The Best 10 iMessage Games Of 2022

    When iOS 10 was released, Apple’s iMessage games made messaging more enjoyable. You and your pals may take your time and compete pleasantly, since each iMessage game is played in turns. Some of the games listed below can only be accessed via the iMessage app, while others may be accessed from anywhere. Before looking at lists of the top games, learn how to play games in iMessage.

    Best 10 iMessage Games Of 2022

    Game Pigeon

    More than a dozen new methods to play ancient games may be found inside the Game Pigeon app. You may play games like checkers, poker, Gomoku, and battleship in a pleasant atmosphere with your iMessage games bets. Any game may be played for free, but most also allow you to make in-app purchases.


    Wordie is an online word trivia game that is completely free to play. It’s similar to Pictionary. The participants must decipher a hidden word. They’ve been handed a string of jumbled letters and four photographs as hints to aid them. Groups of up to 40 persons may be formed. How to play games on iMessage progress may also be synced across your Apple devices, including your Apple Watch.

    Cobi Basket

    You and your buddies may play a serious basketball game anytime you want with Cobi Baskets without becoming too heated. Players battle in this free game to determine who can score the most baskets in rounds as short as 30 seconds. Use your iMessage games bets to boost your score and unlock greater difficulty levels.

    Air Hockey

    You can place Bets, offering an intriguing new twist to a traditional American activity. You may choose an outcome from a list, such as “the loser pays for supper,” or make up your bets. Because each volley causes the puck to go quicker, you should use caution before betting. How to get iMessage games is an important question.


    Boggle is a word-making board game in which players compete against the clock to create as many words as possible using a set of letters. Give it a go if you haven’t already. It’s similar to Scrabble, except there’s less waiting and a lot more action. You may play Boggle With Pals and then send imessage game challenges to your pals by downloading the program.

    Mr. Putt’s Mini Golf

    A University of Missouri-Kansas City student created Mr. Putt. It is the most iMessage games bets mini-golf app. Players won’t be concerned about the game’s difficulty since the visuals are smooth and the controls are simple to use. Mr. Putt is a free game available solely on iMessage.

    Two Truths And A Lie

    The “Two Truths and a Lie” icebreaker game help individuals get to know each other better in a group situation. Then they lie about three aspects of themselves, and the rest of the group must figure out which. Truth Lie brings this traditional conversation starter to iMessage games, allowing you to get better to know individuals from all across the globe.


    Even though Game Pigeon includes a chess variant, Checkmate! Provides excellent client service. You may spend as much time as you need to think about your next move since there is no time constraint between rounds. How to play games on iMessage is an important question to solve. 

    WIT Puzzles

    WIT Puzzles allow you to create slide puzzles from your images for your friends to solve. The software tracks how many moves it takes to position the pieces correctly. You can use the downloadable WIT Puzzles in iMessage games, WhatsApp, and Facebook conversations.

    Bubble Bop

    Bubble Bop is merely a rip-off of the classic arcade game Bust-a-Move. Anyone who has played Candy Crush or a similar game will know precisely what to do: group balloons of the same color together to explode them before the screen fills up. How to get iMessage games is an important question. 

    How To Download iMessage Games?

    The latest iOS offers a user interface that is similar to previous versions. However, the methods are almost the same for iOS 10 and beyond. Only iOS 7 and later can send games over iMessage. On iOS 6 and before, games cannot be delivered.

    • You may use iMessage to access the App Store in the following ways:
    • Begin a new discussion.
    • Choose the Apps icon next to the keyboard to access extra iMessage capabilities.
    • After selecting Apps from the sidebar, tap the Grid symbol in the bottom left corner of the screen.
    • When you touch the icon, then you can go to the Shop.

    You should be able to choose from various entertaining and helpful iMessage applications, games, and stickers. If you’re searching for a certain game, you may locate it using the search box. To install it, click the Get button.


    How well do you know the rumor that you can play games on your iPhone using the iMessage app? Using Apple’s cross-platform messaging system, you may challenge your pals to a game on either an iPhone or an iPad. You can play games together if you and someone in your address book have an iOS device that supports iMessage. You must first download all of the iMessage games before playing them. Given this, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest games.

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