A Fun Strip Poker Game That Is Easy To Play At A Party

    Strip poker is just a variation of the classic games of Five Card Draw or Texas Hold’em. Its basic principle is simple: a player who has lost these tokens must part with a piece of clothing. This is one of the best-played games at the party. Free-minded people can play this game.

    However, in order to further spice up the game, it is possible to add some variants.

    The Basic Rules

    From the start, it is essential to set certain strip poker game rules. Briefs and socks are considered clothing. Do not wear glasses and jewellery. In the same vein, to ensure fairness between participants, a specific number of clothes may be imposed. And to prevent the games from dragging on, it seems wise to set the number of clothes around 5.

    There are three types of traditional strip poker: slow strip poker, moderate strip poker, and fast strip poker. The latter implies that each participant, after each round, reveals his hand: Only the player who holds the best hand can keep his clothes. The loser then results in the first who finds himself naked, regarding the rule of strip poker at a moderate pace, only the participant with the worst hand at the end of a round strip. The principle of the loser remains the same: He is the one who lost all his clothes first. Slow strip poker requires a withdrawal of clothing as a bet when a player does not have any chips. And as the name suggests, this build can take a while.

    What Would Be The Possible Variants?

    Depending on the quality of the Field and the time you have, you can decide to slow down or speed up the game. The declinations were created for this purpose, to modulate the duration of the lovemaking process. First, you can opt for the precocious orders where it is appropriate to separate from a garment after each lost hand. This variant of online and “physical” strip poker is an ideal way to get to the heart of the matter without waiting hours. On the other hand, there is also the fact of the prince, which consists in offering the choice of the player forced to undress to the winner.

    It is also feasible to choose the variant “To hell with the chips”. With this, you can replace your chips with your clothes by betting on them directly. In addition, why not select the variation “we go to dessert? “. Let’s be honest, playing free strip poker often leads to a more active, even steamy second part of the evening.

    Thus, it is not uncommon for the stripping session to be accompanied by a few pledges. Last but not least, you can associate the game with Truth or Dare pledges where you will have to compensate for the total loss of tokens by combinations of truths, actions or removal of clothes.

    A Few Tips For A Successful Game

    Despite the innuendoes, it is always better to adapt your attitudes and your language to the state of mind of your adversaries. The main thing is to maintain a cordial atmosphere, and then to ensure that the very idea of ​​​​the game is unanimous. So don’t force anyone’s hand, literally or figuratively. Also, avoid Trash talking, that is to say, comments that would target the physique of your companions, even in a humorous tone.

    On the other hand, it is advisable to adapt to the temperature and the atmosphere of the room before playing. You should opt for dimmed light, background music, cushions, etc.). Also, be sure to wear nice underwear so as not to be ridiculous when applying the strip poker rule. All the more, it is inevitable that the tension will rise. A second more intimate part of the game will therefore certainly take place.

    Places To Play Strip Poker

    The game should always play in indoors like in the student dorm room or perhaps in a couple’s house or apartment.

    Strip poker rooms are also available online if you are single and less inclined to attend a strip poker night. These are almost always pay-per-view sites and you’ll be playing against a model one-on-one. If you don’t have a webcam, it’s not difficult to cheat, but you have understood that the whole point is to see the model naked…

    If you have a webcam, you can organize a game of strip poker with your webcam friends. However, be careful! If your friends are of a more cautious nature, they might take offense to your suggestion.

    Don’t forget to have fun playing strip poker. Don’t take the game seriously and try to play it in a good mood.

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