly anytime you need it after you have made the Flashlight Shortcut on your iPhone. The strategy that ought to be used is as follows:

    • By carrying out the steps above, you may ensure that the Flashlight Shortcut is shown in Control Center.
    • On a modern iPhone without a physical Home button, you may get the Control Center quick-access menu by swiping your finger up from the bottom of the screen.
    • On an older iPhone without a Touch ID fingerprint sensor integrated, you can reach the Control Center shortcuts by swiping down from the upper right corner of the screen.
    • On your iPhone, all you have to do to turn off the flashlight on your iPhone, the flashlight feature is to hit the “Flashlight/Torch” symbol.

    Doesn’t it pretty much sum up everything? Your iPhone will turn on the flashlight as soon as you use the “Swipe and Tap” technique.

    Where To Look For The Flashlight App On My iPhone?

    You can activate the flashlight on your iPhone by pushing a button close to the camera apertures on the back of the smartphone. If you have an iPhone and want to know how to turn the flashlight on iPhone on or off, scroll ahead. The directions may be found up earlier.

    Why Won’t The Flashlight App On My iPhone Work?

    An iPhone’s flashlight may become inoperative for a variety of common reasons, such as the following:

    • To the best of my abilities, I can say that you have not yet made use of your turn-on flashlight feature.
    • The iPhone’s flashlight app is not running right now.
    • Your iPhone’s flashlight appears to be malfunctioning, so you might need to bring it into an Apple Store for repairs.

    But what if there was a quicker way to complete each task? iOS will automatically add two helpful shortcuts for you to access on the lock screen of your iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, or iPhone XR without needing you to do any action on your end. A flashlight symbol will show up in the screen’s bottom-left corner when the screen has been tapped to turn it on. Firmly press the character down to turn on the flashlight. how to turn off the flashlight on iPhone 12 will also be answered in this topic.
    You may still activate the flashlight by swiping right from the lock screen when the iPhone is locked.

    Its functionality is just like an actual button in every other way. You can activate the iPhone’s flashlight directly from the lock screen by simply waking the screen, tapping and holding the flashlight symbol, and then releasing it.

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    Use iPhone’s Flashlight Without Hitting The Home Button

    There is a specific icon on the lock screen of iPhones with Face ID that may be used to switch on and off the flashlight (the X, XR, XS, 11, 12, 13, and later models). Press the flashlight icon repeatedly until the light starts to cast its beam. You will get detailed information about how to turn off the flashlight on iPhone 12, how to turn off the flashlight on the iPhone 11 and how to turn off the flashlight on iPhone 13.

    While keeping it down, repeatedly tap the lock screen icon. The flashlight will go out as a result. Your fingers will get a quick bolt of haptic stimulation that will let you know whether the light is on or off. There are clever methods to turn the flashlight off, such as the Back Touch feature, which requires a single touch.

    How To Turn On The Flashlight On Your iPhone?

    Following these steps, you can rapidly convert your iPhone into a proper flashlight.

    • The Quick Settings Menu must be accessed to enable the flashlight on iPhone Icon on an iPhone.
    • If you have the most recent version of iOS installed on your iPhone, you may create a shortcut to the flashlight there so that it can be opened with just one press. Following these steps may enable the flashlight shortcut on your iPhone.
    • To see the iPhone’s setup choices, open the Settings app.
    • To customize the user interface to your tastes, go to the Settings menu, choose “Control Center,” and then “Customize Controls.”
    • To make the Flashlight option accessible in the ‘INCLUDE’ drop-down menu, tap the green plus sign next to it in the ‘MORE CONTROLS’ section. This will only function if the ‘Have’ drop-down menu does not already include the Flashlight option.
    • Congratulations! You’ve successfully activated the iPhone’s Control Center-based flashlight on iPhone Shortcut.

    This has the immediate effect of making it possible for your iPhone to change quickly into a flashlight. On an iPhone, a turn-on flashlight may be used without an app.


    There are other, more original methods to turn off flashlights on iPhones. Once a flashlight is on, there are yet more inventive ways to turn off flashlights on iPhone. No matter what you do with the flashlight, learning how to move quickly in the dark is an essential skill. I hope everything works out for you, and I urge you to proceed with the utmost prudence. For more information, visit their website.

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