How To Get A Golden Scarab To Elden Ring

    Elden Ring is an action role-playing game with a third-person perspective and features elements similar to those found in other FromSoftware games. It is developed by FromSoftware and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Its gameplay focuses on combat and exploration.

    In the US market, after selling over 12 million copies in just two weeks, Elden Ring remains the top-selling game. This video game is available on  PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox series X/S.

    This gameplay set in an open world, players can freely explore the Lands Between and its six major areas, which range from Limgrave, which features green fields and old ruins, to Caelid, a wasteland teeming with undead beasts. Non-player characters (NPCs) and foes, including the demigods who control each main location and serve as the game’s primary bosses, can be encountered.

    To level up in Elden Ring, you need runes as many as you farm. You get more runes when you defeat enemies, you’ll require to search the Golden Scarab Talisman location shortly, which is one of the best Talismans you’re to earn in this game. To succeed, look after the Golden Scarab talisman that pays runes on every kill. The location can be hard to explore, that’s why we’ll tell you where you can snag it.

    Elden Ring Talisman

    Elden’s ring has a golden scarab talisman that boosts Rune’s acquisition by 20%. The Elden Ring Golden Scarab talisman was a powerful item that enhances the number of Runes players receive from killing foes for as long as it is worn, making it ideal for farming and one of the greatest alternatives for any Elden Ring setup. Talismans in Elden Ring use to increase a variety of stats.

    A scarab replica is used as a talisman, which is said to carry jewels and treasures. The number of runes obtained from beating opponents is increase by this Golden scarab.

    During this game, Players can freely explore the six main sections of the Lands Between, set by an open world, including Limgrave, which has green fields and old ruins, and Caelid, which is a wasteland full of undead monsters.

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    Golden Scarab Location

    The Golden Scarab find in Caelid’s Abandoned Cave, a well-hidden area full of scarlet rot rivers and backed by a boss fight with two enemies known as the Cleanrot Knights. There will be a ravine on the far side of this area that will block your path, but there is a large branch that will cross it into the cliffside opposite – and lead to an open cavern.

    Golden Scarab Locations

    Crossing the branch, however, should be done with extreme caution. Stepping anywhere other than the very center has a nasty habit of causing you to slide off the edge and die. The challenges will then commence.

    You must now locate the cave hole. This perilous dungeon is riddled with environmental hazards, and the floor is frequently cover with Scarlet Rot; yet it’s worth exploring in search of the Golden Scarab. 

    When you get to the end, you’ll have to fight the boss—a pair of Cleanrot Knights. The Elden Ring Golden Scarab may be found at the extreme end of the Abandoned Cave mini-dungeon, as a prize for defeating two bosses. However, the Cave itself is quite difficult, so we’ve put up this step-by-step guide to navigating through it.

    13 Scarabs Found In The Limgrave And Weeping Peninsula Regions 

    1. Agheel Lake Bridge Scarab
    2. Agheel Lake South Scarab
    3. Limgrave Beach Scarab
    4. Church of Dragon Communion Scarab
    5. Stormveil Castle Main Gate Scarab
    6. Northeast Ruin Scarab
    7. Artist Shack Scarab
    8. Third Church of Marika Scarab
    9. East Limgrave Minor Erdtree Scarab
    10. Ruined Caravan Scarab
    11. Tombsward Ruins Scarab
    12. Weeping Peninsula Poison Field Scarab
    13. Stormveil Castle Scarab

    Some Tips To Get The Golden Scarab

    Some Tips To Get The Golden Scarab

    Here are some guidelines for navigating the dungeon safely:

    1. Bring preserving boluses to get rid of scarlet Rot build-up and scarlet Rot itself if you have it.

    2. Rolling will coat your entire body with swamp substance. Even if you are not in the wetlands, your character will accrue Scarlet Rot.

    3. Be cautious with the final ledge jump before the boss room.

    4. The final ledge before the boss room guard by two shamans, is surprisingly difficult to reach.


    Elden Ring was an instantly popular video game with critical acclaim on par with that of venerable titles like Breath of the Wild or Skyrim. If you like challenging open-world RPGs, you should get it. Unlike the cramped dungeons of FromSoftware’s earlier games, the atmosphere in this game is much larger. I sincerely hope this post will assist you in obtaining your golden scarab.

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