Will Artificial Intelligence Kill Jobs In The Future?

    Whenever you think that AI will take away your jobs in the future, you must have thought that robots and cyborgs would sit in the chair where you sit in your workplace. But, in reality, this is not the scenario. 

    Things will be different from your thoughts. But there is a fact that 90% of human jobs have already been taken by technology. So before understanding if AI will kill jobs or not, you should know that the future will depend on AI, machine learning, and automation.

    Will Artificial Intelligence Kill Jobs?

    After evolution, humans always try to invent efficient things that make their life easier, faster, and quicker. Artificial intelligence helps us to make our life easier, and with advanced technologies, humans try to advance AI more.

    Not all jobs will eliminate, but these jobs will be at high risk because of AI.

    • Legal Administrators
    • Data Entry Clerks
    • Library Technicians
    • Telemarketers
    • New Account Clerks
    • Tax Preparers
    • Mathematical Technicians
    • Insurance Underwriters
    • Cargo and Freight Agents
    • Watch Repairs
    • Processing Machine Workers

    There are so many routine works. And these works can easily be replaced by AI. 

    Robot And Workplace

    A robot can complete routine and mechanical tasks on human command. Suppose there is work that has been done by 50 people individually. And with two men and an AI, the same work can be done. These two people will give the proper commands to the AI. 

    There will be more work efficiency with less salary. This is the main reason behind the replacement of mechanical tasks with humans. Also, there are heavy works that can resolve with machines only. AI will not make any mistakes if the commands are properly given.

    From car manufacturing factories to heavy metal industries, robots are more efficient. For example, there are more than 100,000 robots in an Amazon warehouse that are packing and sorting the inventory. If you see these examples, you realize that robots replace traditional working people and manual laborers.

    How Is AI Being Used?

    Different businesses and organizations are adapting machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. But humans did these jobs in the past. So, they are adapting these new technologies to boost the work. But, without human inputs, AI can not work.

    There are jobs regarding data analysis that consist of speech, images, text, and other data. These jobs require software for fasters and quicker results. Of course, humans will be slow and can make mistakes, also. But with this software, these works can be easily done.

    These days, farmers and factory workers are also being replaced by machines. From developed countries like the United States, China, and Japan to developing countries like India, South American countries are adapting machines to power up the workforce.

    Least Risk Jobs

    There are jobs that require interpersonal skills. These jobs can not be replaced by artificial intelligence. Though AI can replace software companies, data analysts, factory workers, and many more. 

    But, there are specialist counselors who assist people with mental health conditions, drug addicts, and many people. These jobs require knowledge, experience, and a human brain. So, AI is incapable of replacing these jobs.

    There are many people who will get the benefits of the evolution of machine learning and AI. These people are marketers, business developers, startup founders, digital consultants, account managers, HR managers, and many more.

    If you feel that your day was boring with different tasks that could be easily replaced by automation. Then you should definitely embrace AI and automation. This will free your time, and you can spend your free time doing something different.

    Future Workplace

    The future workplace will look like where humans and machines will be colleagues. 

    I know it sounds funny, but I am not joking. In the future, humans and machines will help each other in various works.

    Tom Davenport said, “They say that AI and robots won’t take our jobs, but rather augment them by doing the things we humans don’t do so well” in Forbes.

    AI will do more work. And more people will be needed to assist in commanding this AI.

    Our Verdict

    Now, the answer to the question is Yes, because so many jobs will be easy with the help of AI. But more people will be required to develop more machine learning programs, AI, and robots.

    So, I think this article has given your answer. You don’t have to worry about losing your job. There are various sectors you can pursue your career in.

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