How Much Do Professional Web Designers Charge?

    In order to succeed online, each business needs a professionally designed website.

    When hiring a professional website designer, expect to pay anything from $500 up into the thousands of dollars. However, expect to pay on the low end of the range if all you want is a simple site with a few pages where you may put your company’s data.

    In this article, we also discuss the possibility of using a website builder to create your own website from a premade design for as low as $60 a year, assuming your requirements are minimal.

    What Should I Expect to Pay for a Website Designer?

    Prices for professionally designed websites may vary widely, from a few hundred dollars to well over ten thousand dollars, depending on the number and complexity of features you want and the nature of your company.

    Here is a short summary of the various custom web design contractor work possibilities and the associated costs.

    Designing a site for less than $1000

    In most cases, a one- to five-page website is sufficient for small and medium-sized enterprises that aren’t very demanding. There may be more pages on the site outside the homepage, such as a “About Us” section and a “Contact Us” or “Locations” section.

    A brochure-style website may cost as little as $250 or as much as $700, but no more than $1,000.

    Creating a website might cost up to $2,000.

    Some of the following options may be available in a more costly website design:

    The ability to easily make changes to one’s website on a regular basis is a key feature of a content management system, which many businesses now use. That’s a nice addition for a blog-based website.

    Through this method, content on your site may be updated automatically whenever you post to Facebook or Twitter.

    When a person in your location does a Google search for your industry, you’ll want your site to come up at the top of the results.

    Using analytics, site owners may keep tabs on site traffic and see a log of user actions.

    Web page development for as little as $5,000

    E-commerce sites (websites that provide products for sale online) fall inside this cost bracket. Instead than only directing customers to a physical storefront, an e-commerce website might serve as an additional branch or stand-alone operation. These sites need the following elements:

    Online retailers may gather orders from customers and keep tabs on inventory with the help of an order management system.

    Tracking the delivery of a shipment from its point of origin to its final destination may provide customers with peace and quiet and help eliminate misunderstandings about when an item was last seen in transit if it goes missing.

    The ability to communicate with a real person in real time is a huge selling point for businesses, and a live chat function satisfies this need for customers.

    Price tag on a website redesign of more than $10,000

    A database-driven website may be necessary for large companies. By collecting client information in this way, a small or regional firm may feed that information into an analytics, tracking, or order-improvement program that was designed just for them.

    A website’s design cost will increase in direct proportion to the complexity and volume of the user-specific features that will make use of the site’s data. Businesses operating on a national or international scale will need a more sophisticated database site; such a site would likely cost more than $13,000 to develop professionally.

    Budgeting for coding emergencies, such as an unexpected database failure that may take a professional 20 hours to resolve at $75 per hour, or $1,500, is also important.

    Professional Firms Specializing in Developing Websites

    Exactly what are the distinctions between website design companies and website design agencies? It’s a question of scale and utility. Agencies may specialize in delivering a specific service whereas firms provide a wider variety of them via subcontractors. Although there is considerable variation in rates across businesses and agencies, you should expect to pay anywhere in the range of $2,000 to $5,000 for a modest to big ecommerce site.

    Companies can guarantee quality since they have skilled workers on staff. However, agencies have more options since they may hire designers from a larger pool of freelancers.

    Self-Employed Web Developers

    To get the most out of a first collaboration, it’s important to establish mutually agreeable terms for the project and a written agreement between parties. Make sure you and your client are on the same page about the features you require, the length of time it will take to do the task, and how the money will change hands.

    You and the designer shouldn’t put your trust in a handshake. Any professional designer worth their salt will lay out a detailed contract that includes review and delivery milestones. Individual freelancers may have different payment policies, but on average you should expect to pay $75 per hour plus a minimum fee of $25.

    Website Builders Allow Anyone to Create a Website

    A self-built website may be a low-cost alternative to having a website designed for you or your company. With the correct resources, you can manage even the most complex e-commerce platform. Your annual cost for this kind of control might be as little as $60.

    Need a Professional Web Designer for Your Business?

    Businesses of all sizes that need a website (or who want to revamp an existing one) would be wise to get custom bids from several of the industry’s leading web design agencies. 

    If a design business is a good match for you, they will provide you a price that is specific to your needs and lays out all the services they will deliver.

    Looking to get a website designer that can help you revamp your website completely? Then, get in touch with our website design experts today. Contact us to know more.

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