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    Weapons found in Elden Ring are an integral element of almost every character’s build, regardless of whether you want to deal massive damage with strong strikes or two-wielding fast blades. They’re the primary focus for anyone trying to get through to the Lands Between with as few losses as possible. However, they’re not all the same. While the weapons players use will be contingent on the number of points they place into each attribute, they can modify their points following beating Rennala, queen of the Full Moon.

    If players are looking for weapons to last a long time or want to try various methods of fighting and combat, we’ve created an inventory of the best weapons found in Elden Ring. This list is organized according to weapon types in each category, each containing two or more weapons.

    Elden Ring Weapons Tier List

    Daggers are the main weapon players will likely encounter in their first games of The Elden Ring. While daggers aren’t the most powerful weapon, they have a limited range, and their gap is filled with their comparatively rapid attack speed and good Critical Damage. These attributes allow the weapon to unleash powerful Backstabs and Ripostes.

    Elden Ring Daggers Tier List

    S-Tier Black Knife, Crystal Knife
    A-Tier Ivory Sickle, Wakizashi, Blade of Calling, Glintstone Kris
    B-Tier Misericorde, Cinquedea
    C-TierReduvia, Scorpion’s Stinger
    D-TierParrying Dagger, Celebrant’s Sickle, Bloodstained Dagger
    E-Tier Great Knife, Simple Dagger, Erdsteel Dagger

    Glintstone Staves Tier List

    Glintstone Staves Tier List

    Are you fond of casting magic-user charms on enemies? The Eldin Ring Glintstone Staff is an essential item for this. The staves do not have any outstanding capability other than they are the only type of weapon to assist with magical abilities (with Sacred Seals, of course). So don’t forget to sync them with a second or tertiary weapon that will ensure your character’s survival in the battle. Look at the Elden Ring Spells Tier List to become more familiar with it.

    Elden Ring Glintstone Staves Tier List

    S-Tier Carian Glintstone Staff, Astrologer’s Staff, Academy Glintstone Staff, Lusat’s Glintstone Staff, Rotten Crytal staff
    A-Tier Azur’s Glintstone Staff, Meteorite Staff, Demi-Human Queen’s Staff
    B-Tier Carian Regal Scepter, Gelmie Glinstone Staff,
    C-TierDigger’s Staff
    D-TierSimple Glintstone Staff, Prince of Death’s Staff, Staff of the Guilty, Staff of Loss
    E-Tier Crystal Staff, Glinstone Staff
    F-Tier Albinauric staff, Carian Glintblade staff

    Spears Tier List

    If you’re looking for the top Eldin Ring melee weapon, then spears are an excellent choice. As mentioned earlier, you can alter the abilities of a spear and its damage capacity in any manner you’d like to use your Ashes of War.

    Twin blades Tier List

    A different spear-like weapon that is renowned among the Eldin Ring for its slashing attack is the Twinblade. Although it is difficult to control, this weapon can be used by one hand and both hands to provide an advantage over opponents. If you are a fan of shooting multiple targets at once, Twinblades are for you.

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    Elden Ring Strength Weapons

    The good news is that players can use powerful god-like weapons to take on even the most formidable enemies. A powerful weapon class is Strength Weapons, which typically consist of Greatswords, Warhammers, and Halberds. With the many options available within the Elden Ring, players must decide which is the most effective.

    • Greatsword (Gut’s Greatsword)
    • Brick Hammer
    • Forked Greatsword
    • Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword
    • Ghiza’s Wheel
    • Dragon Greatclaw
    • Beastman’s Cleaver
    • Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear
    • Prelate’s Inferno Crozier
    • Giant-Crusher
    • Godslayer’s Greatsword
    • Ruins Greatsword
    • Nightrider Glaive
    • Starscourge Greatsword
    • Grafted Blade Greatsword

    Elden Ring Best Weapons

    Like many aspects of Elden Ring, There are many fantastic dex weapons to pick for any circumstance. However, only a few are considered the most effective Elden Ring weapons for dex and help you get through the golden path boss quest to get through the main golden path boss order in Elden Ring. As the game follows a trend to make enemies more and more efficient, choosing a faster weapon could help you get the extra punch to make a difference.

    The most effective tools for dex Elden Ring have tended to be unique in their way. The Hookclaws is a good example. They appear simple, but they can carry out six attacks in a row without stopping is awe-inspiring when used correctly. Other weapons, like Moonveil, come with powerful weapon techniques which can take your opponents off guard.

    The dex weaponry Elden Ring has to offer are fast but does less damage than their counterparts with strength. In the case of Elden Ring’s most effective weapons for dexterity, this typical drawback is often compensated for by the weapon’s capabilities, the speed that is blindingly fast, or other distinctive characteristics which make Elden Ring dex weapons well worth the investment.

    Elden Ring Best Dex Weapons

    Elden Ring Best Dex Weapons

    Here are the top dex-based weapons found in Elden Ring:

    • Bloodhound’s Fang
    • Dragon King’s Cragblade
    • Godskin Peeler
    • Hand of Melania
    • Moonveil
    • Morgott’s Cursed Sword
    • Scorpion Stinger
    • Urumi

    Elden Ring Faith Weapons

    The reason many Tarnished remain unmarried today is that they lack faith. A visit to Dragon Communion Church or a regular dose of papa’s blessing by Turtle Pope Miriel isn’t enough to increase faith. It’s just that the Elden Ring Faith build wouldn’t be as effective without the Faith weapon. The most powerful Faith weapon available in Elden Ring could make all the difference in a Faith build.

    It’s nearly essential to update this list of Elden Ring’s most reliable faith weapons. There are a lot of Elden Ring Faith weapons, but players must invest their faith in the few items available to their build. For those who want to improve the skills of their Elden Ring Faith build, you might want to take an interest in these options.

    • Golden Halberd
    • Giant’s Seal
    • Halo Scythe
    • Frenzied Flame Seal
    • Dragon Communion Seal
    • Erdtree Bow
    • Black Knife
    • Envoy’s Long Horn
    • Sacred Relic Sword
    • Maliketh’s Black Blade
    • Winged Scythe
    • Godslayer’s Greatsword
    • Blasphemous Blade


    Are you curious about which the most effective Elden Ring weapons are? Most early game weapons are buried in treasure chests or corpses waiting to be picked the ones you want, while some will require you to take on difficult Elden Ring bosses. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a character around melee combat or using runes to boost your strength or faith. There are weapons available with distinctive and effective Elden Ring weapon arts that match your character’s style.

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