Reasons to Embed Instagram Reels on Website

    Social media marketing is at its all-time boom. Thus, it means endorsing, advertising, virtually displaying products and insights of services through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and, Twitter etc. It influences and impacts people’s online buying patterns, in short, creating and preserving brand presence on the internet space. Also referred to as Digital marketing or virtual word of mouth as it bridges the gap between consumers and marketers by providing a virtual arena for them to put forward their out to the masses.

    Instagram is a widely used platform with many users, making it a viable option for marketers to promote and advertise their products on this social media platform. Instagram keeps introducing new updates and features to keep its users intact and intrigued; thus, one recently launched feature is that of Instagram Reels.

    What Are Instagram Reels?

    It is a short video feature introduced by Meta on Instagram in 2020. With the introduction of reels, there’s a boom of new content and content creators. There are multiple video clip options along with filters, captions, and background features of reels. Even though Instagram already has the IGTV feature the advent of reels has garnered more followers on Instagram. This feature enables the users to create and post vivid reels with a ton of filters and trendy music to choose from. Its importance is highlighted further.

    Why Is It Important To Embed Instagram Reels on Website?

    There’s a significant change in the dynamics of marketing over the internet. This makes it important for marketers to be updated with the upcoming and existing marketing trends. If a product is not appropriately advertised on social media, it won’t create enough buzz and thus won’t be able to acquire new consumers. Here are some points briefly discussed;

    Increases webpage engagement:

    To market your social media pages, you can opt to embed Instagram Reels on their web pages. It helps gather more traffic on various social media handles, eventually resulting in more followers and potential consumers. When a viewer lands up on your webpage and sees a reel embed on the page, it hooks him/her; thus, the webpage’s vibrance enhances the viewers browsing experience and eventually increases the website engagement. Web page developers can use social media aggregator tools to ease their task of embedding Reels on their respective websites. Some quite popular options are Tagembed, Taggbox, etc..

    Makes the webpage interesting and attractive:

    Embedding Reels on the website makes it more vibrant, visually attractive and appealing to the viewers who land on the webpage. As if a website just has a lot of textual content written on it. It makes the browsing experience boring and monotonous, which is not a good sign if you want to increase the traffic and time spent on the website. Thus, adding interesting and trending reels can definitely increase the desired results of retaining the viewers, hence making the webpage attractive.

    Reduce the bounce rate:

    Sometimes text-heavy web pages can garner traffic but cannot hold the masses’ attention, which increases the website’s bounce rate. Contrary to that, if the website has interesting and vivid reels that will hold the viewer’s attention span, this will eventually help reduce the bounce rate and boost engagement.

    Drops insight about the product:

    While publishing content, the brands can also opt-out of tweaking the interest of their views by posting videos about frequently asked questions or maybe some smart hacks and sight sneak peek facts about their product/service. This not only helps create a product niche but also intrigues the viewers about the product offered. This keeps the posting in time and also acts as the fuel to fire for content consumers. This also keeps the masses connected to the brand and also keeps their interest intact.

    Subsequently boosts brand’s Instagram presence :

    Reels are the most popular and prominent feature of Instagram. They also get a good push from the algorithm and eventually help uplift the brand’s presence on Instagram in the form of increased followers on their respective handles.

    Summing up

    Summing up, we can say that Instagram is a widely used social media platform that makes a top choice to choose, select and segregate Reels from the platform and embed them on your respective website and some quick and essential reasons and insights are mentioned above!

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