What Does OFC Mean, And How Do I Use in Text?

    OFC can have several meanings based on its placement in a phrase. Typically, a term that begins with “of course” is something good and definitive. OFC takes on a little more sarcastic or condescending tone when used after a period. We will elaborate on the different applications of this abbreviation in the future.

    What Does OFC Stand For?

    What Does OFC Stand For?

    The answer to this question depends on the circumstances. It is not comparable to the FBI, which is the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Instead, OFC has vastly varied meanings based on context.

    OFc stands for “of course” in texting and internet slang. Occasionally, the F represents a very unpleasant insult: of f* * *ing course. OFc stands for “original female character” in written form. When encountering this initialism in the wild, you are likely seeking one of these two definitions.

    There are further definitions, like “Oceania Football Confederation” and “Oxford Farming Conference.” However, it is unlikely that they are the ones you want. If uncertain, consider the context. If you contact a buddy and ask if they’re going to play board games tonight, and they respond with “OFC,” they mean “of course.”

    The Background Of OFC

    OFC is one of the more established internet slang words we’ve seen. The first definition for ofc in the online slang encyclopedia Urban Dictionary was published in June 2004 and said, “Used in instant messaging to denote of course.” However, it was widely used before 2004 in early Internet communication channels such as IRC and bulletin boards.

    With the proliferation of instant messaging and chat applications, OFC became even more pervasive in internet culture. It is helpful in text threads when users wish to write and transmit messages fast. OFC is comparable to other slang expressions such as SRSLY and W/E, which are acronyms for common nouns.

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    How Do I Use It In Text?

    OFC  Use It In Text

    Before using “OFC” in your texts to save time, you should be aware that it is a slang word. Avoid using it in business settings and in formal letters. When messaging, you should generally use this acronym with lowercase letters.

    Here are a few applications of OFC:

    • “I’m going to get a haircut, ofc.”
    • “Ofc it’s fine! You can borrow my tripod whenever you need it.”
    • “Ofc we’re going to Thanksgiving! We’ll see you soon!”
    • “Windows is better than macOS, ofc.”

    Check out our MFW, WBK, and TBH guides if you wish to discover other internet slang phrases. Web lingo will become second nature to you before you realize it.

    OFC: It Means Yes

    OFC It Means Yes

    As stated above, “of course” can have several meanings based on its context. When used at the beginning of a statement, it is typically an expression of confidence. For instance, if you want to remind your roommate that you’re going to clean the flat this weekend, you may text them, “Of course, I’m going to clean this weekend!” You might use it to indicate that something pertains to you unequivocally. If a buddy contacts you, “Are you coming to my birthday celebration this weekend?” you may answer, “Of course, I’ll be there!” As a favorable response to a query, “of course” can also be sent as a text message. For instance, a buddy may send you a message asking, “Are you certain about lending me your book?” You may respond with “of course!” to demonstrate your confidence in your decision.

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