How To View Instagram Without An Account

    The social network was created for mobile devices and has full functionality only in the application. But, when it comes to viewing information without registering, it is most convenient to do this in a browser, even if you need to do it from your phone.

    For some time now, Instagram has introduced restrictions. Now, after a few seconds of viewing the account without registering, such a window pops up.

    To get rid of it, you need to refresh the page. This saves the situation for a while, so you can quickly view the photos. In the browser on the PC, the offer to register pops up less often than in the mobile version.

    Consider the differences between a registered profile and a “free rider” point by point:

    • There is no way to get to the main page. This feature is replaced by the newsfeed. And since there is no tape, what to open? Therefore, you must first open someone’s profile.
    • Can’t like or comment. This is a completely logical limitation, you will not comment on it.
    • Can’t subscribe. It’s also obvious.
    • There is no directive. Anonymous messages from any people, as, for example, on, are not provided here.

    Ways to view Instagram accounts without registration

    view Instagram accounts without

    If the Instagram profile you want to see is of a famous person, you can

    • Type the name of the person whose profile you want to see.
    • Follow his name with the word Instagram at the end, for example: “Shakira Instagram”, this way you increase the possibility of finding the profile.

    You should keep in mind that Instagram offers privacy settings. In other words, you will only be able to see the profile content if it is public, since if it is private, you need the user’s authorization to follow your account.

    How to enter the page on Instagram to an unregistered user?

    If you are not going to create an account on Instagram, then you can forget about the possibility of viewing other people’s publications through a mobile application. The social program was originally conceived for active communication through a mobile device, so in order to share your own photos with others, the user must create a self-account. Now view Instagram without account is possible only through the browser, and even then, you can only view images, without the ability to leave a like or comment on the publication you like. You can enter the page of a specific user with a direct link to his account, which many users post on their social networks. You have to copy the address and paste it into the address bar of your smartphone browser.

     Instagram to an unregistered user

    After that, you will be taken to the account of the person you are looking for and will be able to view his photo, but only if the person’s page has a public status. If the Instagram account is closed to outsiders, you will not be able to view publications without becoming a subscriber of this user.

    If you do not have a link to your account, but you know the nickname of the person you are looking for, then you can get to his page in the following way:

    In such a simple way, you can view photos of your idol, follow his activity on Insta Pravda, as noted above, you will not be able to leave comments and like photos.

    How to view photos on Instagram without registration?

    Above, we examined the process of entering the Instagram page of a specific user, knowing the account address or his nickname. But what if you are not interested in the content of a particular person, but there is a need to view thematic photos? There is such an opportunity, it is enough to add explore / tags and a key phrase on the topic of interest to the site address. For example, let’s try to find photos of modern cars without registering on Instagram.

    How to get to Instagram from a PC without an account?

    Instagram from a PC without an account

    How to get to Instagram from a computer?

    • By a direct link that you need to copy and paste into the address bar of your PC browser.
    • Using the nickname of the system participant.
    • By applying thematic tags.

    Let’s consider how to enter a person’s Insta account, knowing his nickname.

    • Open your PC browser.
    • We enter a request in the address bar in the format:, where the nickname is the name of the account.

    For example, let’s try to enter the page of the respected Mark Zuckerberg, knowing that his nickname is zuck.

    We type in the browser and get to his page, which, fortunately, is not closed to third-party observers.

    Everything worked out. Not being a member of this social network, we easily got on Instagram, where we can view an Instagram story and photo of the topic we have chosen or follow the activity of other members of the community (if their profile allows it).


    From this publication, you learned how to login to Instagram without registering from a mobile device or PC. You can enter Insta without an account only through the browser of a mobile device or PC, knowing the user’s nickname or using the tag of the desired topic. Unfortunately, there are no other ways to view Instagram without account.

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