YouTube No Network Connection Error Fixed On Android, iPhone, Window & Mac

    Many people nowadays like viewing movies or sharing them online. Usually, the first website that comes to mind when someone has to upload a video is YouTube. Undoubtedly, YouTube is the most widely used platform for sharing videos online. Even more, people watch it than watch regular television. You can get a YouTube video converted into an MP3 if you want to hear the sound even when you aren’t online. YouTube no network connection problem can be very irritating when you are watching important videos.

    However, many users have complained that YouTube does not work with Chrome, that the YouTube video editor is no longer available, that YouTube shows a blank screen, or that they are having some other problem with YouTube. Listed below are some ways that shows what to do when YouTube shows no internet connection

    Why doesn’t YouTube work?

    A strong internet connection and a YouTube-compatible browser are required to upload videos to YouTube and increase site traffic. As soon as one of these links in the chain is broken, issues will start to occur. YouTube no internet connection android and it can be easily solved after reading this post.

    Does Chrome not work with YouTube?

    Does Chrome not work with YouTube?

    Internet connection:

     Make sure your connection speed is at least 500 kilobits per second if you want to watch videos without any delays. YouTube videos may halt and skip around if you try to watch them, but YouTube is not connecting to internet iPhone isn’t fast enough.

    Issues with Your Browser:

    If YouTube doesn’t load, it can be because of an add-on you have installed or an issue with your browser. YouTube still demands a large amount of processing power from your computer’s central processing unit (CPU) and a significant quantity of RAM space, even if you can access it via your browser (RAM). YouTube is not connecting to internet iPhone, then consider the following issues.

    Security concerns:

     Your firewall or another security system may prevent you from accessing YouTube.

    Why can’t I access YouTube on my smartphone or MAC?

    On both Android and iOS mobile devices, YouTube is not connecting to internet iPhone . Numerous factors, such as problems with the cache or the internet, might cause this.

    If YouTube suddenly stops operating, you shouldn’t be alarmed. To find out how to deal with this problem, keep reading.

    How to Fix Corrupted YouTube Videos and Playlists in Chrome (PC)?

    How to Fix Corrupted YouTube Videos and Playlists in Chrome (PC)?

    A growing number of individuals are using YouTube to view videos or submit their own, and some earn money there. What happens, however, if you can’t access YouTube? It would help if you tried the following fixes to fix YouTube not functioning on Chrome before using the 5 Effective Secrets of YouTube SEO to make more money. Lieted below are some  ways that shows what to do when no internet connection YouTube.

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    A Chrome upgrade is necessary

    It would help if you always had Chrome’s most recent version installed to benefit from the latest features and get bug fixes as soon as possible. If you’re offline. check your connection, try updating your browser.

    • Step 1. Click the icon that resembles three vertical dots to open the menu in the browser’s upper right corner.
    • Step 2. From Chrome’s Help menu, choose “About Google Chrome.”
    • Step 3. After that, a unique website with the following design will be sent to you:
    • Step 4. If you cannot tell if Google Chrome is up-to-date, you must select the Update Google Chrome link and then the Relaunch option.

    Update your video drivers as a solution

    It’s conceivable that the video drivers are outdated if Chrome cannot access YouTube. You could upgrade them to fix how to check internet connection in pc and any other device just by following the steps listed below.

    • Step 1. Press the Windows key and the letter X to open the Device Manager.
    • Step 2. Double-clicking a display adaptor will allow you to access it.
    • Step 3. Right-click the adaptor and choose “Update driver” to update the driver.
    • Step 4. Select the “Search automatically” option to find the latest current driver software.
    • Step 5. To update your video drivers, just adhere to the on-screen directions.

    Determine if you have internet connectivity by checking

    Rarely, connection difficulties with Google Chrome may prevent it from playing YouTube videos. If YouTube saying no internet connection, you could test if it works on Google or another website.If that doesn’t work, try restarting the router or using Windows 10’s integrated troubleshooter to find and fix problems.

    • Press the Windows key and the letter I on your keyboard to open Settings.
    • Choose Updates and Security from the menu.
    • Navigate to Troubleshoot > Internet Connections > Troubleshoot to launch the troubleshooter.

    Solution: Switch Hardware Acceleration off and on to use Chrome

    Solution Switch Hardware Acceleration off and on to use Chrome

    Hardware acceleration utilises both the central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU) of your computer to show internet sites (GPU). Make sure the hardware acceleration option is selected, and your graphics card is competent if you want Chrome to run more quickly. This process can be useful when there is no internet connection YouTube.


    You must allow JavaScript as the programming language to see videos on YouTube. If JavaScript is turned off in your browser, YouTube videos cannot be seen. This very useful when YouTube is not connecting to internet iPhone and any other device.

    You could try deactivating hardware acceleration and turning on JavaScript to fix the problem of YouTube not working in Chrome since hardware acceleration may make it impossible for videos to play, and JavaScript is frequently needed for videos to play. By carrying out the above actions in the proper sequence, you may stop hardware acceleration:

    • Go to chrome:/settings and choose the “Advanced” option.
    • The hardware acceleration slider must be clicked to turn it off if it is currently turned on.
    • Click Relaunch to restart Chrome without hardware acceleration. Alternatively, you may skip the next step and activate JavaScript right now.

    To get JavaScript to work on your device, adhere to the guidelines below:

    • Use Chrome to reach the Settings menu.
    • Click the Advanced link at the very bottom.
    • From the option that appears under Privacy and security, choose Content settings.
    • To enable JavaScript, choose Allowed from the Options menu (recommended).
    • Eliminate all cookies and cached files as the sixth solution.
    • You need to clear cache and cookies if you have trouble accessing YouTube.
    • Hit the Enter key on your keyboard after typing chrome:/settings/clearBrowserData in the URL bar.
    • Choose every hour in the Time range.
    • Choose Cache images and files, Cookies and other site data.
    • Elect to remove the data.

    So if YouTube shows no internet connection consider the steps that are listed above for your fast running of your YouTube.

    You need to remove and install Chrome

    Try uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome if you’ve tried the six methods above and still have trouble getting YouTube videos to load.

    It would help if you certainly exported your bookmarks before deleting Chrome from your PC. You will be able to import your bookmarks into the newly installed Chrome after doing so. How to check internet connection in pc?


    Is YouTube experiencing a problem? Don’t worry about it. Try one of the abovementioned solutions to fix YouTube if it isn’t functioning correctly. After that, you may edit YouTube videos and take other suitable actions. If there are any problems such as YouTube no network connection problem, or any other YouTube related problem, read this topic carefully.

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