What Is Snapchat Used For Sexting: Explained

    If we talk about Snapchat, we only think about the Photo-sharing app. It will help you to know how long the receiver can see a picture. Now, its use is sexting. On Snapchat, you can share pictures to your friends. Get all the details about what is Snapchat Sexting used for and what are different types of do the Sexting in Snapachat.

    What is Sexting?

    Sexting is the process of sending nude pictures of yourself to others. Snapchat came into existence and nowadays it is growing at a great pace.

    Nowadays, millions of users use Snapchat more than 30 million times a day. At present times, Snapchat is at the top of photo-posting apps. Usually, people send 1000 pictures per second. Also, it is presently at the No. 3 position in the category of free iTunes store. The founders of Snapchat have already said many times that it’s not available for sexting. Users who use this type of sexting are nude Snapchatters. Snapchat sexting is popular nowadays.

    Snapchat Sexting: How to Accomplish it

    Snapchat Sexting How to Accomplish it

    Here, we are not telling you what to sext, you can do it on your own. We come to know not only what to do but also how to accomplish it?

    1. Firstly, choose the sextee of your choice from your friend’s list whom you want to send nude snaps to.
    2. Next, drop them a message. It can be an introduction message before sending any pic.
    3. When it is felt to have been mutually agreed that all this is happening, you can approve the sexting. This is also important, you don’t send any person a text unless they expressly told you that they would like to receive one. That is not a great idea.

    If both persons are comfortable, only then you can sexting Snapchat.

    Types of Sexting

    There are five Snapchat methods that help you to send the saucy content that you can choose to send to the other person. You can choose one from the given below:

    1. Chats
    2. Pictures
    3. Save photos from the Camera roll
    4. Videos
    5. Live Chat


    If you want to do sexting using chats, you have to just type what you want to say to the other person and then press send. The chats will get deleted when both leave the conversation. However, you can select the chats to save the chat. If any user does this, the chat is saved for both parties.


    Sexting via Picture

    Users can turn on the camera after clicking on the icon that appears on the top right side. You can take a photo of yourself just after pressing the round button that appears at the bottom of the screen. After this, if you want to do any changes to your pic like adding emojis, drawing on your picture, or adding a filter.

    Save photos from the camera roll

    This is the latest option available on Snapchat. Here, you can send the pictures that are already present in the camera roll to Snapchat. Also, you can do changes to the pictures if you want to.


    When you press the button that you use to take the photograph and press it down. You can shoot a video of up to 10 seconds. Moreover, some changes in this video can do with pictures, emojis, text, and doodles.

    Live chat

    live sexting

    Additionally, Snapchat offers a new feature to the users. When the yellow send button turns blue at the time of sending the message, it shows that your partner is now presently online on Snapchat. If this is possible, it can ensure live chat for both parties. When your thumb starts getting hurt, you can do it hands-free. You can do so by dragging the icon of yourself to the middle of the screen and pressing the lock sign. However, the live chat will continue.


    In the end, we can say that Snapchat is used by nude Snapchatters for sexting. This is widely used by people. If you want to send nudes to someone, but you are not so comfortable. You can cover your private parts by pasting emojis over anything that you want to cover.

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