Strip Poker: Game Rules And Variations

    Want to try Strip Poker and don’t know how? Do you want to know the basic rules and tips? Enjoy another round of poker with your friends.

    The first thing to know is that it doesn’t matter which poker game or mode you are using because they can all become Strip Poker. However, we advise you to choose the fastest modes, such as Texas Hold’em or Five Card Draw. These are the most used at the general level.

    Strip Poker Basic Rules

    To play Strip Poker, it is important to establish a few rules from the start:

    • Socks and underwear are considered clothing, while jewellery, glasses and other items are not.
    • Similarly, for reasons of equality, an equal number of garments may be established for each participant. A number of five may be sufficient in some cases.

    There are three categories of Classic Strip Poker: Fast Strip Poker, Moderate Strip Poker and Slow Strip Poker.

    Fast Strip Poker

    The first is that at the end of each round, the players show their hands: only the one with the best hand does not undress. The first to be completely naked loses. This is the most used modality.

    Moderate Strip Poker

    This version causes only the person with the worst hand at the end of each round to lose a piece of clothing. As on the previous occasion, the first to be naked is the loser.

    Slow Strip Poker

    As for the slow version of Strip Poker, it can take a while, even determined. If a player runs out of tokens, they must remove a piece of clothing in order to play again. Good players, who know how to use the lanterns well, can collect the tokens quickly, while the others will be naked at the first change.

    Variation: The Game Of Truth Or Action

    Other options can also be added to Strip Poker to make clothes fly through the air. This is the case with the game of truth or dare, where you can give a little difficulty and mischief to the night.

    This mode can be introduced by combining actions, telling truths, or stripping. Each player can leave the hand at any time, but of course, they will have to pay for it.

    At the end of each round, the winner decides whether to challenge the losers with a question or an action, or simply decide that the clothes will drop, be careful not to run out of clothes! Because if a player is naked, the only possibility is to go only on the side of Truth or Action.

    For those of you unfamiliar with the Truth or Dare game:

    The game Truth or Dare is a game in which if a player chooses “Truth”, he must necessarily answer a question or say something intimate or embarrassing. If the player decides to choose “Action”, the winner of the hand can force the loser to perform an action (remember, this is an erotic game).

    In this case, it is possible to define an action that serves as a wild card in the game, although it should be borne in mind that the action proposals are not too flexible or risky.

    Some Tips For Playing Strip Poker Successfully

    The living room of the house is the best place for Strip Poker. Do you have one at home? Do we play?

    If you want to organize a strip poker game at home, as a couple or with friends, here are some tips to spice up these nights of mischief.

    1. The ambience of your living room or your games room is essential: soft lighting, cushions on the sofa, and musical thread that invites you to relax and helps to break the ice.
    2. Consider the temperature of the room: it is rare that you will want to undress if it is too cold
    3. Remember the need to entice your partner. You can be sensual with your striptease, use erotic toys or any corner or piece of furniture in your bedroom. Play with your eyes and adopt suggestive postures. Of course, disallowing the use of hands is a great option to add to the game.
    4. Consider wearing light clothing or black or red lace underwear. Something that will undoubtedly change the mood of more than one player.

    Of course, the tension rising during the night is inevitable and you will almost certainly end the night in a more intimate phase. So, choose the best poker hand and enjoy your moments fully.

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