How To Reset The PS5 Controller?

    Electronic devices eventually wear out. There can be many reasons why the device is not working properly. While with the PS5 controller, there can be many reasons for the PS5 controller failing at any time. This guide will help you find out why the controller is failing, how to reset the PS5 controller, and how to fix the problems.

    There are many reasons why a PS5 controller can fail. While these errors occur, the controller will not accept input, works strangely, or simply decides not to work. Yes, it can be frustrating and annoying, and it can be even more of a headache when the controller malfunctions during boss fights or any of the final rounds, regardless of the game. Read on to learn how to reset the PS5 controller to fix various crashes and issues.

    How To Reset The PS5 Controller?

    Before you factory reset your PS5 controller, make sure you know the cause and the consequences. And you don’t have to search for these things because we’ve included them in the guide itself. So if for any reason you reset your PS5 controller, first check the effect and how it works.

    Most Common Reasons To Reset Your PS5 Controller

    There can be several reasons why a PS5 controller may restart. The Bluetooth connection may be poor if the controller is not repairable with the PS5 console, resulting in the controller being unable to pair with the console, or you lose the PS5 controller and want to connect to another device. Sometimes updating the software of a controller, console, or even a game can cause weird controller issues.

    What Will Happen If You Reset A PS5 Controller?

    Resetting your PS5 controller allows the controller to return to the state in which you first unpacked it. All controller settings will be reset to default mode.

    Most Common Types To Reset The PS5 Controller 

    You can reset your PS5 controller in two ways: Soft reset and hard reset. However, if you want to perform a soft reset, it’s best to have another PS5 controller handy. Keep reading this blog post to find out how and why.

    How To Soft Reset The PS5 Controller?

    A soft reset is a way to reset your PS5 controller directly from the console itself. Performing a reset like this can help resolve various connectivity issues e.g. if the controller fails to pair with the console, etc. 

    • Disable the controller on which you are performing the computer reinstallation that you want to run.
    • Take the second controller and press the PS5 button on it.
    • Now on the home screen, press the PS5 button again to bring up the Control Center menu.
    • Select the Accessories menu and then Controller. You can find these icons at the bottom of the screen.
    • Choose the driver you want to roll back.
    • Select now the ” shut down” option.
    • This should now turn off the controller and the LED will also turn off.

    To turn your controller back on, simply follow the same methods you would use to pair your PS5 controller with your PS5 console. The only reason a replacement controller is needed is so you can go back to settings and turn the controller back on.

    How To Hard Reset The PS5 Controller?

    A hard reset procedure will be performed to reset the controller to factory settings. This is one of the most common and easiest methods to factory reset your PS5 controller. Read on for more information.

    • Disconnect and power the PS5 controller. Besides, you can also power off your PS5 console.
    • Now take a paper clip or tool to eject the SIM card.
    • Use the tool to push the button into the hole on the back of the PS5 controller.
    • Press and hold the button for less than 5 seconds.
    • Now to reconnect the controller to the Ps5 console, simply connect the controller to one Cable to the console and press the PS5 button.

    And this is how you can reset your PS5 controller using soft reset and hard reset methods.

    The Final Verdict

    Before resetting your PS5 controllers, be sure to perform basic troubleshooting steps such as Pairing your device. If for some reason the reset and troubleshooting methods don’t work, it may be time to take the controller to a service center for repair. But in some cases, it is better not to take apart the controller yourself, especially if it is in the warranty period. This will only void the warranty and the center may refuse to repair the controller free of charge and also charge additional fees for the repair.

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