How To Screen Record On Mac: Quick Guide

    Whether you want to save a YouTube video you’re watching, or want to show someone a problem you’re having on your computer, it’s very simple to take a video of your screen from a Mac.

    Even audio may be recorded, mouse clicks can be displayed, and much more. Additionally, Mac enables you to record all or a portion of your screen. The nice thing is that you can record your screen regardless of the Mac version you use.

    Furthermore, the QuickTime application allows you to record a screen. Check out all the possible processes and the step-by-step instructions below to know how to screen record on a Mac.

    How to use keyboard shortcuts to screen record the Mac desktop

    keyboard shortcuts to screen record the Mac desktop

    On a Mac, press Command + Shift + 5 on the keyboard to record your screen. Then, on the pop-up toolbar that displays at the bottom of the screen, choose Record Entire Screen or Record Selected Parts. After that, click Record.

    1. On the keyboard, press Command, Shift, and 5 consecutively. The screenshot toolbar at the bottom of the screen will then be opened.
    2. Then choose Record a specific area of the screen or Record the entire screen. You can record the entire screen with the fourth button from the left after the “x.” You can choose to record a specific area of the screen with the fifth button. When you move your mouse over an icon, you can see what each button performs.
    3. A box with dotted lines will show up on your screen if you select to only record a portion of the screen. The box’s edges can then be clicked and moved around the object you want to engrave.
    4. Next, select Record. This can be seen on the toolbar’s right side.
    5. To end recording, click the square-circled icon at the top of your Mac screen. To stop recording, you can alternatively use Command + Control + Esc.

    Note: Click the Options button on the screen capture toolbar if you wish to record your voice or audio while screen recording.

    From this screen, you may also select a location for your recording to be saved, start a countdown before your recording, and include mouse clicks in the video.

    You can also record your screen using the QuickTime application if you have an older Mac or if keyboard shortcuts don’t work for you.

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    How to record screen on Mac using QuickTime

    record screen on Mac using QuickTime

    Open QuickTime and select File from the menu bar at the top of the screen to record your screen on a Mac. The red button in the pop-up window should then be clicked after selecting New Screen Recording.

    1. Launch the QuickTime Player program. The Mac machine already has this program pre-installed. You may download it from here if you can’t find it in your Applications folder.
    2. Then select File. This is displayed in the screen’s top Apple Menu Bar.
    3. Next, choose New Screen Recording. The screen recording window will open as a result.
    4. The red button must be clicked to begin screen recording. To record the entire screen, simply click anywhere on the display. Additionally, you can drag to choose where to start recording, then choose that area.
    5. Click the arrow next to the red circle to select a microphone to use if you also wish to capture audio.
    6. To halt recording, click the black circle button on the menu bar. To stop recording, you can alternatively use Command + Control + Esc.

    QuickTime will automatically launch the video recording after you press stop. The recording can then be played, edited, or shared. Additionally, you may save it by pressing Command + S or choosing File > Save from the QuickTime menu.

    Mac screen capture

    You might want to take a screenshot of a portion of the screen on your Mac so you can send it to someone else. This could be a menu from a restaurant you want to go to or a section of a website. You might also wish to film the screen of your Mac. Both jobs are extremely simple, so we’ll demonstrate how to do them.

    To take a screenshot of the whole screen:

    • Press Shift, Command, and 3.
    • On the desktop of your Mac, locate the image.

    To only record a portion of your Mac’s screen:

    • Press Shift, Command, and 4.
    • On the desktop of your Mac, locate the image.

    How to screen record on mac with audio      

    Soundflower on Mac
    • Download Soundflower on your Mac and set it up.
    • Open Audio MIDI Setup. Using the search bar (Command + Spacebar), you can locate it.
    • Select “Build Multi-Output Device” from the “Plus Button” menu at the bottom left of the screen. Select both “Soundflower” and “Build-In Output” at the same time.
    • Open “System Preferences” and select “Sound” and then “Output.” Make the newly generated “Multi-Output Device” your “Output” instead. The renamed “Screen Record w/Audio” can be seen here.

    To know how to stop screen recording on Mac, click the stop button on the menu bar in the top right corner to stop recording.


    This blog can help you when you don’t know h how to record screen on Mac. You can capture the screen on a Mac with internal audio or without, with or without a microphone, by carefully following their instructions.

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