Tips for Capturing Nature Photos With Your Smartphone

    Almost everyone has had a moment or two where using their smartphone as a high-tech digital camera has served them well. The good news is there are many ways to optimize your phone photography skills and add value to each photo you capture. Here, we explore a few tips that can help you capture breathtaking nature photos right from your smartphone.

    Take Advantage of Optimal Lighting

    We all know and love the infamous golden hour, but this actually occurs multiple times a day. You can experience ideal and photo-worthy lighting during sunrise and again near sunset. Take advantage of these optimal lighting windows when using your smartphone to minimize your need for additional equipment or external light fixtures. This trick can also improve the quality of your nature photos by aligning the lighting with the subject’s best attributes.

    Don’t Be Afraid to Get Eye Level with Your Subject

    Get Eye Level For Best Photo Tips

    Don’t be afraid to get at eye level with your subject. Getting eye level with your subject may mean you need to get intimate with nature to find an ideal angle, including getting on the ground, taking a small hike, or bending backward. Well, maybe not backward, but you may need to conform a little to snag the right shot. Don’t be afraid of getting up close and personal because these images are typically the best.

    A Tripod Might Be Your Best Friend

    Depending on the imagery you intend to capture and the extremes you’re willing to go to, you may need to consider investing in a tripod. These can help tremendously with stability and hands-free photography, and your smartphone will fit securely in the placeholder.

    You will need to play around with angles and lighting, but a tripod in the right spot can make or break the captured images. Consider a collapsible tripod so it’s easy to take along on your travels. When you’re capturing scenic photography in iconic vacation spots, you will want the support a tripod offers.

    Focus, But Only If You Want

    Focus to Subject to capture photo

    You can get really specific about when and how you focus the shot with a smartphone’s focus capabilities. What does this mean? Playing with the focus settings alone can drastically alter how viewers perceive the subject’s environment and create various illusions and angles.

    Maybe the photo calls for a blurring effect, or you want to only focus on a single raindrop on a leaf? Simply choose the subject by tapping on the screen. How you focus, or don’t focus, can be an art in and of itself.

    Ease Into Editing

    Once you’re done capturing your nature photos of your smartphone, you can find and use an editing app to make the process simple. You can capture, edit, and publish your unique art all in one place.

    There is a slew of editing apps available regardless of your phone carrier and make. Perform a little research on which app features suit your needs best, and then download them onto your device.

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