7 Free Mobile Tracking Websites To Find Out Who Called You?

    Want to find out who is calling you on an unknown number? Are you frustrated with these anonymous callers? Don’t worry if you are getting missed calls from unknown numbers. We have a solution to your problem. Check out these best free mobile tracking websites to find out who called you.

    Reverse phone lookup helps you find the phone number’s owner, tracks the caller’s ID, and much more.

    Some sites look for retractable phones that make your problems solved. It’s easy to use and find a stranger. Enter a phone number and follow someone.

    Let’s take a look at some free Mobile Tracking Websites for looks up the phone numbers and identify the strange callers. These will be very helpful to you. These sites provide in-depth information about the caller.

    Mobile Tracking Free Websites


    NumLookup is a free reverse lookup (phone tracking) website. Helps in finding a person’s information through the phone number. Provides 100% free VOIP backing and mobile and landline service.

    Some features you should know are-

    • You can enter the phone number and get the full name of the owner.
    • No need to register.
    • It is very easy and fast to use.

    NumLookup works on both Android and iOS applications.

    Numlookup is a mobile phone number search service. Supports Indian sims such as Airtel, Reliance, Idea, and BSNL. For India, use 91 as a starting point (prefix).


    Truecaller is one of the best and most popular reverse phone lookup websites. Find a phone number or track a number. It will be beneficial in both cases. It offers free real-time caller identification and spam blocking services. Its outstanding features distinguish it as the best reverse phone lookup site.

    About 310 million people trust it and use it to identify calls and SMS from worldwide. Truecaller helps to protect us from frauds, scams, telemarketers, etc.

    It Provides a standard cellular mobile number for registered users. These were amazing features like call recording, chat, and voice using the internet. It also allows caller identification and call-blocking flash messaging. This site is available on Android as well as iOS.


    CocoFinder gives information about a person’s address, property holding, relatives, and more and it has billions of entries in a huge database.

    Some features of CocoFinder are-

    • •CocoFinder provides high-speed computing and accurate information.
    • •You can enter a number that takes two to three minutes to get the result.
    • • CocoFinder has search options like people search, reverse phone lookup and address lookup.

    CocoFinder has specialties to check age, date of birth, court records, background check and its relative current address, phone number identity, arrest records, criminal records, etc.

    Spy Dialer

    Spy Dialer is a free service that only accepts phone numbers and email addresses from the United States. It’s both legal and free. It also provided precise results and had millions of users.

    Some features of Spy Dialer are:

    • Spy Dialer did not require membership.
    • You can use both phone numbers and landline numbers.
    • You can also search people, email addresses, location, and physical addresses.

    Spy Dialer also works with email addresses, landlines, and phone numbers. For searching any phone number you have to enter their phone number and choose an option (hear voicemail, phone spam, photo lookup, and name lookup), and press the search button.

    The spy Dialer also provides a google phone number lookup free service. So you can check who is tracking you online.


    The Truthfinder reverse phone lookup site can help you find out who owns a phone number and it works with both the Android and iOS operating systems. Truthfinder protects your search history and its special features include a Sex Offenders Database, Locating Family and Friends, People Search, and other services.

    Provides pre-employment screening services, verification, background verification, and screening sampling. TruthFinder also offers true background screening, which provides a complete criminal background check.

    It also gives information on civil judgment, phone number, property, and criminal records.

    They provide fraud investigation and DCI in the insurance sector. Truthfinder is also connected with the insurance, banking, telecom, and I.T. sectors.


    Mobile Tracking Free Website

    They provide information like owner detail, personal detail, location, social media accounts, etc.

    It has millions of records of 120+ social networks. Spokeo also contains millions of court and business records and 130 million property records.

    Spokeo will make your problem solve. It can identify spam callers, telemarketers, and credit collectors. This is the best way to get it for those who want to search a person for detailed information.

    It is easy to navigate and user-friendly. An online search provides you with basic information. There are 18 million users of Spokeo. The founders of Spokeo are Mike Daly, Harrison Tang, Ray Chen, and Eric Liang.


    PeopleFinder is a reliable and specialized source of information. It is a leading consumer DaaS provider. PeopleFinder specialties include social profile finder, public records, and so on.

    It’s one of the largest holders of public records data in the U.S. It gives freedom to search for anyone.

    Don’t wait longer. Get detailed information like employment history, traffic records, and business detail. And also financial records, photos, email addresses, professional licenses, etc.


    We hope that the information provided above about free phone trackers will assist our readers in locating the best phone tracker sites that can assist them in determining who is checking your phone number or attempting to call you. Last but not least, it is important to stay alert to fraud calls.

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