How To Lock Facebook Profile Using Android And iPhone: App And Browser

    If you are troubled with useless stalkers on Facebook and want to lock your Facebook profile? You’re at the right place! Social media is a platform where you stalk anyone to gain information about them or to disturb someone psychologically. Most people are going through this situation. We will instruct you to lock your Facebook profile picture on Android or iPhone.

    Facebook is one of the oldest public networking sites in society. It provides various privacy options that include a lock option. In this case, You have to modify some profile privacy settings to enable this option.

    In many countries, profile locking is not functional. Maybe you want to know what Facebook profile lock available country. The ability to lock Facebook profiles is limited to certain countries. These are Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Myanmar, India, Sudan, Ukraine, and UAE.

    But what about the others. So, Let’s look at how to lock Facebook profiles on different platforms.

    How to lock Facebook profile on Android

    By locking your Facebook profile, only you and your friend list persons can see your posts. The third person cannot see your posts or download profile photos or posts. Moreover, they cannot access stories. The locked profile also changes the feature of sharing posts from public to friends. They will only see a portion of their information. But if you want to unlock your profile, you can freely do it any time.

    Fulfill these steps to lock your Facebook profile-

    How to lock Facebook profile on Android
    1. Firstly, open your Facebook app on your android phone.
    2. Tap on the profile picture, then visit the menu option(three-dot).
    3. Select the lock profile option.
    4. Enable the lock profile option at the bottom of the lock profile page.
    5. After that, a message will appear, “you locked your profile. Only your friends can see the photo and posts on your timeline”.
    6. Tap, OK, you did it.

    How To Lock Your Facebook Profile On iPhone

    But what if you own an iPhone. Features of Android and iPhone are completely different.

    In this case, follow the below steps:

    1. Go to your Facebook app and click the profile picture.
    2. Select the three-dot option next to “Add to the story.”
    3. Here, you will see the lock profile option. Tap on it, and then the lock profile page will appear.
    4. Tap on lock your profile.
    5. Once you do it, your Facebook profile lock and posts are safe from stalkers.
    How to lock Facebook profile on Android

    How to lock Facebook profile in chrome

    Facebook iOS and Android applications make it easy to lock your profile. But You can also lock your Facebook profile in chrome. You have to follow these steps to avail it:

    1. Open the browser and type Then log in to your account.
    2. Tap on your profile to open it.
    3. Go to the three-dot menu and click on the lock profile option.
    4. The pop message shows that you locked your profile.
    5. Lastly, click on lock your profile.

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    How to lock Facebook profile 2022

    Nowadays, Facebook is becoming full of misinformation and badgering. Facebook has a world where 2.83 million people live. But Some people want to stay away from social media because of the stalker that might be lurking on their profiles. The biggest issue of Facebook is privacy.

    It is easy to stalk anyone and misuse their information or disturb them. After seeing this, Facebook has got a solution to this. It has created a new feature of profile locking, in which users can hide personal information or posts from an unidentified person. Moreover, Facebook will not show detailed information about your account.

    How to lock your Facebook profile on desktop

    ow to lock your Facebook profile on desktop
    • First, go to the official Facebook website and log in with your Facebook account.
    • Touch the three dots menu.
    • Now, it takes you to lock profile options.
    • Then press the Profile Lock button.
    • Click “OK,” and you lock your profile for strangers.

    The changes will occur after locking your profile

    1. Your profile picture or posts cannot be seen or downloaded by an unknown one.

    2. They will only see a portion of your personal information but can’t be able to see your posts.

    3. If a person wants to know you, they can send a friend request. If you accept it, they can see your posts or profile.

    4. You can also block the unknown person’s friend request.

    Facebook has also launched a vanish mode for more privacy. In this feature, you can delete all the chats and media files after a certain period once you activate them. In addition, if anyone takes a screenshot of your profile, Facebook notifies you quickly. To access the vanish mode, download the latest version of Facebook from the play store. Open the specific chat and swipe up from the bottom of the screen. It will activate your vanish mode that changes the background color to black to indicate that vanish mode is on. The new feature makes Facebook more secure and manages their account.

    Final thought

    Facebook is an excellent social media platform. The new feature makes Facebook more secure and manages the account privately. People are getting more concerned about their profile privacy to stay away from stalkers. After locking your profile, you have to re-enter your password. Now you are clear to secure your Facebook profile. Maybe, Now your profile is locked. Whatever your reason was, it’s solved now.

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