Square Enix Kingdom Hearts 4 Release Date & Trailer

    It’s been a few months since Square Enix first announced that Kingdom Hearts 4 was in production, yet it still seems weird. Since the Kingdom Hearts 20th-anniversary event in Tokyo in April, when we first learned about the sequel, fans have been anxious for additional information about the next game.

    The Kingdom Hearts series is anything from easy. This will be the 14th game in the Kingdom Hearts series, consisting of three mainstream games and over ten spin-offs. To make matters even more complicated, you must have played all of those games to have any hope of comprehending the newly released titles.

    But don’t let that deter you, since Kingdom Hearts 4 will begin a new chapter in the overarching plot. While we await that momentous day, excellent chance to catch up on all we know about Kingdom Hearts 4 so far.

    Kingdom Hearts 4 Release Date

    Kingdom Hearts 4 Release Date

    The release date for Kingdom Hearts 4 is not yet known. However, the game is currently in “early development.” Will we have to wait five years for Kingdom Hearts 4 as we did for Kingdom Hearts 3?” Hopefully, the answer is no. The only other proof of the Kingdom Hearts 4 development. It is scheduled is that Goofy’s English voice actor has not yet recorded his lines for the Disney dog. He was unaware that Kingdom Hearts 4 had been revealed.

    Downtime In Kingdom Hearts 4

    According to Tetsuya Nomura’s interview with Game Informer, Kingdom Hearts 4 players will spend considerable time in Quadratum. It will serve as their home base and a stopover on their way to other planets. The structure and chamber seen in the KH4 announcement video will serve as the heroes’ permanent home base. Sora’s living conditions are uncertain, although it seems he will have a room since most of the game will take place there.

    This may seem strange for such an action-oriented brand, but it allows Kingdom Hearts to explore leisure like never before. Sora will now have a consistent location where other recurring characters may locate him and a possible customizable chamber. It might function as an enlarged version of the 358/2 Days concept. Also, it is enabling players to explore the city directly outside their room. If nothing else, frequent and extended repeat excursions to a central spot will enable Sora’s character to acquire a more mature and routine-oriented side. This new emphasis provides Kingdom Hearts 4 with an additional channel to provide whole new experiences to the KH series.

    Kingdom Hearts 4 Platforms

    Square Enix has yet to announce the platforms for Kingdom Hearts 4. Given how early the game is in production before we hear where this new adventure will take place. Kingdom Hearts 3 debuted on PS4 and Xbox One in 2019 and was subsequently released on PC and Nintendo Switch. We can only hope Square Enix will release this brand-new adventure on all platforms. However, it is essential to note that the publisher is not frightened of exclusivity arrangements. It will arrive on PC and PS5 early next year. At the same time, Final Fantasy 16 will be a PS5 exclusive in 2023.

    Kingdom Hearts 4 Trailer

    In April 2022, as Square Enix celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. The first trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4 was released. Fans of the franchise were taken back. It is not just because of the unexpected nature of the unveiling. There is visual style is unlike anything ever seen in Kingdom Hearts. The photorealistic clip depicts Sora, Strelitzia, a Darkside heartless, Donald and Goofy for a short moment, and some gameplay in the land of Quadratum.

    Kingdom Hearts 4 Story

    Who knows what director Tetsuya Nomura has concocted for Kingdom Hearts 4? Thus it is an attempt to forecast the game’s plot. The first chapter in ‘The Lost Master Arc,’ which follows ‘The Dark Seeker Epic’ — the saga we went through in the last games. We also know that a portion of Kingdom Hearts 4’s tale takes place in Quadratum. A land composed of neither light nor darkness that mimics Shibuya in real-world Tokyo and may exist beyond reality. The unknown is what this entails for characters like Donald and Goofy.

    Kingdom Hearts 4 Final Fantasy 

    If you’ve already completed Kingdom Hearts 3, you’ve probably noticed no Final Fantasy characters in the game. Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, Squall ‘Leon’ Leonheart, Aerith Gainsborough, Yuffie Kisaragi, Cid Highwind, and others make cameo appearances in the first two games in the series. As for whether any Final Fantasy characters will appear in Kingdom Hearts 4, Tetsuya Nomura has said that the future of Final Fantasy characters in Kingdom Hearts is questionable.

    Kingdom Hearts 4 Gameplay

    The initial reveal video for Kingdom Hearts 4 gave us a small glimpse of the game’s gameplay. Although it is tough to predict precisely how it will play. This film reveals that a variant of the flowmotion mechanism will return, along with the game’s standard magic and keyboard-based attacks. As in Kingdom Hearts 3, it seems Sora will be able to utilize the keyring of his keyboard as a grappling hook to reach closer to opponents and scale the sides of buildings. To me, it seems to be more of the Kingdom Hearts gameplay we already know and love, with some improvements.

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