What Does WDYM Mean in Texting?

    Know More About WDYM that is What do you mean?

    So consider it. Claim you’re texting someone else and ask, “what does “WDYM” mean in texting?” They’ll most probably take action with “what do you mean?” In that case, you’ll have to describe that you want to know what the characters “WDYM” stand for? If the responder is something like the people I talk to, they’ll come back with an element like, “what do you mean” in its place of producing out that “WDYM” means “What do you mean?”

    “WDYM” = “W” (What) + “D” (Do) + “Y” (You) + “M” (Mean)

    The History of WDYM

    It is a more current phrase than the other ones we’ve addressed. While many internet slang phrases were born in the 90s and early 2000s, online confirmation suggests that WDYM came to projection in the late 2000s. The first definition of WDYM on the online slang term stockroom Urban Dictionary came out in 2007 and read, “What Do You Mean?”

    the History of WDYM

    WDYM’s history parallels the rise of SMS text messaging and direct messaging programs such as AOL Instant Messenger. As an outcome, it was a very well-known phrase among teenagers. Ultimately, WDYM became essential in internet communications and social media programs like Twitter and TikTok.

    While the actual expression “what do you mean” has been for a long time, its current attraction is because of its upsurge as an internet catchphrase. It’s the de facto way to clarify anything you don’t understand, specifically when you feel in someone is sending you mixed signals. Pop star Justin Bieber also composed a song titled “What Do You Mean?” covering a romantic loved one who isn’t making sense.

    How to Use WDYM in Texting?

    Use of WDYM in Texting

    Using WDYM is quite simple. If an individual asks you a query and you do not recognize the meaning, you can basically reply with WDYM? They’ll understand what you mean if they know their internet slang and send you a more detailed reply.

    Another scenario would be if a person texts you anything a little unclear or off-putting. Rather than starting a calling outmatch, you could reply with WDYM by that? You might avoid a disagreement or altercation by asking them to explain their position or claim more clearly. And finally, you can use WDYM to get more information about frustrating statements built by people.

    For instance, say you have an auntie who always posts insane stuff on Facebook. You could respond to a post by saying, “this doesn’t make sense, WDYM?” Using WDYM is relatively simple, as you can see. But it is a rather nuanced phrase that works in various environments and circumstances.

    However, the individual NEEDS to be aware of what it means to understand what you’re saying. If you don’t know, you’re stuck inside a sarcasm loop that’ll call for you to correctly explain the outs and ins of using the terms WDYM.

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