When Will Demon Slayer Season 3 Come Out?

    The demon slayer season 3 is one of the most anticipated upcoming anime and fans are ready for the release date to come.

    The experience that Demon Slayer: kimetsu no yaiba gives comes only once in a century. The thrill, the score, the animation are all top-notch. Back in 2019, when it first started streaming on Netflix, it became an overnight sensation, gaining massive popularity and love overnight. So, now that this new season ends tonight with the final episode airing, fans are starting to crave more.

    The Demon Slayer Blade is based on a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotuga. As the title suggests, the anime follows the story of a boy, Tanjiro Kamado, who fights bloodthirsty demons that prey on humans. He must also find a cure for his sister, Nezuko Kamado, who is suffering from a demon’s curse.

    Rumors about the release date of the third season of “Demon Slayer”

    release date of the third season of Demon Slayer

    There is no official release date for season 3 demon slayer, but most fans are assuming that Episode 45 will be released in the spring of 2023. We received a teaser for Demon Slayer Season 3 shortly after the conclusion of the Entertainment District Arc, which revealed that the next part of the anime to be adapted for anime is the Swordsman Village Arc.

    The first season was a two-part series and aired from October 2019 to May 2020. The second did not air until October 2021 and again had a two-season run. The two year hiatus was likely caused by COVID 19 and we don’t expect the wait to be that long again.

    Another factor that could affect the production of Season 3 is Ufotable tax evasion scandal. The entire studio is under fire after it was revealed that Ufotable President and Demon Slayer anime producer Hikaru Kondo is hiding 30 percent of the studio’s revenue.

    But despite the lack of an announcement, we can say for sure that there will be 3 seasons. The only question that remains are how long will it takes?

    The Blade That Slays Demons Season 3 – expected release date

    Ufotable has a financial incentive to adapt the full manga because they are a member of the anime production committee. As a small animation company, they do have side projects (movies and video games), but they usually only have one big project a year.

    As for 2022, Ufotable has yet to announce any other anime projects they are working on. Lately, their focus has mostly been on Demon Slayer.

    The prosecution said that Ufotable and Kondo were hiding income to protect against future downturns in the anime industry.

    Given that the animation studio has kept a fairly regular release schedule over the past few years, it makes sense that the studio hasn’t experienced any major scheduling delays. Thus, many predict that the demon slayer season 3 release date is in the spring of 2023.

    How many episodes will there be in the third season?

    With the little information we have, we will estimate Demon Slayer Season 3 to be 12-18 episodes. What is known so far is that the Swordsman Village arc is being adapted for the third season. It took 28 chapters in the manga, compared to 30 in the Entertainment District arc, so we can assume it will be at least 12 episodes. However, Ufotable could make it two more seasons by adapting a smaller arch like they did with the Mugan Train arc.

    Demon Slayer plot

    Plot of Demon Slayer

    The Demon Slayer tells the story of a young boy, Tanjiro, whose family is slaughtered by a demon, and his younger sister, Nezuko, is the only survivor. Nezuko doesn’t die. Instead, she transforms into a demon that can control her craving for human flesh. Nezuko compensates for human blood with rest and sleep. The show follows Tanjiro as he carries his sister on his back in a wooden box and fights demons to find a cure for his beloved sister.

    The show currently has two seasons, the second season wraps up tonight, and the second Demon Slayer: Mugan Train premiered between the two seasons. The film was also a great success and became the highest grossing film in Japan.

    Aside from its commercial success, demon slayer also has better visuals and storytelling than any anime to date. It won Best Film among others at the Crunchy roll Anime Awards.

    Demon Slayer Season 3 or new movie

    As of now, Ufotable has not made any announcements about the new season or the second film. It’s very likely that whether we get a new movie or not, fans will have to wait until the end of 2023 for demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba season 3. As you can see from the first movie, it was released in 2020 and the new season will be released in 2021. This means that if the second movie comes out at the end of this year, we will get a new season next year.

    Now we’ll have to wait and see what Ufotable has in store for us, but we’re happy with what they have to offer. In the meantime, don’t forget to stream the latest episode of Demon Slayer on Netflix.

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