TikTok: What Does The Super Straight Flag Mean – Explained

    When you think about the last summer, and you can recall your mind for TikTok trends. There is a simple as making Dalgona coffee or learning the WAP dance. Then, comes a pandemic year and after a year of coronavirus lockdowns, it appears these wholesome trends have turned sour. Here we are going what is all about TikTok the super straight flag mean and where does it started.

    First is the Autism Challenge – Its original intention was to raise awareness and co-opted by people mocking the disorder. Then, after a few times, the video shows on the different trending platform that was SuperStraight ‘movement’.

    SuperStraight Movement

    If you see your FYP then you can see definitely a super straight challenge as a super straight movement flag. It’s referencing a supposed new sexual orientation that isn’t actually new. Moreover, it’s just transphobia moving by a different name.

    Super Straight

    Urban Dictionary defines it as “where you are straight and only attract to real women , and if you’re a man and real men.  If you’re a woman, meaning that you don’t date trans people because you are either born a boy or a girl and nothing can change that”.

    How to Start the Super Straight Flag Start?

    Tiktok Super Straight Viral

    Some people who have the misfortune of being on Straight TikTok, and you may be familiar with Kyle Royce. This video is shot inside his car on February 21. Then, the TikToker asks the question “Who else is super straight?”

    Then, this video clip is delete and re-upload across YouTube and TikTok. After that Kyle Royce define the front of the camera “Yo guys, I have made a new sexuality, and it’s super straight.”

    Reaction to the Criticism

    After this scene, it faces endless trolling. This video post on a different video platform like Twitter and Reddit with the mocking jibes “Super Straight September”. Moreover, organizing a Super Straight Pride parade with my fellow supers. Besides this, start the campaign for the removal of the ‘T’ in LGBTQ+ by sharing the hashtag, #GetTheTOut because they want to replace it with LGBS.

    TikTok Super Straight LGBT

    By responding to the initial video, Royce has taken to TikTok to defend himself from his early remarks and mock his critics. Start the talk on you all said Super Straight isn’t legit and he joked in one video. However, how can you be Super Straightphobic if it isn’t real?

    On the other hand, advocates of the ‘super straight’ trend are regularly continuing to make trolling videos on TikTok. It is used as an original sound by an artist called Lilcockpump. Some songs are meant to make you laugh and others are meant to make you think and feel,” the artist says on Spotify.

    Super straight

    Kyle Royce said I have created it due to the fact I was sick of being categorized with very terrible phrases for having a preference, something I can`t control. Kyleroyce advised insider said It became by no means intended to be hateful closer to anyone.

    Over the subsequent weeks, the brilliant-immediately video commenced unfolding on social media. Finally hitting the pol board of 4chan, recognized for being a domestic to far-proper troll, and developing from there. The board individuals mentioned growing and sharing memes approximately being brilliant immediately to “power a wedge” inside LGBTQ groups. Therefore, use the left’s strategies in opposition to themselves and name them bigots for now no longer accepting brilliant straights.

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