Where To Find All Elden Ring Map Fragments Locations?

    In every region of Elden Ring, there is a Map Fragment. Elden Ring Map Interactive is integral to exploring Lands, transforming these gray areas into colorful areas full of enemy-infested landmarks. So the ultimate question is Where To Find All Elden Ring Map Fragments Locations?

    Uncover the map of each area by picking up the items at the base of every area. However, finding beacons in this area is not possible with a map.

    Map fragments are located at the base of certain pillars. Perhaps they are close to the enemy, so a search is unnecessary.

    Limgrave Map Fragment Location

    Limgrave Map Fragment Location

    In the Limgrave region, there are two Map Fragments. The first one is West Limgrave Map Fragment. You’ll find it under the base of an obelisk(pillar) on the main path going north to south. The East Limgrave Map Fragment is northeast of Mistwood Forest.

    Weeping Peninsula Map Fragment Location

    Weeping Peninsula Map Fragment Location

    Weeping Peninsula Map Fragment is a part of Limgrave, but due to its specific region, its name got changed. It is in the southeast of the region. While Proceeding to the south, you’ll find the map on your right. Don’t continue further; otherwise, you will be filled with arrows.

    Liurnia of the Lake Map Fragment Location

    In the Stormveil Castle, defeat Godrick the Grafted and continue towards the north. There you’ll find three maps of Liurnia. First is East Liurnia Map Fragment, which you’ll find north of the Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace. At Academy Gate Town, you will see North Liurnia Map Fragment.

    The last is West Liurnia Map Fragment; get it next to the Northern Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace.

    Caelid Map Fragment Location

    Caelid Map Fragment Location

    You can find Caelid while continuing towards the curved path of the southern point running through the center of the region. The obelisk is on the south side of the road, where there are few enemies too.

    DragonBarrow Map Fragment Location

    While moving north of caelid, you’ll find the DragonBorrow Map Fragment. To get it near a rock formation and on the west side of dragon feast in a pool.

    You should take the map from the obelisk and escape from Elden ring map grace location. While doing this, you’ve to hide from dragons.

    Altus Plateau Map Fragment Location

    Altus Plateau Map Fragment Location

    Altus Plateau Map Fragment splits into three areas; when you reach with Grand Lift of Dectus, one map fragment is enough.

    Follow the main path from the lift and see the two split roads. Now, move ahead towards the left road facing north. Fight with the enemies and reach the obelisk to get the map.

    Lyndell, Royal Capital Map Fragment Location

    Compared to Altus Plateau, the Royal capital is easy to find in Elden Ring Map Fragment. It has its map fragments which you’ll find at the Altus Highway junction.

    There, you’ve to take a steps path to the capital. Then you can see the fearsome Tree Sentinels and choose to fight or ride past. Once going through the gate, you can pick up the map fragment near the obelisk.

    Mt. Gelmir Map Fragment Location

    One of the hardest-to-find Map fragment locations is Mt. Gelmir. Before finding it, you should go through various mountains as it is situated high up at Altus Plateau’s northwest.

    You can also explore the Academy of Raya Lucaria to get the map. You’ll find Mt. Gelmir at the Volcano Manor’s ways.

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    Mountaintop of the Giants Map Fragment Location

    In the next region after Leyndell, you will need a medallion to explore another area which is Mountaintop of the Giants. By defeating Morgott, Omen king in Leyndell, you need Rold Medallion for the final part.

    This map fragment also shows a map of Faram Azula’s Shattering, the last Ancestral Dungeon situated southeast of Giant’s Peak.

    Consecrated Snowfield Map Fragment Location

    Elden Ring map fragments locatiobs: Consecrated Snowfield Map Fragment Location

    Are you wondering about something missing on the west side of Mountaintop Of the Giants? That’s because it will appear only when you’ll get Consecrated Snowfield.  You need two halves of Haligtree Secret Medallion for the secret Consecrated Snowfield.

    When reaching there, your vision will be blurred, but you’ve to continue northwards till it clears. After passing two graces, you’ll see the obelisk where you should pick up the map fragment.

    Siofra River Map Fragment Location

    Click on the right side to get into Elden Ring map fragment underground. Sofia River is the first location that is underground. The player can also reach here via the Siofra River well in east Limgrave.

    Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum Map Fragment Location

    From the Siofra river or Nokron, you can see a secret area east of the Siofra river named Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum. You can reach this location by completing the questline of white-faced. You can also visit there with teleport of Consecrated Snowfields.

    Deeproot Depths Map Fragment Location

    Another elder ring map underground area is Deeproot Depths. You can find it after finding three fingers or resting in a coffin after defeating the Valiant Gargoyle.

    Ainsel River Map Fragment Location

    In the list, this is the third underground location named Ainsel River Map Fragments Location. You can find it beneath Liurnia and reach it via the Ainsel River Well.

    Lake of Rot Map Fragment Location

    From the grace site, go ahead until you reach down the bank of the lake there; you’ll find the map fragment.


    These were the Elden Ring map level or location, whatever you say! If you want to know the location of Elden Ring map fragment, this is the right place to find it. Elden Ring locations are easy to find on all the map locations. Hopefully, this information helped you find Elden Ring map fragment locations

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