What Is StrongBlock And How Does It Work?

    The digital financial environment continues to develop in an unstoppable and continuous manner, which is not surprising to those who are part of the changing and exciting sector of cryptocurrencies. Among all the advances, the new project called StrongBlock must be highlighted which has popularized the concept of the node as a service (NaaS) in the Blockchain network.

    After knowing it, you can know that NaaS is an alternative to running whole nodes on Blockchain technology on your own. Since it is in charge of providing the infrastructure for developers, as well as the corresponding tools to configure and manage Blockchain nodes.

    Connected Blockchain nodes are responsible for forwarding, transmitting, and storing decentralized Blockchain data. Remember that a node is a device that is responsible for storing all the history of transactions that take place in the Blockchain.

    In this case, we are talking about a StrongBlock that meets CEO David Moss and CTO Brian Abramson after the project, being two people who already have extensive experience and background in business software and Blockchain technology. In addition, Product Manager Corey Federer is also part of the StrongBlock founding team and has a long history and experience managing technology products.

    StrongBlock believes that Blockchain is the way of the future, but unless the technological advance is well understood, it may have its risks to enter. For this reason, the purpose of this project is to facilitate anyone who can give their support and participate in the Blockchain network.

    This article will delve into the concept of NaaS and explore those aspects that make StrongBlock unique, as well as how to buy STRONG, it’s token.

    What are StrongBlock nodes?

    What are StrongBlock nodes?

    StrongBlock is a Blockchain platform that seeks to revolutionize the way Blockchain networks work. The reason why the process is simplified is thanks to its simple NaaS tool. It allows users who are not well-trained in Blockchain to build a Blockchain-compatible node quickly while compensating them for its execution.

    Before Strong Block’s NaaS, running Ethereum nodes required extensive Blockchain knowledge, as well as the ability to code and a server capable of running the node around the clock. In this way, diving into the nodes before the StrongBlock requires a lot of effort or a high level of knowledge so that it can be easy.

    Likewise, the rewards are reserved for miners who solve complex mathematical problems while the economic rewards were not distributed to the nodes themselves, without there being a possibility of being able to evaluate the performance of the nodes.

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    How does StrongBlock work?

    In order to deal with these mentioned problems, StrongBlock took care of the automation of all processes, allowing everyone to participate in the revolution of Blockchain technology. Users gave thanks to the StrongBlock platform. It can create a node in a matter of seconds.

    Likewise, they can also add their node to get a daily reward of STRONG tokens, which is the governance token of this project; and that the developers use so that the holders of the token can contribute to the destiny of the protocol itself.

    The STRONG token, referred to as STRNGR, is an ERC-20 token that is based on Ethereum and runs on the Ethereum network. The coin is a governance token.

    How does StrongBlock work

    Is StrongBlock worth it?

    See the StrongBlock price prediction for 2022 – 2025 which clearly define that this is “an awesome long-term investment”. It has a long-term earning potential amounting to 1,343.3%.

    How long will strong nodes last?

    If you have not paid after a set period of time, your node will be detached by the smart contract and you will no longer be able to claim prizes. This does not apply when a node has reached maximum rewards. Max rewarded nodes expire on the day the payment is due.

    StrongBlock (STRONG) is a Blockchain protocol. It focused on rewarding nodes supporting their Blockchain infrastructure. Thanks to Strong block’s automated processes. Users don’t have to know how to code or run their own server to keep the node online.

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