TikTok: What Is Oh No Our Table Is Broken Meme

    TikTok has done it again! The latest trend going viral on the platform is the kid saying, “Oh, our table is broken.” It has evolved one of the most considerable concerns with laughter attempts in the more than five years since the clip went viral. Uploaded by TikToker @chefsbrim, this audio snippet has been used to create over 700,000 videos on the platform.

    Origin Point of the Case

    Oh No Our Table Is Broken Meme

    On February 17, 2016, America’s Funniest Home Videos magazine @americasfunnest’s official page posted the original table-breaking clip and got around 978,100 iterations and 19,800 likes over five years.


    After the first popularity in 2016, the audio Tico of the glass table is a virus that is very viral in the appended yet, “Oh, Oh, Our Table, Broken Baby” is still in the appendix. I regularly subscribe to new users and read the time to read the page to see the most fun virus video on the internet, and Tiktok is doubtful.

    Applications have been once known as dancing and lips, but we have expanded content to include much more in recipes in history. What can I do with Tychtoks, “The audio clamp in the video” user can create their content based on the noise of others? In other words, MEMES quickly applies the application.

     A child’s exclamation, accompanied by the sound of a table breaking: “Ah, my table is broken!” This meme is back again, thanks to TikTok.

    Although many have only just heard of this, it has gained popularity, claiming that the video it came from was aired in an episode of ABC’s America’s Funniest Home Videos. In the video, a child is placing a brick on a table. Whereas halfway through, you hear the sound of the table completely knocking over. Then the boy repeats the words floating around on For You’s pages for weeks.


    “Oh no, our table is broken” is a popular quote and viral video that first appeared in an episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos in February 2016. Jenga tower on a glass coffee table shattered by weight. Then he heard shouting, “Oh, our table is broken.”

    Spread In the World

    The video has been re-uploaded to YouTube several times since 2018. It is ‘the brick-breaking experiment went wrong.’ Let’s suppose Emily Petsche’s YouTube channel re-uploaded the video on May 11, 2018. In three years, it has received approximately 532,000 views and 30,000 likes. In January 2019, YouTubers started videos as memes. The YouTube channel, highly town heroes fanatic 2017, up remaking loaded a video on January 9, 2019, titled “Brick Breaking Experiment Wrong at Adriana BL Major.” The video received around 2,900 views and 36 likes in two years.

    Oh Our Table

    This video has been getting more attention on TikTok since December 2020. TikTok @official_dr_socks posted on the now deleted TikTok “Oh no! Our table! It’s broken!” sound piece. December 4, 2020, Several TikToker users have used audio for their videos. For example, TikToker @youngdiegothesaucegod posted a video on December 4, 2020. TikTok received about 5,300 views and 545 likes in 10 months.

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