6 Ninja Techniques To Get Positive Customer Reviews

    Having access to the internet has entirely changed how people shop. From cosmetics to cleaning, it has become possible to trust a business by reading reviews and feedback. And as a result, businesses have started to embed Google reviews on websites. 

    One of the reasons is that reviews are not only robust when it comes to influencing customers’ decisions but also they decide the credibility of a business. A Google review widget on the website helps you achieve both. Let’s be honest; your customers will not believe what you say about your business. And as per the record of Spiegel, when a product gets five reviews, the likelihood of it being purchased increases by 270%. 

    But the question still remains the same. How to get reviews for your business? And that’s why we are here. This blog discusses six simple yet effective ways of getting good reviews for your business. So without beating any bush, let’s dive right into it. 

    Top 6 Ninja Techniques To Get Positive Customer Reviews For Your Business:

    Positive Customer Reviews

    For online shoppers, Google reviews and feedback are essential as they need the option to get information about the product before buying it. In such a scenario, these Google reviews act as store associates that help customers know if the products solve their pain points. Have a look at the brilliant ways to fetch Google reviews. 

    1). Do Your Job Right 

    It might sound like one of the obvious steps in the list. However, it is so important that we need it to be on the top. As a business owner, you must know that your work speaks for itself. Once you are honest with your job, half of the task is done. Your stellar work influences the customers to leave a review for your business. 

    Remember that your customers will not leave feedback if you provide them with average service. So, while doing your job, give your best customer service. 

    2). Run an Email Campaign 

    Email campaigns are one of the most affordable marketing campaigns. And if you have a business, we assume you must have an email list. An email list will help you maintain a continuous flow of communication with your customers. You can notify them about upcoming events and discount offers. 

    Besides, you can also ask your customers to leave feedback for your business. We also recommend adding a link that will land them on the platform to leave feedback. This link will ease the entire process for them. 

    3). Send A Handwritten Note 

    In this fast-paced world, where all our precious conversation vanishes into the black hole of inboxes, a handwritten note leaves an everlasting impact on the customers. 

    In fact, it is a great way to show your customers that you care for them. And that you are trying to build a positive relationship with them. However, you do not have to be direct when asking for reviews in the letter; you can start by talking about how important each customer is to you. Later, you can emphasize how each customer’s opinion matters to you. 

    After that, we recommend you write a clear pathway to leave the Google review. 

    4). Look For Social Media Mention 

    Social media mentions give you a fantastic marketing opportunity. But they are also an excellent method to collect reviews for your business. 

    When you know your customers are mentioning your brand’s name on social media, you have a chance of getting a positive response when reaching out to those customers. Moreover, you should not hesitate to ask for reviews if a customer has already shared content about your products or services. If they are a happy customer, they will be more likely to leave positive reviews.

    5). Embed Google Reviews Widget on Website 

    All of us trust Google reviews. Suppose you are still trying to listen to the data. Exploding Topics has revealed that Google reviews house 73% of all online reviews, or more than six times as many as its closest competitors combined. 

    And owing to the data, you can embed Google reviews on the website. A Google review widget on the website can help you show social proof and credibility on the website itself. So that when your customers come to your website, they can go anywhere else to check your brand reputation. Hence, cutting down the time taken in purchasing decisions. 

    More importantly, you customers will love to enjoy the limelight of a brand’s website. Hence leaving Google reviews for your business.

    6). Swap Reviews and Feedback with Other Businesses 

    There will be chances when you work with businesses of your niche. You can also ask them to leave a Google review in such a situation. This is usually a win-win situation. And there is no reason why the other party will refuse to leave feedback for your business. And when you present these reviews to your target customers, they will seem more authentic to them. You can also announce the partnership on social media so that your target audience knows you have worked together. 

    However, this method is also very alluring. And might also entice you to swap reviews with brands you have yet to work with. But remember that your customers can sense that.

    In A Nutshell 

    In order to build authority in your industry, it is important you have enough reviews for your products or services. These Google reviews can work in different ways for you. You can also create an ad for these reviews and increase your conversion rate. 

    You can embed Google reviews on websites to have the best first impression on your visitors. 

    A Google review widget enables the website owners to improve connection with their customers. 

    So what are you waiting for?

    Use the above-mentioned methods to fetch Google reviews for your business. 

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