7 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel for More Views

    Over the past few years, YouTube has emerged as one of the most popular video sharing platforms. And looking at the opportunity, brands and businesses are using YouTube as a marketing tool.

    For your reference, YouTube gets 14.3 billion monthly visits, much more than Facebook, Amazon, and Wikipedia!

    But how to drive this massive traffic to my channel?

    If you ponder the same question, you are reading the right blog. Many creators have asked us about increasing the viewership of their YouTube channels. And today, we are addressing the issue. So stay right here and read this blog till the end.

    Super Efficient Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel for More Views

    Cracking the code of YouTube might seem challenging. But it is not as tough as it sounds. You have to be mindful as a YouTube Creator. Check out the following tactics.

    Content Is The King

    Content Is The King on YouTube Channel

    There is no way you can beat good content. No one will watch if you produce average content for your channel. Once you have decided to create content for your channel, you should start with writing scripts for the videos. A pre-written script will ease the process of video creation. Also, the more effort you pay for your videos, the better word of mouth. And as your video gets more views you can even have a call to action at the end of the video like  Do you want them to subscribe to your channel? Or do you want them to watch your next video? Or do you want them to purchase from the link in the description?

    You can even pin or mention any previous videos that help your other videos to gain views as well. And if viewers find your videos engaging, it is likely that they might go through your more videos, and eventually help you to get more views.

    With the growing and evolving technology, everyone now wants content to be delivered to them in an instant, without even lifting their fingers. This is where the voice search feature of YouTube comes into the picture. To optimize your YouTube videos for voice search, you can make your title less formal and more conversational if you can also add targeted keywords to your titles.

    Embed YouTube Channel On the Website

    It is no secret that videos are the most engaging form of content. You can use YouTube channel videos to engage your website visitors. And at the same time, your YouTube videos will also gain viewership from the visitors. So it is like killing two birds with one stone.

    Moreover, when you showcase YouTube videos around your product on the website, it helps the visitors understand your brand profoundly. Using any social media aggregator tool, you can easily embed Youtube channel on website.

    Engage With Your Subscribers

    One of the gravest mistakes that YouTube Channel owners make is not interacting with their subscribers. When you engage with your subscribers, it helps them to connect with you and your brand on a personal level.

    You can always start by replying in the comments. This is the simplest and most popular way to instigate conversations with your subscribers. Once you reply to their comments, they will be encouraged to comment more on your videos.  You can use a personal tone while replying to the comments. The continued conversation in the comments section can help you increase visibility of your channel.This will eventually help you build a close knitted community and gain loyal viewers for life.

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    Organize Giveaways And Contests

    Contests and Giveaways are efficient ways to create a buzz around your channel.

    Before organizing any giveaway or contest for your brand, you must set the desired goal. As a brand, you can organize contests for your brand and ask your viewers to participate. The contest will help you achieve the desired results.

    The next step is to determine the rule of the giveaway. Here you can ask your viewers to press the subscribe button on your channel. You can also ask them to comment on your videos. This will boost your YouTube channel’s engagement, exposing it to a wider audience range. We recommend not adding so many rules to the giveaway.

    Remember that the giveaway prize should align with your brand.

    Use The Features Offered By YouTube

    Use The Features Offered By YouTube

    Platforms love it when you use the features offered by them. YouTube offers so many features to the creators. And all these features are designed to boost the engagement of your channel.

    You can upload longer videos, create YouTube Shorts, and come live on the channel. 

    Nearly 38% of the audience says live videos are the most engaging content. You can come live on your channel and talk to your subscribers. One-to-one interaction with your subscribers will expand your reach and reputation on the platform. In fact, YouTube Shorts are booming nowadays. You can also use YT shorts to reach your target audience.

    Make Use Of The Analytics

    The best way to achieve growth is to track the analytics. This goes with all the social media networking platforms, video sharing platforms, and every platform that includes analytics. If you are not listening to analytics, you will lose the game.

    Luckily, YouTube offers a great analytics platform for itself. You can easily track the engagement happening on your channel. Moreover, it also informs you about the traffic sources. This will tell you where the viewers have come from. The analytics also tell you about impressions and CTR.

    Looking at the analytics will enable you to understand the likings of your viewers and target viewers. You can combine all this information to create a better video that will land on the screen of your potential viewers. Hence, increasing your viewership.

    Wrapping Up

    When you expect your channel to grow, you must serve the viewers first. Therefore, we highly recommend creating good content. This will draw in your potential viewers naturally. Once you are done creating good content, you can promote these videos on other social media platforms and even embed them on websites.

    We hope that this blog will help you to enhance the overall viewership of your channel. If this blog helps, let us know in the comments below.

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