How To Make A Gravity Bong: The Ultimate Guide

    Gravity bong is definitely not for the weak heart. A proven consumption method used by outdated cannabis users, gravity rods provide too many powerful THC hits for inexperienced cannabis users. A “Gib” or “GB,” also known as a gravity rod, is a type of water pipe that pumps smoke directly into the user’s lungs. Here we are about to discuss on detail steps on hot to make a gravity bong.

    This wand works using water and gravity to lock a bottle or room with a bowl of cannabis placed in a large bottle or bucket of water. Light the bowl and fill the chamber with smoke while slowly withdrawing the bottle. Then the smoker unscrews the cap and presses the bottle down with his mouth on the neck of the bottle. This gravitational action pushes the smoke straight into the lungs.

    How Does Gravity Bong Work

    The gravity bong work by using suction to create huge clouds of smoke and then use pressure to push the clouds of smoke into the lungs. 

    • Fill the chamber (empty vase) with water up to the top of the leaf logo. 
    • Insert the bottle-shaped part into the chamber and fill the bowl with chopped herbs.
    • Light bowl and slowly pull the bottle up. You will see the bottle fill with smoke.
    • Stop pulling up before the bottom of the bottle leaves the water, then remove the bowl and replace it with the glycerin coil.
    • Put your lips to the coil and slowly press down on the bottle. It will rapidly send smoke from the bottle to your face.

    How to Create a Gravity Bong at Home

    Let us be familiar with the following items:

    • Bucket or 2-liter plastic bottle
    • Plastic bottle with cap (size bo matter, but 16-20 oz. is ideal)
    • Aluminum foil
    • Bucket or 2-liter plastic bottle
    • Box cutter or sharp knife
    • Poking device
    • Cannabis (at least one gram)

    Gravity bong can be complicated if you don’t know the process. Where to start, but the process is simpler than you think. With a little ingenuity and determination, you can make a gravity wand in less than 10 minutes using materials you already have at home.

    Step 1: Cut the bottles

    Cut the bottel for bong

    Use a utility knife to cut the bottom of the small bottle. The more bottles left, the larger the smoke chamber and the stronger the blow. Cut off the top of the next largest 2-liter bottle (omit if using a water bottle).

    Step 2: Make the Bowl

    Using the cap of a small bottle, drill a hole the size of your little finger. It must be large enough for air to pass through. Wrap the cap with aluminum foil to make small dents or cannabis bowls from the foil. Make a dent at the top of the lid, as you will have to re-tighten the lid. That you need deeper you make it, the better it catches weeds. Use a sharp tool to make a hole in the aluminum foil. Be careful not to tear the foil! About 35 holes are required for proper ventilation. 

    Additional Tip: You can also use glass or metal bowls from other rods or other smoking devices to avoid the foil.

    Step 3: Prepare the Gravity Bong

    Fill a large bottle or bucket with water about 2 inches from the top. Fill homemade bowls (foil-covered bottle caps) with weeds, but do not screw yet.

    Step 4: Submerge the Small Water Bottle

    Submerge the Small Water Bottle

    Here’s the tricky part. Submerge the small bottle 12 inches from the top so that the top is above the water. Carefully screw the container back into the bottle.

    Step 5: Fill the Chamber

    Light the cannabis and slowly pull up the small bottle while watching it fill with smoke. Stop so that the bottle remains 1/2 inch submerged. If the bottle does not fill, check that the cap is fully tightened and there are no holes in the bottle.

    Step 6: Hit the Gravity Bong

    Hit the Gravity Bong mobbitech

    When the bottle is full of smoke, carefully unscrew the cap and close the mouth of the bottle with your mouth. Also, gently lower the bottle back into the water. When water enters the bottle, smoke enters the lungs. Cannabis smoke will be cool as it passes through water, but will pack a powerful THC punch. Moreover, Gravity bong can cause coughing even the most seasoned cannabis user, so tread carefully!

    Do Gravity Bong Get You Higher?

    Yes, Gravity bong chambers are usually larger than an average bong. Therefore, one hit usually is a huge amount of smoke. Additionally, quickly forcing heavily concentrated smoke into your lungs adds to the serious effects.

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