10 Best Cameras Smartphone In 2022 To Buy From Apple, Samsung, Vivo, Google, And More

    Best cameras smartphone 2022 with the most cutting-edge cameras offers a tasty mix of high-resolution displays, fast data transfer rates, and new imaging features. The best camera phones have a lot of features. You might be tempted to get a “real” camera, but some smartphones can take better photos.

    Top 10 Best Cameras Smartphone in 2022 to buy

    The Samsung Galaxy S22 ultra  

    The Galaxy S22 Ultra brings together the camera from the Galaxy S series and the S Pen, which became famous in the Galaxy Note series. This Samsung best camera phone has an AMOLED screen that is a whopping 6.8 inches. It can refresh at 120 Hz and works with HDR 10+. 

    The four cameras on the Galaxy S22 Ultra work together to give the phone a digital zoom of up to 100 times and makes it the best camera quality phone. Photos taken with the phone are great no matter how bright it is. Even when night mode isn’t on, you can still use photos taken with the phone in low light. The main camera can take pictures in 8K resolution, and the videos it makes are steady.

    Vivo X80 Pro

    The X80 Pro is now Vivo’s most advanced phone, taking the place of the X70 Pro+. Even though the phone may look the same from the outside, there have been major changes to how it works on the inside.

    It still has a 6.78-inch screen with a 2k resolution and a 120 Hz refresh rate. Even so, the fact that it has a 2k resolution and a refresh rate of 120 Hz shows that it is a high-end device. The cameras have also been replaced with new, better ones. This android phone with the best camera has the 50-megapixel GNV sensor, which is now in the main camera. Vivo’s proprietary gimbal stabilization technology has been moved to the 2x Portrait camera to improve Portrait photography in low light.

    Realme 9 Pro+ 5G

    The Realme 9 Pro+ comes in a variety of gradient colors and finishes, including one called Sunrise Blue. If you choose this option, the back panel will change from blue to red when it’s out in the sun. In addition to being small and light, its design makes it easy to use with just one hand.

    Amazingly, it can take still pictures making it the best camera phone. The optical image stabilization (OIS) in the main camera lets you take photos that are sharp and clear in both bright and dim light. The major update is that these devices now run Realme UI 3.0 on top of Android 12. Most of the most important changes to Android 12 are included.

    Samsung Galaxy S22+

    In India, it will have the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC as the Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra. It’s great for watching movies and playing games on the go because of its big screen and cutting-edge Dynamic AMOLED technology. With a bigger battery, the phone could last for two days even with light use. Both the camera and the footage of this Samsung best camera phone it records are of a good enough standard.

    The cameras can take high-quality photos and videos even when there isn’t much light. The Galaxy S23 takes less time to charge than the Galaxy S22, but it still takes longer than other devices.

    OnePlus 10 Pro 5G

    Since the price jump for the OnePlus 10 Pro 5G isn’t too big and it has a lot of nice improvements over the OnePlus 9 Pro, it’s not a bad deal. In almost every way, the OnePlus 10 Pro 5G is better than the OnePlus 9 Pro. It has a bigger battery, faster charging, an AMOLED screen with slightly better power efficiency, a more powerful SoC with support for more 5G bands, a better front-facing camera, and a more attractive design. It is also counted in the list of best smartphone cameras of 2022.

    Xiaomi 12 pro

    The Xiaomi 12 Pro is a great choice for people who want a high-end smartphone. The curved screen looks great, and both Dolby Vision and High Dynamic Range 10+ have approved it.  The camera of this best camera quality phone works well both during the day and at night, though the telephoto lens has trouble focusing in low light. Even when there isn’t much light, the video quality is still very good, and all resolutions work without any problems.

    iPhone XS Max

    The iPhone 13 Pro Max is the latest top smartphone from Apple. The A15 Bionic SoC may be to blame for the better performance. The sizes of storage available are 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB, and 1 TB. Two of the most important new features are Cinematic Mode and Photographic Styles which make it the best smartphone camera in 2022. Both have to do with the camera. The camera’s hardware has also been made better since the last model. The optical zoom can now go up to three times as far, and you can now take macro photos. 

    iPhone 13 Pro

    Sensor-shift stabilization has been added to the main camera, and macro photography can now be done for the first time. It is possible to increase the optical magnification by three times. Apple just showed off some groundbreaking new camera features, such as Cinematic Mode and Photographic Styles making it the best camera phone. Also, the new A15 Bionic System-on-Chip (SoC) has a lot of useful features. Even though the most expensive model is a bit pricey, it can hold up to 1 terabyte of data. Even though the 120Hz ProMotion display is a big improvement, it has a notch that may bother some users. 

    The Google Pixel 6A

    Google’s Pixel 6A isn’t precisely a mid-range phone, but it still offers the computational photography abilities that have made the Pixel line so well-known. The Tensor chip was explicitly designed to manage both processing requirements and the capacity to shoot photos. Even though the sensor is the same 12MP camera that Pixel phones have used for years, the photographs are rich in detail, contrast, and dynamic range. Many consider it the best camera quality. The remainder of the package includes a 12MP ultra-wide sensor and an 8MP selfie camera.

    The Motorola Edge 30

    Motorola’s Moto Edge 30 is the world’s thinnest and lightest 5G phone. This is also termed the best smartphone camera 2022. The Edge 30 skin has the least amount of additional software. However, the phone’s battery, at 4,000mAh, is much smaller than that of most of its rivals.


    Which brand of smartphone is now the most popular in India?

    Exports went from 4.9 million units last year to 6.1 million units this year, which is a big jump. Xiaomi has been the most popular smartphone brand in India for a long time.

    Does a higher number of megapixels always mean a better camera?

    But that doesn’t always happen. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is one of the best cameras you can buy, even though it has three lenses, each of which has a resolution of 12 megapixels. In the past, Google’s Pixel phones had lower-resolution cameras and relied more on artificial intelligence.

    Will smartphone cameras make DSLR cameras a thing of the past?

    DSLR cameras, which are big and bulky, have lost popularity over the past few years, and smartphones are likely to take their place in the future. Still, professional photographers will use specialized cameras with larger sensors for jobs like wedding photography.


    As a website about photography, we talk a lot about the best camera phone 2022 that can be used to take both still and moving pictures. We look at how the camera compares to other cameras in terms of resolution, noise, and how well it shows colors. Moreover, we make sure that any special features, like “night modes” or “portrait modes,” work the way the manufacturer says they will. We will also look at the camera phone’s battery life, among other things, to see how well it works. 

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