How To Know If Someone Blocked You On iMessage?

    Many people send and receive messages, images, and videos using iMessage on their iPhones and iPads. Is there a method to determine whether you have been prevented from communicating with someone? This article will deal with all the solutions if someone blocked you on iMessage. 

    What To Do If You Believe Someone Has Banned You On Message?

    However, there are a few things you might check into to determine whether this is the case. We’ll go through several methods for determining whether someone blocked you on iMessage,

    A Step-by-step Approach To Determining If You Have Been Banned On iMessage.

    You will know for sure once the person who blocked you informs you. But the fact is that this is not an unusual occurrence. However, if you apply any of the ways listed below, you will obtain a complete picture of your issue.

    Examine The Color Of The Text Bubble.

    To clarify, iMessage is a standalone software for iOS devices that do not support SMS or MMS. When two iPhone users transmit text messages over a 3G or 4G network, the text bubbles on both devices become blue to indicate the use of the iMessage service.

    However, if the person you wish to speak with is offline, the bubble will turn green. Due to the change, you will receive an SMS instead of an iMessage. If your text bubble changes from blue to green, someone blocked you on iMessage. The individual you’re speaking with may have yet to have an Internet connection or has just converted to an Android phone. However, if the color of the text bubble changes and they react slowly, they may block you.

    Check To See Whether Your Messages Have Been Delivered.

    Is an iMessage you send now as “Unread” rather than “Delivered” or “Read”? If this occurs, the person you’re blocking the iMessage with.

    It’s conceivable, but it’s also possible that you can disable the “Send Read Receipts” feature in their account settings. If they don’t tell you they received your letter, it’s not because they haven’t read it; they’d prefer you didn’t know. Although it seems that way, you are allowed if no one answers your messages. If the status of your iMessages suddenly changes, it might be because someone blocked you on iMessage.

    Check Different Messaging Software.

    If you or the person you’re texting use another messaging app in addition to this one, this may be useful. If you send an iMessage and are waiting to hear back or get a confirmation that it was delivered, you should try another method of communication. If you are not barred from communicating with this individual in any other manner, your message will be sent when they are online. If you try another messaging provider and are still waiting for a response, someone blocked you on iMessage or opted not to communicate with you.

    Call The Company

    Someone who has blocked your iMessage Blocked number will be unable to accept your calls. When you dial their number, you will hear one ring and then be sent to their voicemail. It suggests that they are too busy to chat right now. If this happens every time you call, it’s probable that your phone number has been blocked. Remember that the person you left a voicemail with will be unaware, and even if you listen, they will most likely be unaware.

    Examine Your Equipment

    Make sure there are no issues before you assume the worst. For example, it’s conceivable that the other person didn’t respond because they were aware of your absence but didn’t know what it was. Some users may also be experiencing issues with the iMessage being Blocked. Things like these don’t happen all that frequently, but they do happen.

    How To Permanently Remove Someone From Your iMessage Contact List?

    It’s simple to block someone on iMessage, but it might be difficult to find out if you’ve been blacklisted. To take action, do the following:

    •  Launch the messaging app on your smartphone.
    • Find the conversation you’re having with the person you no longer wish to speak to.
    • Go to their profile and click the “Info” option to learn more about them.
    • If you wish to block this number, scroll to the bottom of the screen.


    It’s never good to be trapped in a situation where you can’t move. It’s even scarier when it comes from someone you’ve been chatting with on iMessage. It’s conceivable that they intentionally banned you or that their unexpected departure left you wondering what happened. These results are both feasible for iMessage Blocked. Anyway, you will know whether someone blocked you on iMessage when they come open about it. These capabilities allow you to see whether you’ve been banned from other messaging applications. Also what color the text bubbles are, and if the message was sent. You may phone the appropriate hotline for further information if the findings are unclear.

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