iPhone Says SIM Failure, No SIM Or Invalid SIM – Best Ways to Fix 2023

    If the iPhone sim card is broken or not put in right, that could be one of the problems. If your phone is wet or you update to the latest version of iOS, you may have problems.You should contact your service provider to ensure your plan is still active. If everything goes okay, you could try one of the options below.

    Your iPhone shows “Sim Failure” as a result. What’s up next?

    Your iPhone shows "Sim Failure" as a result. What's up next?

    When there’s a sim card failure, iPhones often show the “Sim Failure” error. Moreover, in this article, we’ll talk about a few ways that have been found to help get rid of this annoying error message.

    ●      Change to plane mode

    Start with the easiest solution. If your iPhone has problems with Wi-Fi, cellular data, GPS, or Bluetooth, you might be able to fix them by turning on and off Airplane mode. If your iPhone shows a warning that says “no SIM,” try this easy Verizon sim card failure fix. Go to the settings on your phone and turn on the “Aeroplane mode.” Give it 15–20 seconds to run before you turn it off.

    ●       Restart Your iPhone to Restore It.

    You know that phones can sometimes do weird things. The iPhone has a SIM card, but it says it doesn’t. Just restarting could fix the problem. If you have a newer device, hold down the volume and power buttons simultaneously and then move the slider that appears. Sim card failure iPhone might support this solution.

    ●      Make sure your SIM card was put in correctly.

    Try putting the SIM card back in and seeing if that helps. Your iPhone must be turned off, and the SIM card must be taken out. Dust on the card or tray can be removed with a soft wipe. Carefully check the SIM card for physical damage. If your sim card failure is causing you problems, your provider will need to fix it.

    How to fix sim card failure?

    How to fix sim card failure?

    Try another SIM card

    If you are facing a sim card failure in an iPhone, try getting a new SIM card. Before you can switch SIM cards, you need to turn off your phone and take out the current SIM card. Check whether the notice comes up when you turn on your iPhone unless your SIM card isn’t working right. Moreover, you can replace the card by calling the company that gave it to you.

    Changing how the carrier works

    Most of the time, the problem goes away after the carrier settings are updated. Here’s how it works:

    • Choose the gear icon to get to Settings.
    • Pick “About” from the list of options.
    • You will be asked if you want to change your settings, if an update for your carrier’s settings needs to be installed. Then, select Update.
    • If you’re prompted to update your carrier settings, choose Update.
    update your carrier settings iPhone

    Just call your service provider’s number

    If you’ve already tried “Reinsert SIM card” and it seems to work, you should contact your carrier. Talk to them to find out if the network for the carrier is down. You should also get a new SIM card if it doesn’t work.

    Please return the network settings to their original state

    You could try to reset your network settings. Because of this, it can be used to fix several connection issues. If you reset the network settings to their factory defaults, you must enter your Wi-Fi password again and pair it with a new Bluetooth device.

    • Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset iPhone. Finish. Resetting your iPhone will erase all network information.
    • Please enter the code to confirm.
    • Choose “Reset all settings” for final confirmation.

    Update your iPhone to the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system

    • Go to “Settings,” “General,” and “Software Update” from there.
    • The Get/Install/Setup Now button (if you have already downloaded the latest version of iOS).

    How to fix an iPhone that says “SIM Card Failed” or “SIM Not Valid”

    SIM Card Failed or SIM Not Valid Fix MobbiTech

    Not all iPhone notifications that have to do with the SIM card will say “no SIM card.” Another problem is that a SIM card doesn’t work or a sim card not working. Moreover, these error messages have the same cause: a lost or broken SIM card.

    If you just take the sim card out of your phone and try to turn it on, you may see an error message like “Invalid Sim” or “Sim card failure.” If your smartphone has been jailbroken, you can only reset it to how it was when it was first made. this procedure can eliminate sim card failure problems.

    If your SIM card doesn’t work or your iPhone doesn’t recognize it, try one of the following solutions:

    • Turn the phone again.
    • Try a different SIM card if you’re having trouble.
    • Right now, put iOS 16.0x on your iPhone.
    • You can return your device to factory settings using iTunes or the Mac Finder.

    What should you do if your iPhone tells you that it has no SIM card, an invalid SIM card, or that the SIM card failed after an iOS update?

    Apple’s iOS gets faster, more secure, and less buggy with every new version. There may be some problems initially, but as your device slows down, they should go away. If you still see the “no sim installed, invalid card, or sim card failure” error message on your iPhone a few hours after installing an update, try one of the options below.

    • Switch to airplane mode.
    • The device needs a fresh start.
    • Check to see if the settings for the carrier have been changed.
    • Please return the network settings to their original state.
    • Now, the SIM card needs to be put back in.
    • You can return your device to factory settings using iTunes or the Mac Finder.
    • If none work, call your service provider or go to an Apple Store.
    no SIM card fix


    Most people know that wetness is bad for electrical devices like phones. Besides, you need to unplug all the wires, then turn off your iPhone, and drain out the water. Most of us have forgotten to take SIM cards out of our phones after turning them off. Water could hurt your SIM card and cause a sim card failure. Even if you can turn on your iPhone and everything works fine, you may get an error message. You can also try the solutions we’ve given, but in the end, you’ll have to call your service provider to get a new SIM card.


    Why does the message “SIM card Failure” keep coming up?

    If you see an “Invalid SIM” or “Sim Card not working” error, please do these things. Check to see if your cell phone service plan is still in effect. Force restart your iOS device. Moreover, you should check if your network service provider has changed the settings.

    Why do SIM cards sometimes cause problems with iPhones?

    If the SIM tray is dirty, the SIM card isn’t in the right spot, the iPhone won’t recognize the SIM card. However, it’s possible that your SIM card isn’t working right, which would explain the problem. If your iPhone has problems that come and go, it could be because of the SIM Card failure.

    Why won’t my SIM card work with my phone?

    Your phone says “no SIM card” because it can’t read the information on your SIM card correctly. This could happen for several reasons, such as a bad SIM card installation, a broken SIM card, or software problems after upgrading the phone.

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