Data Science — A Competitive Field Full Of Opportunities

    Data science is ranked as the most sought-after profession in the world. It is the career of the future. In the 21st century, the new driving force is data — industries are becoming data-driven, and new innovations are being made every day based on data.

    What is data science, and what has made it so important today?

    In this digital age of data, there is huge data generation and accumulation everywhere, requiring expert handling. An almost infinite amount of raw data from diverse sources such as social media, supply chain and health data can be numbers, pictures, texts, audio and video, etc. Data is at the disposal of managers, but the huge abundance of data is useless unless there is the ability to utilize it correctly.

    The raw data is complex and voluminous and cannot be handled by traditional database management software (DBMS). The collated voluminous data are called big data, characterized by their size, variety, veracity, and velocity of generation.

    Data science is the discipline for processing big data using algorithms, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other statistical methods to extract knowledge and information, gain new insights, and make it easier for the decision-makers to understand.

    Data scientists are in high demand as big data continues to be increasingly important to the way organizations make decisions. Experts with proficiency in handling, managing and analyzing data are ‘data scientists’, and their findings are based on data science, boosting performance, or solving complex problems. The work of a data scientist is intellectually challenging, analytically satisfying, and puts you at the forefront of new technological advances.

    Acquiring a data science qualification

    Acquiring a data science qualification

    Data science is an interdisciplinary field with multiple focus subjects, including computer science, engineering, statistics, mathematics, business and social sciences. A data science degree makes you a highly skilled professional who can transform data into actionable insights.

    To pursue a career in the emergent field of data science, an online master’s in data science is a good option. The online master’s in data science exploits advanced technology to enable you to acquire skills in data science that will help you adapt to future changes in the marketplace.

    Data science can transform our society by converting crude data into meaningful information to make the world a better place. With a dearth in the supply of data scientists and a rapid increase in demand, learning data science has become essential.

    Why study data science?

    Today, data is a vast ocean that is growing exponentially every second, requiring more and more people to manage it. The wide gap between the requirement and availability of data scientists in the world is the key to a rush of people studying data science.

    The growing interest in this field has created a huge demand for data science education, but educational institutions do not have the capacity to cope with the demand. This high demand and low availability will continue for the foreseeable future, so there will always be opportunities.

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