More Review: Best Tool For Content Optimization is an online platform that provides various content optimization tools. This platform can be utilized without registration or paying. However, there are some limitations imposed on such users. To remove these limitations, users can opt to buy the premium version.

    There are a total of five tools offered by this platform. They are the paraphrasing tool, text summarizer, plagiarism checker, grammar checker, and article rewriter. In this review, we are going to check out three of them.

    Review of

    The tools we are going to discuss include the paraphrasing tool, the summarizing tool, and the plagiarism checker.

    1.     Paraphrasing Tool

    The paraphrasing tool by is a great tool. It can be used for free, but users who want more functionality and fewer restrictions can choose to upgrade to its premium version.

    The premium version of the paraphrasing tool unlocks two new modes and increases the number of words that can be rephrased in one session.

    There are two free modes, and two premium modes, and each mode has a different method of paraphrasing. The modes are as follows:

    • Fluency
    • Standard
    • Creative (Premium)
    • Smarter (Premium)

    Let’s take a look at each mode and how they paraphrase the given text.

    1.     Fluency Mode

    The Fluency mode is one of the free modes available. It rephrases the text considerably and replaces both words and phrases.

    The output is significantly different from the input. However, when they are compared side by side, you can see that the rephrased version is slightly difficult to read.

    This mode in the paraphrasing tool is well-suited for reducing the redundancy and repetition of the text.

    An image of the Fluency mode in action is given below:

    paraphrasing tool 1

    As you can see, the new words and phrases are bold and have a cyan color. This makes the changes easier to spot. Aside from that, we can see that the user has the option to edit these changes. If you click on any of the cyan words, a menu will open which will contain multiple synonyms for that word.

    This feature is common in all the modes, and its most obvious advantage is that users can customize the paraphrased text in some capacity.

    2.     Standard Mode

    The Standard mode is the second free mode available in the paraphraser. When it comes to the functionality, it is not too different from the Fluency mode.

    This mode also changes words and phrases in the text, but there is a notable difference in the choice of words/being changed.  When both Fluency mode and Standard mode are compared together, we can see that they change very different parts of the text. This results in varying outputs.

    paraphrasing tool 2

    3.     Creative Mode

    Creative mode is one of the premium modes offered by It is very good for improving the readability of the given text. The changes made by this mode are quite thorough. It not only changes the words and phrases but also alters the sentence structure in some places.

    paraphrasing tool 3

    On rare occasions, it does slightly alter the meaning of a sentence in the output. In the example screenshot, we can see that the phrase “…that he couldn’t get out of his mind” has been changed to “…he couldn’t get out of his head” and they don’t mean the same thing.

    4.     Smarter Mode

    The Smarter mode is very similar to the Creative mode, but you can consider it an upgrade. This mode is very proficient at increasing the readability of the text. And not only that, it does not make the mistakes that the Creative mode sometimes makes.

    paraphrasing tool 4

    This is the best paraphrasing mode provided by the premium version of If you want the best rewording experience, then this is the mode that you should use.

    Pros and Cons

    These are some of the notable pros and cons of the paraphrasing tool.


    • Easy to use
    • Multiple modes
    • Supports paraphrasing in 20 languages
    • Supports file uploading and downloading
    • Integrations with other tools on the platform


    • Ads in the free version
    • Only 400 words can be rephrased in the free version

    2.     Text Summarizers

    A text summarizer can extract the essence of the given text and write it in a condensed form. In other words, the main argument/point of the content is extracted and written using a reduced number of words. provides a decent summarizing tool. It is an extractive summarizer, meaning that it takes lines from the text, and uses them verbatim.

    paraphrasing tool 5

    This tool is much simpler than the paraphraser as it does not have multiple summarizing modes. There aren’t any options to change the length of the summary either. So as far as summarizers go, it is somewhat “bare bones”.

    It reduces the word count by more than 50% and it uses the best sentences from the text to form the summary.

    In the attached image, we can see that the summary of the provided passage is only two sentences long but it encapsulates the main point. It could use some rephrasing to make it better, but that’s why there are integrations with other tools. By running the summary through a paraphraser, you can improve its readability as well.

    Pros and Cons

    These are the most notable pros and cons of the summarizer.


    • No word limits
    • Supports eight languages
    • Integrations with other tools
    • File uploading and downloading are available.


    • No advanced summarizing options
    • Generated summaries occasionally need some editing to become readable.

    3.     Plagiarism Checker

    The plagiarism checker by is a good option for users who want to check their content for duplication.

    This tool also has two versions i.e., a free version with some limitations and a premium version that is comparatively less restricted. There are a number of features that make this tool very handy to use.

    paraphrasing tool Plagiarism Checker

    Free users are able to check 1,000 words per session. That is good enough to check most blog posts since they are usually 500 – 1,000 words long. With the premium version though, users can check up to 5,000 words per session, which is more than enough to check long-form articles.

    paraphrasing tool 7

    It generates a considerably detailed plagiarism report. The content is compared against millions of online sources, so its results are quite reliable.

    The report contains a few sections. The first section shows how much content is plagiarized and how much of it is unique. The second section shows the results sentence-wise. Each sentence is written in either green or red colors. Green signifies that the sentence is unique while red signifies the opposite. In the final section, a list of URLs of the duplicated sources is provided.

    So, with this plagiarism checker, users can quickly find out which parts need to be edited or removed. Or, they can choose to cite the sources using the links that are provided.

    The UI is very simple and straightforward, so, it doesn’t cause any confusion even for beginners.

    Pros and Cons

    These are the prominent pros and cons of the plagiarism-checking tool.


    • Easy to use
    • Extensive plagiarism report
    • File uploading is supported
    • Accurate checking


    • Not apparent what content was taken from which source
    • Report UI is a little bit clunky

    Pricing is a platform that lets people use its tools for free. However, all the free tools have ads on the webpage and other restrictions such as limited word count.

    The premium version removes the ads and captchas while also loosening the restrictions. In the paraphraser tool, the premium version adds two new modes as well.

    There are two paid plans available for; a monthly plan and a yearly plan.

    paraphrasing tool 8

    The monthly plan costs 20 USD, while the yearly plan costs 150 USD.

    The benefits afforded by both plans are exactly the same. Only the duration is different.  All the new features that you get from the premium version are listed below:

    • 1,500-word limit in paraphraser
    • 5,000-word limit in plagiarism checker
    • Most ads removed
    • Creative and Smarter modes are unlocked in the paraphraser.
    • 24/7 customer support


    In retrospect, we can see that some tools of this platform are clearly a cut above the rest with regard to features and performance. The paraphrasing tool has the most features available such as multiple modes, different languages, and editable output.

    The summarizer is the least remarkable tool of the lot as it does not have any advanced features. Its output also requires some paraphrasing to make it better.

    The plagiarism checker is pretty well-rounded. Its plagiarism report is considerably detailed, and it makes removing and editing duplicate content very easy.

    The premium versions of these tools definitely help out when you have to rephrase, check, or summarize large articles. The price of the premium version is also considerably inexpensive as well. However, the limit increase on the paraphraser is very small even in the premium version.

    Keeping all these things in perspective, we can safely rate an 8/10.

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